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Vote Mayet For ATSNN Councilor

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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 03:28 PM

Originally posted by Odium
To quote Noam Chomsky;
In order for democracy to be "democratic," the media has to fulfill two functions:
  • The Media must report the news fairly, completely, and without bias.
  • The Media must function as a watchdog for the public against abuse of power.
How do you plan to make sure the ATSNN is kept at both of those levels? What are the challenges to keeping those functions alive and well on ATSNN?
I started the above as a response to your post but my post grew legs and became an entity of it's own not unlike ATSNN. As previously explained ATS has given birth to ATSNN and nourished and cared for it. Now ATSNN is growing flight feathers, it is still in it's infancy but is already seeking out it's own identity, settling into it's own niche.

I have addressed in my op ed the sad state of journalism today. I would like ATSNN to be a forefront of bringing the realism back, bringing back the heart to the news. I propose to firstly begin to achieve that goal by 'leading by example" which I have always strived to do. I have treated ATSNN with utmost respect and care for others to see and possibly follow and surpass. I have so much more to offer ATSNN. I am still in the same infancy as ATSNN, constantly changing, constantly evolving, constantly growing. I propose to achieve that by being just as active if not more so on ATSNN but working with contributers and encouraging the best of the best. Assisting to bring out the inner heart in the contributers. The soul of the story. Not just recite by rote. Encourage strong well worded and written unbiased intros using great sources easily accessible and credible and then encouraging powerful comment and opinion. Not just one line. "I think this is a good idea" comments. Comments that come from the heart, that express thought and feeling that evoke a questioning response in readers, a thirst for more and a ponderance of news from another side of a multi facted gem.

Encouraging Good titles to intice readers, good grammar and story writing. And most of all encourage the contributers to go and there and get the stories. Ok its not as easy as pie to go out and get a story especially with todays modern ways of thinking, Why Should I ...I am Not Getting Paid. But it doesn't cost much to read an article and pick up a phone, visit a library, or even research deeply on the net, not just the first few search results of headlines but to research companies involved in for example pollution issues, or companies suspiciously awarded contracts. Search for the reason, the reason that this story made news, the real story and the real reason. Ask to interview witnesses via phone or email, approach companies for interviews or statements. Get exclusive ATSNN material.

To denying bias. My op ed says how it is. The only way to deny bias is by "Eyewitness News".

These are some of the challenges faced by ATSNN today. These will be my challenges. ATSNN, if successful in achieving the goal of eyewitness reporting, well researched pieces, good strong debate and opinion. Everyone is biased, we are conditioned by society to be so. For ATSNN I feel it is important for contributers to acknowledge the bias within and learn when to use it with a opinionated comment and when not to use it in a well formed well written intro.

I feel it is important to work for alternative views on pieces submitted. The article in question may for example be a pro Cindy Sheehan Piece. I feel it is important to give readers links and comments if possible on the other side of the arguement which further allows the reader to formulate a truer opinion in order to debate their thoughts.

This further stops the bias creeping in.

I feel the political conspiracy side of ATSNN is of utmost importance. Once again ATSNN is going to be referenced at many times into the future and stories that may to some have little revelance now, may take on new light when re read some time later. This is the great thing about archiving the stories. We are writing history. This is the record of events for the future generations to reference from. This is why it is of utmost importance to tell it like it really is. This is why it is of utmost importance to have the highest of standards and the best of quality. This is our voice. This is our chance to include events into records that tell a true story, that do reveal coverups, that do report suspicious activity.

This is our chance to be the watchdogs as such. To make sure the truth is told. That we don't fall to "controlled status" that we retain the freedom to write it how we see it and how it is.

How do you plan to get ATSNN out to a wider audiance? Do you wish to see ATSNN stick as it is now, with people reporting stories they see on Yahoo!, MSN, etc or move to ATSNN having its own journalism team? [Not just Op/Ed's] If the second what ideas do you have to help boost this effort?

I think I have summed up how I feel about seeing ATSNN stagnating the way it is by just reporting feed fodder. I still think many if not most of these stories have merit and a place on ATSNN but there is a huge gap for "Eyewitness News".

----My plans of getting ATSNN out to a wider audience will be along shortly after I have had a shower and a typing break... My answer to the journalist team will be along with it

posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 04:56 PM

quote: How do you plan to get ATSNN out to a wider audiance?

Management have optimized ATSNN for maximine audience and they are constantly working on retaining a wider and larger audience. Managment is doing great at getting the site out there. Contributers are doing the rest along with members debates. ATSNN ranks highly and as said in previous posts to lead by example, to have the best of quality. The TV show is going to bring a new audience to ATSNN once again the snowball has started rolling and growing.

Do you wish to see ATSNN stick as it is now, with people reporting stories they see on Yahoo!, MSN, etc or move to ATSNN having its own journalism team?- Not just Op/Ed's

When you go to you will see the categories for the news articles down the left side. When compared to many other news serives there are not that many categories. There is room for the three more i have suggested which covers many of the issues bought up in the last few weeks. This also further categorizes submissions. The three categories I have popped on the table - food for thought... are
Earth And Environment - Global Warming, Seismic Activity, Pollution, Mining
Medical News - drug companies, research results, breakthroughs, Diseases, Bird Flu, studies, medicine and drugs
Conspiracies (highlighted Category) - All Conspiracy related articles. This category would be leading link and have a fair amount of main page dedicated to it.

This is a simple solution to a complex issue. Not so difficult to implement, no dramatic change only a slight addition to the equation that makes it easier to format and section.

But once again this is just food for thought. The staff may have different ideas. The staff may wish to remove all non conspiracy related material from ATSNN and then again they may wish for it to exist side by side with the conspiracy issues. This is where council discussion of course would take place. Once again it is no use marching in and throwing I wants I demands on the table. Its a matter of raising issues. Its a matter of listening to what the people want, listening to what management want, discussing together what both sides want and offering to management a workable solution where everyone benefits but most of all the site itself and then bringing it to the people.

The big item in the agenda of course is the coming TV show. ATSNN will be accessed by many many more people at that time than now and it is time now to raise and fix issues and to make sure by then ATSNN has it's flight feathers and is running smoothly. It is time that the debate of whether or not ATSNN is just for conspiracy material or can there also be articles of international interests is put on the table and bundled up happily solved for ATSNN's future. What is required by and for ATSNN now and for the future.

Is the original mission statement to be a rigid rule? Or Is the status quo to exist? Will ATSNN be keep constrained back to the original idea, or will it continue to grow and rather than detract from the points made in the original missions statement, actually add new points, new missions?

So in answer to that. I would like to see both personally but emphasis on all the points I have raised in previous and this post.

A journalist team is not a movement I would suggest at the moment. Rather all members who contribute take note of my previous statements regarding news and eyewitness accounts, and followups, and getting out there. Everyone is the journalistic team and can report on the best of the best. And write the best of the best. Everyone can work as a team to ensure the quality standards of ATSNN. If everyone contributes even a tiny piece of themselves to ATSNN it helps build the service that is. If some wish to contribute more than a tiny piece then that to helps to grow. ATSNN should be the one thing money can't buy. They say money can't buy love but in this case it is just the love for ATSNN. The heart can't be bought.

If the second what ideas do you have to help boost this effort?

See above.

[edit on 14-10-2005 by Mayet]

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 05:19 AM
ok, u got my vote mayet,
good to see a aussie slant on things.
with a international audience, it would be good to see candidate;s from
at least all continent;s represented, and supported.

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 10:39 PM
Thank you.. it is appreciated.

At this point I would like to point out that one achievement I like to think I do have on my ATS belt is the establishment of the Bird Flu Forum. That is an idea I suggested and lobbied successfully for. Of course it was not my end desicion but I like to think my idea was taken and discussed. My suggestion was near the bottom of that page.

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posted on Oct, 16 2005 @ 12:37 AM
ooops mum's still logged in here. This is confusing for a sleepless person like me

[edit on 16-10-2005 by Mayet]

posted on Oct, 16 2005 @ 12:41 AM
Vote My Mum because without her who would there be to reassure me that I am cool....

Seriously she is the best mummy in the world and although it may sh*t me when I am attempting to sleep at five AM and she is knocking away at her keyboard on ats I know its something she really loves and I think her love for ATSNN is the strongest out of the candidates.
Oh and you should have seen her get her way and win when I was unfairly dismissed from my first job and I was sexually harrassed by my boss.
She fought and got me 6 months pay, an apology, 1000 dollar bonus and a really neat reference. I wasn't going to worry about it but mum was determined to stand up for me.

[edit on 16-10-2005 by Eye Of Ra]

posted on Oct, 18 2005 @ 06:25 PM
A special thanks to my personal cheer squad.... My family

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 03:02 AM

So when are the elections actually happening?

posted on Oct, 19 2005 @ 06:28 PM
I think its on the 1st of November a Saturday.

posted on Oct, 28 2005 @ 01:26 AM
I have decided that seeing I was feeling all lonely as no-one had given me questions I would answer Subz questions, fired at him from esteemed member Wecomeinpeace.

1. To what extent do you personally think the Western MSM is actually influenced by corporations and government, and what, if anything, should or could ATSNN contributors do about it in regards to researching, submitting and commenting on news?

Mainstream media is influenced by many factors including those spoken of above. We cannot stop Mainstream doing this but we can certainly be aware of it and report the facts, the whole facts and nothing but the facts. More research should be done where possible to post opposing views, different reporting slants on the story, follow-ups, interviewing witnesses, phone calls to people and places, emailing and most of all by always asking questions. Listening and reading between lines and always taking a closer look.

2. Considering Qn 1 above, do you have, or have you read from other members, any ideas that you would like to see instituted in ATSNN in regards to an expanded incentive system to hopefully increase submission quality, and more importantly, encourage members to seek out information for themselves and create exclusive news such that ATSNN can attain the lofty goals which the site admin and many contributors hold for it.

Well the only true incentive I see is through love. Love of ATSNN. Incentive systems can breed egos and changes to incentive systems have to be well thought out and all contingencies planned for. I have posted my thoughts on improving quality. People are naturally competitive and if they see a high standard set for them by experts, then they are more likely to raise the stakes on their own submissions. The applause function from mods works fine.

A possibility I have heard and discussed is a yearly awards for best stories and articles. That is a positive way to entice better quality submissions.

3. Do you feel that members commenting on submission quality within the discussion thread of a submission should be regulated against? A lot of posters have brought up the idea of a "U2U the submitter" function, but there has been no apparent intention to institute this, and still the suggestion keeps cropping up. What are your thoughts on this and what, if anything, do you plan to do about it?

Yes I do feel it should be regulated to a point. U2U'ing the submitter is a great idea and once again a panel of experts selected to assist contributors to submit quality articles would be able to achieve this goal.

A panel or expert could U2U the submitter and quietly point out grammar errors or spelling mistakes or actual factual mistakes in the article. This takes it away from the public eye and does not downplay the author in anyway. I have been messaged by others before in this regard and I am only too happy to fix up any boo boo's and I am sure other submitters would be just as happy. I think all submitters have a healthy pride in their work and do wish to se the best standard coming out of ATSNN.

Another idea in my head which I would like input and thought on would be to have a forum or forum thread for comments and questions. Not for submitting articles to and not to debate the subject matter of the story but a discussion on submitting, styles, grammar, spelling (for example debating the ATSNN standard for English - American or English style spelling).

Once again this idea needs more thought and discussion because it can have negative effects to ATSNN as well as positive. Some repliers on ATSNN lately have taken joy in attacking both veiled and outright, authors of posts. This is a negative effect that could spill over into any ATSNN discussion group or forum. There are 'humans' involved and humans have egos.

But this has got to stop on ATSNN. The way i look at an article and replies is that a work of art has been created. That work of art will be scrutinized by thousands of people for years to come from all walks of life. Granny May for instance, may just type something into google and pulls up an ATSNN article. Granny wants to see the article, well written, well presented and with good thought provoking twists and turns in the replies. Granny does not want to walk head on into a bitchfest of ego's and nasty responses directed at the writers, that is authors and repliers, Granny will not return for more. Granny then thinks that ATSNN is not the worthy quality source that it should be striving to achieve.

The replies and debate are what makes ATSNN special and it's a shame that it can and does get spoiled.

4. Being as honest as a politician can, what do you think are the drawbacks, if any, of the ATSNN submission voting system?

A major drawback is good stories sitting in no mans land well past their use by date and the other would be voters using the No:Bias button to vote down articles that go against their opinion. This often happens on hot topics and that is sad to see. The other drawback is of course not being able to give your reason why you just voted a badly grammar, one line intro article down. I vote on most submission, very few pass me by and I vote yes or fix on most of them but when I use the fix button I would like to be able to point out exactly what I see could be fixed. For example the proliferation of one line intros in submissions lately.

5. Do you think that ATSNN needs another 'N', or is the current number about right? Do you think another 'N' would make ATSNNN one better than all the other 'NN's?

Above Top Secret Nerds News Network?
Above Top Secret National News Network?
Above Top Secret Nutso News Network?
Above Top Secret Nice News Network?
Above Top Secret Naughty News Network?

Hell no........ I have enough problems spitting out ATSNN in one breath.

]6. WARNING - THIS ONE STUMPED BUSH JNR: What do you think was the greatest mistake or oversight you made in your term as an ATS Council Assistant? How do you intend to rectify that failing if you are elected to the council?

I wasn't there but my response to the general gist would be Ithat I find the opposite of failure is perfection, seeing how as nothing can be perfect, neither can anything be a failure. Near perfect, near failures perhaps, everyone runs along that gamut of experiences. Everyone makes mistakes, oversights and boo boo's in life, the question that comes into play should be how they deal with those mistakes, how they work through them and learn from them. Personally I strike it down, sum it up work it out and get on with it, stamped duly learnt. I should be old enough, wise enough and honest enough with myself and others to know by now how not to do stupid things over and over.

7. Have you read the book 13 Bloodlines of the ATS Council, and if so, what is your answer to the charges made in that publication? Do you believe that non-ATSNN contributors are merely "useless eaters"?

Ah Yes I think I wrote an ATSNN news review article on that book, fantastic read, didn't agree with the gist though. Anyone who reads or replies to an article has contributed to ATSNN. They are the bread and butter of ATSNN. ATSNN would be a boring nonsensical place without readers, non contributing or not.

8. What do you say to the sometimes-heard whisper that the council is simply seen as a stepping stone by "I wannabe a mod" members?

To me, I am going into this election with my heart on my sleeve. it’s about ATSNN and nothing else for me. I think after the last election there was a need for new mods. I guess it was a good place to choose the mods from for a couple of reasons, they were voted in in the first place, so the member base was happy with their performance as a member, that’s a good plus, then they had a chance to work with management and management got a good chance to see how they performed.

Management have the right to pick and choose moderators who fit in with the current status quo and the people picked for council last time were what I call a short list of people, along with others that didn’t make council but are still as active, who would be naturally chosen to be mods even without the council.

9. How many babies have you kissed and did any of them vomit on you? And does lemon juice really get the stain out or is that simply an old housewife's myth?

Babies I have kissed...well many many many..I adore kids, so innocent so untarnished by bias.....sigh * I just kissed my baby just then...Practicing for the PR side of the election and the kids are on my official support team.

I am always getting vomited on by babies....but mostly only mine ( one with reflux didn't help that cause), so I am an old hand at baby sick stains. Lemon juice doesn't really do the trick and can bleach some of the candidates dress shirts. I find that carb soda does the trick, first time every time. Especially on the ATSNN council chambers luxurious carpet floors.

10. Do you think ATSNN needs redecorating, and do you think that the pink heading is becoming of ATSNN Op/Eds?

I think that ATSNN doesn't NEED redecorating but if at some time in the future management decided a makeover, it wouldn't be a step in the wrong direction. The pinks too pale, need it darker.

11. Do you think that the no:bias voting option should be disabled when the article is an Op/Ed?

Yes definitely. An Op Ed is bias in its nature.

12. Do you think that some form of collaborative projects, research or reporting could be set up and possibly benefit ATSNN in any way?

Yes. For example the Katrina News thread and the Bird Flu one are two good examples of collaborating threads. Everyone works together to ensure threads like these are kept up to date and streamlined for easy reference. The ATSNN country fact files were another. These ideas are just in infancy but have a chance to grow along with ATSNN.


If anyone has any questions and comment I will be most pleased to answer.

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posted on Oct, 28 2005 @ 01:39 AM
How did I forget about the ATSNN Fact Files? /me slaps forehead

Great responses Mayet

posted on Oct, 28 2005 @ 04:46 AM
You know something subz...I wish we could both win I really do. Good luck in the voting ........

posted on Oct, 28 2005 @ 05:11 AM
Great answers from both of you.

Didn't mean to leave you out, Mayet! I only threw the questions out for Subz because he was asking, nay, begging for some.
I wish I could vote for all three of you actually. There's not a candidate in the ATSNN race that would not be a sterling choice in my opinion.

It also didn't slip my notice that both of you gave deftly diplomatic answers to the Bloodlines of the Council question.
I'm watching you two...

[edit on 2005-10-28 by wecomeinpeace]

posted on Oct, 30 2005 @ 05:07 PM
well its the final day before the election... Ah but it's only the 30th you say, well no it's the 31st here for me in Australia today and its going to be a long day for me...about 36 hours I think. My 1st of November will be almost over before the voting even starts.

All I really want to say for the person you feel will do their best for ATSNN.

You may not agree with the opinion, you may not even like the person but if you feel that I will do the best job for ATSNN then vote for me please. It's not about ego's and status, it's about ATSNN.

I care about ATSNN I care about the people I care about the feed I care about the quality and future of ATSNN. I love ATSNN.

its not about political leanings or opinions on subjects, it's about the care of ATSNN, the care of submissions, the care of the people, the care of management, its all about caring. Caring enough to want to make a difference.

If anyone has any last minute questions please post them.. I am most happy to reply....

Remember May all the WAY For ATSNN

Vote For May...Vote For May... May For ATSNN, she will make your day...... vote for May.....

and best of Luck to Djohnso and Subz along with all the other candidates stepping up to the block in the elections.......

[edit on 30-10-2005 by Mayet]

posted on Nov, 1 2005 @ 06:39 PM
Can someone clarify just when the election is going to be posted at all.?

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 09:00 PM
Ah its a long day..but oh well.

My final election speech is in and now we are eagerly awaiting the posting of the polls.

Now I know what the politicans feel while waiting for polling day.....

Anway just to let you know I am still here. If anyone has some questions to throw at me.....

posted on Nov, 3 2005 @ 12:38 AM
What do you mean your final campaign speech is in? Did I miss something? Ive been away for a couple of days

Edit: Never mind, I found the thread

[edit on 3/11/05 by subz]

posted on Nov, 3 2005 @ 01:06 AM
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat you mean it's you we been waiting for

Good to see you again

posted on Nov, 3 2005 @ 07:59 PM
You've got my vote Mayet!

You seem very involved in the community and very caring. Out of all the people ive seen running you seem to be most active in the community and i think that you could bring a lot to ATSNN.

posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 09:01 PM
Thank you for your support it is greatly appreciated....

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