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ATS Xbox Live Clan.

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posted on Oct, 4 2005 @ 12:34 PM
Right then, I know there have been a few, 'whats your GT?' threads, and the idea of a clan has popped up in these, but there is no actual clan thread yet.

This is not my idea, but an ATS would be such a cool idea, it would probably just be on Halo 2, but I guess it can be pushed to different games.

All we need is,

A few willing gamers to start it up, maybe a mod to lead it as they have the organisational skills to keep evrything in order.

A cool name, I believe that we cant be Clan ATS, but theres a possibility for another name. It has to be related to ATS though (conspiracy related in other words)

So if anyones interested, and we get enough people, I will start the clan and well be off. I only need about 8 willing guys and gals. ANy extra ideas or suggestions would be great!

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posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 10:01 AM

link to T&C

12.) You agree not to cultivate the membership of these domains for the sending of private messages (board U2U or e-mail) for the purposes of marketing, mass mailing, or recruitment for other groups (offline or online) such as activist groups or other online discussion board websites. You will not also seek to rally the membership of these domains for any cause without prior written permission from the site owner.

It's also been mentioned before, I believe if I remember correct there are also legal issues...

posted on Oct, 8 2005 @ 03:44 PM
Oh, crap. Just have to go back to no scoping noobs then!

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