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NEWS: Hindu's Believe Rare Solar Eclipse Heralds Earthquakes.

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posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 07:05 PM
Special prayers were offered and tens of thousands of Hindu Pilgrims jostled each other to public bathing spots in the sacred Ghanges river druing an annular solar eclipse. The moon moved across the sun's face at 4.20 pm and bathing rituals were carried out for two hours during the eclipse by the pilgrims. It is believed by Indian astrologers that the solar eclipse could herald disasters and that fear is magnified by the double with an upcoming cosmic event of a lunar eclipse on October 17th. The atrologers believe the eclipses will affect seismic events, atmospheric disturbances and the sea levels.

Television channels showed footage of police struggling to control the surging crowds as they pressed forward to take a dip in the river. Thousands of others took cleansing baths in holy ponds on temple premises.

The solar face was almost completely covered by the moon in India's southern and western parts but was seen only as a 20 per cent eclipse in northern parts.

The astrologers cautioned people to take safety measures because of the rare celestial phenomenon.

"It's difficult to judge the kind of influence it will have on people because it varies according to one's nakshatra (star signs). Depending on these, one should take specific precautions," said Pandit Rama Shastri Joshi, another astrologer.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The fear of the eclipses heralding changes have bearing throughout history. Large earthquakes and other seismic events have been recorded around the days of eclipses in the past.

[edit on 3-10-2005 by Mayet]

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 08:51 PM

Originally posted by Mayet
Large earthquakes and other seismic events have been recorded around the days of eclipses in the past.

Yeah, and even more have been recorded when there hasn't been an eclipse. Go figure!

Also, it's not "rare." It's called an "annular" eclipse for a reason. Total eclipses are the "rare" ones.

And another thing, shouldn't it be "Solar Eclipse" and not "Eclipse Solar?"

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