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MSN Moving Adult Groups, Face Scan required for verification of photos

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posted on Oct, 5 2005 @ 01:51 PM
Thought this might be of interest to those in MSN Groups, and to those that surf adult websites.

It seems MSN is moving their Adult Groups to a new server called World Groups

If you read through their information (much of which isn't currently working) you will find that you must verify your age in order to participate in their groups. The catch is, that if you wish to upload photos, you must provide them with a copy of your driver license, which they put into their data banks, and use a face scanning technology to verify your age everytime you upload a photo.

Also, every message they claim is going to be looked at by a team of "professionals" to make sure they are deemed "healthy".

Keep in mind, this information isn't being kept to just the owners of the website, but will be given to anyone who askes, or mouse overs a pictures.

What person in their right mind would give up this information to post family photos, photos of themselves, and to make email tags???

Here is my question to everyone................

Is this government trying to find away to find out who is and isn't looking at porn, what type of porn, and do you think they are going to do "profiling" on those that hand over their personal information???

How many of you would actually do this???

Here is a link to a general message board in an MSN group


Here is a link to the news article

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