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The International ATS/BTS convention

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posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 01:13 AM
Through the ATS/BTS Chat, I once proposed that an ATS/BTS convention be held. To my surprise, I learned that some members actually tried to arrange mini conventions of fellow members who happened to live in relative close proximity to each. I found this heartening as it only strengthens my case that an International ATS/BTS Convention could be held.

I propose that each year, a different country be designated (perhaps through a voting system) as the host country to hold this convention. Obviously, major cities such as New York, London and Toronto would be ideal. If enough lead time is provided, I am certain that many could attend and, of course have an amazing time.

Special guests and speakers would also be a focal point. For example, perhaps people like Art Bell, George Noorey, Jeff Rense, Richard C. Hoagland, Dr. Machiu Kaku, Maj. Ed Dames etc, could be outstanding guests and could also be used to draw the general public to the convention, which could help to offset costs. Members of ATS/BTS, of course, would receive special status to seperate them from the general public.

Perhaps there could also be a "dealers" room, much like those at comic book and science fiction conventions. Books relating to the topics found at ATS/BTS would, of course be the ideal wares that could be sold at this convention but there could be many other items as well.

I have hosted major comic book and star trek conventions before; Detroit Triple Fan Fair (credited with being the first comic book convention ever held) and Star Con (also in Detroit...this convention has attracted thousands of attendees to meet guests such as William Shatner, George Takei, Harlan Ellison etc.).

I don't know, what do you think? By responding to this thread, it would give the heirarchy at ATS/BTS something by which they could guage the viability of the concept without actually committing themselves to hosting such a convention.

What do you think?

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posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 01:22 AM
I think it would be much more simple to just chat in the chat rooms and talk on the boards.

A full out convention is a bit much. Maybe some local gatherings of friends if they wish.

Edit: my original post was useless

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posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 02:13 AM
Though it sounds like a good idea in many respects, I feel a lot of people will be wary of such an event as it won't help much with their anonymity.
Considering the topics that are discussed on these boards, that is obviously an important factor to a lot of people.

If you are still interested, it would probably be best to approach one of the Admin staff to find out their views and seek permission on such a subject beforehand, as you may be in breach of T&C's for recruiting or such like.

But basically, though I think it sounds great on paper I think that practically it will have too many problems, the key one being that people will fear being apprehended by the authorities!

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 02:17 AM
I've seen other threads discussing this, it'll probably happen someday...hopefully in New York

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 02:33 AM
4 ATSer's got together at the David Icke Convention in North Carolina a few years back. We had a lot of fun. Also about 6 of us met up in Michigan for a BBQ and chat. These meetings can be a lot of fun but they will mostly be smaller groups. IMO it is best to look for UFO conventions and conspiracy related conventions and speakers and then have people meet there.

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 02:41 AM
Please note, that I am not trying to propose that ATS/BTS host such a convention. I am simply trying to establish whether or not an ATS/BTS would be plausible or viable. Without having ATS/BTS commit themselves to hosting a convention, I am, in good faith, simply posing the question to the general membership. Perhaps, if a considerable number of members show a keen interest in hosting or attending such a convention, then this might consider.

If this question is being asked in the wrong forum, then I would kindly ask that the Mods move it.

If anything, I am curious to know whether people would be interested in attending such a convention. Perhaps, for all I know, this is the sort of thing that would be best left to "local" mini cons or gatherings put together by members who simply wish to "get together" with fellow ATS/BTS members in their own local regions. But, perhaps, there would be a keen interest in such a convention. You never know until you ask.

Again, I must ask that the mods simply move this thread if they feel that it was started in the wrong forum...I certainly do not want to "step on any toes" or to "force anyone's hand" concerning this topic. After all, it is just a question posed to the membership in general about this concept.

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 08:23 AM
Other threads of this nature were moved to BTS Members or ChitChat.
It's not really board business.

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 08:53 AM
How about regional gatherings? Like people living in the Great Lakes region could meet in Detroit or Cleveland...people on the east coast could meet in NYC....

I live in Ohio and I have family in Michigan. I wouldn't mind going to one in Cleveland.
Or Columbus, or Cincinnati, or Akron, or Detroit....

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 09:02 AM
I would go, so long as it was within 30 minutes of my home

I agree with what one poster already mentioned: Better to leach onto an existing event and go from there.

It’s also tough as ATS is very much and international phenomena and location would exclude many.

But the idea does have some merritt, as this place has a HUGE following. I bet if done correctly it could work. But it would be key to solicit other related groups and entities as well for participation.

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 09:23 AM
i think it would be a great idea!


oni x x

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 10:18 AM
I think proper international gatherings are bordering on the impossible, however regional gatherings are very possible.
A few times now small groups of ATS members have met up (to my knowledge anyway), this shows that is can work as long as it is organised..and not overly complicated.

For example..a British regional meet up would most likely be in, easy to find due to large sign outside, the local people would be good for directions, a decent chance of finding it via the internet, something to do aka drink and eat..and out of things... *cough*

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 10:23 AM
We wouldn't even have to meet at a convention...somewhere like a park or a mall, have a picnic or something. Some of us aren't all that wealthy.

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 04:56 PM
It would be cool to do an international convention however there are many many youngsters on this board, and few adults.
And i'm not even sure if the adults would want to partake in something the required a $500 plane ticket.

I like the idea of meet ups somewhere within 3-4 hrs of travelling.
I'm in Michigan, which means I wouldn't mind driving to chicago, ohio, pa, ny, or ontario.

A good party would include a bonfire, a bbq, some music, tin foil hats, and beer.

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 05:13 PM
I live in London, Ontario Canada....I could travel from Toronto to Detroit as far South as Ann Arbor for a regional gathering. Anyone else within range of the Toronto/Detroit/Ann Arbor/Chicago corridor?we could collate interested members with specific regional corridors and given enough lead time, regional mini cons or gatherings could be a very viable reality. Are there any other ATS/BTSers with this corridor? Are there any other regional corridors that could be developed?

posted on Oct, 4 2005 @ 05:54 AM
I can think of 8 off the top of my head in oh, il, mi, and ont...

A few in ny too...

If you wanna try and get something working i'll be the first on your list...
i missed last years get together,
would like to attend this years (if there is one)

friday would be a good day for most i would assume..

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posted on Oct, 4 2005 @ 05:23 PM
what do you think of theme parties?

ie/ toga's and tin hats??

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