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A Day In The Life Of UK Wizard.....Dear Diary

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posted on Oct, 8 2005 @ 07:12 AM
Dear Diary, i thought it was about time i started recording and documenting my life at university....

I started as i meant to go one and have opted to ignore the typical student dress code of baggy jeans (unwashed for a month), t-shirts with stupid slogans such as the following:-

Warning, i am drunk,
i like beer,
can i pay for these chips with a cheque?


long hair, rings in the lip/eyebrow etc.

No, that style simply wouldnt do, so in the interests of gentlemanly education in the great british system of further learning, i have chosen to dress like this...

rather dashing i thought?.......

i was also determined to spend my student grant wisley.......although i did have to gat a 'Run around'.....

and a good healthy diet as a student is of paramount importance....

as is a good healthy lquid intake.....

ok diary, Uk signing out.......night,night.

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