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British and American leaders likened to Nazi war criminals

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posted on Nov, 29 2005 @ 08:37 AM

Originally posted by FlyersFan He was bought off.
His opinion is now worthless.

NOT TRUE & has been debated here numerous times.

What Rumsfeld and/or Cheney made or didn't make is of no
relevence to this conversation in regards to Scott Ritter. He
is useless as a credible witness.

THere in "lies" the rub, no? An inspector on the ground whose points and observations are echoed by Hans Blix, the IAEA and all others on the job is rendered "useless".......yet the same rational applied to Cheney/Rumsfeld somehow doesn't make them USELESS AS CREDIBLE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS PROSECUTING THESE ACTIONS!?!?!?!

posted on Dec, 5 2005 @ 09:52 AM
Hmmmm... Ironic that this guy calls himself a freedom fighter........

Yet he seems to think that Iraq was better off as a dictatorship.

posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 02:17 AM

Originally posted by Acekwak

Originally posted by ArchAngel

Originally posted by Amethyst
Isn't Blair Bush's lap dog, or is that the other way around?

I agree, those two are war criminals.

So which is today's reason why we're over there? WMDs? Osama?

We are now liberating them by killing children, arresting innocents and later torturing them, blowing up bridges, and seizing mosques.

Yep, that and probably much more. Regarless of popular belief, the government could do just about anything during a war. I'm sure that there is much more torturing going on than just those we see on T.V. Listen, George Bush is an idiot. That's it, it can't be said enough times. Call him a nazi and whatever else you want but in truth, he' just an idiot. This war has brought hell and destruction to Iraq. Believe me, my grandparents went through WW2 and they could define war very well. The Iraqis themselves say that GB is just as bad as Saddam. How is George Bush different from Saddam? They've both caused chaos! Besides, I wouln't say that GB is actualy trying to help Iraq because it seems like he just wants the land (and oil). Think about it, once the government sets up democracy, whats going to happen? Iraq will become the Iraqi USA, just as most of Europe's countries have. I just hate thinking about how soldiers and all them people are getting butchered while that greedy pig is in his office, relaxing and planing his next visit to a foreign country.

Very well put Acekwak
. GB doesn't know his !@# from a hole in the ground, every time Bush or Cheney open their mouths a person needs to take what they say with a grain of salt because it seem s as if nothing but lies come from them, that they don't know how to be honest with people. When ever they come on the tv to do a speach I turn the channel anymore because I'm tired of their lies.
I love my country and proud of our troops but I'm very ashamed of Bush and his Administration but mostly GB because he's an idiot and has made the US look bad for their choice in presidents.

posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by Souljah
You mean the Security Councily which DID NOT Approve the US-UK Iraqi Invasion?

Two of the states did, the other 5 didnt.
Did the Security council approve the RN to send a warship off the US coast to hunt down pirates and then later another to help after a huricane?

I AM SAYING, that nobody CARES for Somalia - and you know it.

Oh really?
Then please tell me why the BBC made a video just a few weeks ago about it?
Or why IN that video the crew landed on a French warship off the coast of somalia?

Nobody Carse for Africa or Africans - they die on Daily basis. But somehow there is Enormous interest for the wellbeing for the people of Middle East... Why is that?

People die on a regular basis and frankly we cant change that, why? Because its nature, its called part of life.
Ever heard of red cross?
The UN aid services? They are all over africa doing work but ofcourse you would know NOTHING of that wouldnt you?

AND? What is that single Warship doing?

That single warship is part of a task group around somalia..

Helping the African people not to starve to Death?


Or are they Hunting some Pirates?

Doing both probably.

Ask yourself, would there be Pirates if there was no POVERTY and no Concentration of Capital in the West?

Yeah there would be, thats like saying would there be muggers or murderers if there was no cash problems..

Why are there no Pirates around US Coasts?

Because they have something called a COASTGUARD and a NAVY...

So? A 40 Year old Veteran is better then Forty 20 Year old Rookies...

Those 40 year old vetrans cant keep up with forty 20 year olds.
BTW, if thats true then explain stalingrad? The ruskies had more troops and funnily enough WON!

Preach DEATH?

Yeah, mabye you didnt notice irans normal chants of "death to the west"...

Ask yourself How many People the US and UK have KILLED combined in their "Quests" around the Globe and then ask yourself why are the Empires so Hated.

As I said before dont come preaching to me about the US, they are my allies and I have many friends there but I will not explain thier actions because only THEY can do that.

What you mean our 2 "quests" across the globe or do you mean the UN forces in Korea? Or mabye we should have let the argentinians TAKE the island and FORCE themselves on the local population?

And look what a Great World we have Today.

Last time I checked the world isnt contorlled by ethier anymore, since we LET you have freedom...


Anytime, next time you want antibiotics just make your own.

I don't know you, you're right - and You do not know ME too!

No I dont but the image I get from you is that you are placing me with the "neo cons" or what ever your enemy is.

Do you also feel Sad when you see an Iraqi Mother crying over her Child?

Yes I do, and so does every british soldier..

Do you also feel Sad when you see Hundreds of Iraqis blown to pieces?
Guess not...

I feel sad but I know it was needed, unless you feel better knowning they died by thier own countrymens hands?

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