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The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre

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posted on Oct, 4 2005 @ 08:19 PM

Dr. Mootoo, the top Guyanese pathologist:
There are certain signs that show the types of poisons that lead
to the end of life. Cyanide blocks the messages from the brain to
the muscles by changing body chemistry in the central nervous
system. Even the "involuntary" functions like breathing and
heartbeat get mixed neural signals. It is a painful death, breath
coming in spurts. The other muscles spasm, limbs twist and
contort. The facial muscles draw back into a deadly grin, called
"cyanide rictus."[30] All these telling signs were absent in the
Jonestown dead
. Limbs were limp and relaxed, and the few visible
faces showed no sign of distortion.[31]

Instead, Dr. Mootoo found fresh needle marks at the back of the
left shoulder blades of 80-90% of the victims.[32] Others had been
shot or strangled.
One survivor reported that those who resisted
were forced by armed guards.[33] The gun that reportedly shot Jim
Jones was lying nearly 200 feet from his body, not a likely
suicide weapon.[34] As Chief Medical Examiner, Mootoo's testimony
to the Guyanese grand jury investigating Jonestown led to their
conclusion that all but three of the people were murdered by
"persons unknown." Only two had committed suicide they said.[35]
Several pictures show the gun-shot wounds on the bodies as
well.[36] The U.S. Army spokesman, Lt. Col. Schuler, said, "No
autopsies are needed. The cause of death is not an issue here."
The forensic doctors who later did autopsies at Dover, Delaware,
were never made aware of Dr. Mootoo's findings.[37]


What was in the Kool-Aid is not what killed the people.

The real question here is how they kept it out of the media for so long.

The cover-up is so absolute it points to the highest powers.

Rebuttal here:

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posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 11:36 AM
makes you wonder why sects are so often targetted by God knows who, i wouldn't consider a few hundred wackos a risk worth the hassle and potential public attention (which must be a bad thing), but perhaps they're doing it for fun in the broadest sense.

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