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Video of flying triangle UFO

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posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 07:37 PM
Well the size of the lights and distance apart seem scale to what I saw. I could not confirm shape yet though. I had a diagram in my thread but I dont see my thread anymore. So it might be gone now :Z

posted on Apr, 18 2006 @ 09:32 AM

My name is Ron and I was recently looking for any photos of the
triangle UFO that has been seen by many people around the world.

I myself had a large encounter with the object and was glad i found a
website with other people's stories.

I used to attend a bowling league 11 years ago and we would always
take the same way home every friday. On one friday, in the summer of
1994, I had noticed a large part of the normally dark forest lit up. I
then glanced over to see a huge triangle craft with a light on each
side (3 alltogether) and one dome shaped object with a red blinking
light in the center of the craft. This craft was just above the tree
lines and was the size of a football field. I was so stunned I just
sat there and analyzed the detail of it. The material used to built it
was clearing not from the earth and the structure was too complex for
humans. After i realized what was going on. I called out to my mother
and my 2 friends in the car. I starting yelling "look a UFO!!" but
noone responded to my cries. It was completely silent and they were
just looking straight ahead as if in some kind of trance. After a
minute or so of trying to get their attention, I turned back to the
craft and began to watch again. The craft then started to rotate a
half turn just like an F-16 fighter. I couldnt believe what i was
seeing. A large flash occured from beneath the craft and it shot off
so fast it became a blinking dot on the horizon within a second. As
soon as it became too small to recognize, my friends and my mother
started asking frantically where it was. I pointed to the small dot on
the horizon and they just laughed at me. I am still puzzled to this
day why i was the only one who saw the craft.
Also, Every friday preceding the incident, I would get this urge to
look up in the sky and when I did I saw the craft every time.

I stopped going to that bowling league after a few years and kind of
forgot about it.

I appreciate you reading this story.

Thank you!

posted on Apr, 19 2006 @ 01:10 AM
This photo was taken of a triangler ufo in puerto rico it dimmed the lights at the airport.

posted on Apr, 20 2006 @ 12:18 AM

Originally posted by rich123

This photo was taken of a triangler ufo in puerto rico it dimmed the lights at the airport.

This is going to be the Summer of the Triangular Ashtray, it appears.

Allthough I haven't got a link to a photo of the actual model used here (eBay has 20-some pages alone), here's one exactly the right shape, although the texture is a bit heavy:
Triangular Glass Ashtray

and here's one the with the perfect texture, although it's the wrong shape:
Retro Textured Glass Ashtray

There is something that looks like the maker's marque on the picture; it looks remarkably like this trademark for a company that supplies the fingernail salon trade:

One other thing that bugged me: see the rectangular yellowish area in the middle of the "ufo"? Check out this image from Retro Art Glass and see if you agree they're strangely similar:
Amber Ashtray Sitting Vertical

Personally, I prefer, shall we say, harder evidence

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