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CAn anyone tell me how to get abducted?

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 09:03 PM
You have to assume that if an alien species were to find us, they would treat us just how WE would treat another species we found on another planet.

If we were in a spaceship, landed on some planet, and found life, what would we do? We would take it, restrain it down, and dissect it, and perform other tests on it.

Is that what you really want the aliens to do to YOU when they abduct you?

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 09:59 PM
This is my alien encouter.I don't want to stante my name becase this is privet.I was 16.This is one out of two abdutiones i had.This was my first one. It was about 11o'clock at night, i was just lining down in my bed thinking about my day.When i heard a bussing sound,then a blinding light.Then i saw them ther not like the things that pepple reported.But my abdutes where about 5Ft. but thay looked just like us, thay had the same hare,eyes,throut,nose,evey thang.but the only thanges diffrent is thay had difrent kind of fingers and didden't have clothes on. Once i saw them I tried to move but i cudn't.It felt like i was perlised head to toe,the only thang i can move is my eyes. I over herd one ,it said ( that i was a perfet specemen),then thay nauded to agement.the next thang thsy did thay took all the covers off my bed.Then thay put 4 small prisim boxes on the corners of me, then i rose about 2 feet off my bed and started going towards the window, but somehow i went thrue my close window.
Once i was on bord thay put me in this machen.This machen had some kind of horizonal lazer.Which cut away my PJ's off when it pased over my boody. The next thang i new i was lang down on a cold table.I have been laing for 30 min. whith out them notising the parlisaton went away. When thay came in thay brout some siver cabnents with them, when thay open the cabnets i saw some intements some where vary long neddles,scaples,secsers,and alot of tubes. Then i was friton, then I tride to excape.When i seted up thay grabed me and pused me back down on the table.I stugle i was varey hard to get up agein, but thay where to stroung.So i new it was hopeles so i gave up. then one of them put claof like subdence over and under me, the only thang that was not cover was my face. Then one of them pused a button and some steem came down from the cilling. Then i new that the claof turnd into some form of strong latex over me.It conneted me to the tabble.I was scerming my head off,because it begane to sqsase me for a short while once it stop I had vary little room to move. It feelt like being stuck in concret.The one by my head put some of the extra latex behind my head over my head.It was vary hard to breath therw the material.One of them cut 9 hose in the material, left eye,2. my right eye, left ear, right ear, nose mouth belly button 8.#1 privet 9.#2 privet. When i was yelling the surgen put some kind of black sluge in my mouth then put a meatle mouth peace in my mouth ,then a long metle tube thrue the moute pece and then down my throut. And a lot of tubes going into all the oping in my body, ther must have been 20 tubes goin into me.And a lot of other thangs to perpar me to examen.One of them conneted to my #1 privet which had claws at the end of it. The examation was extemly panful heres what i now what happen ,thay lower this machean from the siling and a 4in.neddle persed my bellbuton, and i was in a lot of pain.After 2 1/2 of having exteming painfuil examanations.Thay parlised me agien and put a light over me and tund it on all of asodon the latex subdes was backto its arignal form. Then two of them cared me off to a diferent room.
The room was brigly lite add it was pure white inside,there was just a small mat on the ground, the 2 aliens put me on that mat which it felt like cold wet clay which can stile can be molded ,befor thay left thay gave me a shot whith a surige.I was ther for about ten min, whil in that time it felt like i was skinking in the clay, it felt i sunk 2in.,then about five minets latter two alien female came in and cercle around me for few minets.Then a had a bad thout in my head. That i was going to be used for bio and repoduteve experments and I was right.Then thay came on me, for 2 houres i had sexual contact then it was ended.After that all of them came in and cared me off to the expmeal lab agen. Then thay black me out, next thang i new i was in my bed agen.

no,this is no prank this relly happed. i swer it.

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by warthog911

My guess is that there is nothing you can do.

They are the ones who pick, not you.

Why do you want to get abducted anyway?

Do you know why most abductees have a memory blockade?.

It is put there so that people can keep sane, abduction is a terrible experience and the things that they can do to you would certainly make you mad.

Get some fresh air man, there are better things to wish for than an abduction.

posted on Sep, 22 2008 @ 05:30 PM

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by Jeremiah25

hello? if they want to get abducted then it wouldn't be forced. they wouldn't have to force it! DUH.. and getting abducted would be an experiance whether good or bad.

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 10:11 PM
It all ways seems to be in a secluded area with no witnesses So i guess spend a lot of time being where people are not. second guess would be hang out in a field seems there all ways leaving messages there. Good luck

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 11:43 PM
Out of focus areas are also a great place as well !

posted on Sep, 25 2008 @ 11:51 PM
reply to post by warthog911

Big "Have probe will travel" sign and t-shirt would be a good start.

Personally, I won't abduct anyone who asks.
All I need is another needy human in my life.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 06:25 PM
Start imagine .. (kind of self suggest) that some GOOD aliens will show up and take you.. to a nice place. Have to be positive all this time without any fear. So it's up to you.. to the strength of your imagination. If you succeed plse send them to me also .. thou i can't keep my concentration and am a bit lazy or so.. they might make an exception.. hopefully. See you up there

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 06:44 PM

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 07:05 PM
claim your a terrorist ... usually the FBI will Abduct you in about a hour or so... after all they have the Patriot Act... who needs a stinking warrant as long as national security matter....

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 11:09 PM
i know this thread is old, but i just would like to explain to some of the other form members why i too wish to be abducted by aliens. just so i know for a fact that they exist. it is an experience, and even if it is a bad one, you will learn something from it and it will shape who you are. i would love to be abducted and returned to earth in one piece, knowing for the rest of my days that humans arent the only things out there. but i really dont belive in aliens, which is exactly why i would love t be abducted. knowing the truth for myself is what i want, no matter how unpleasant the aquisition of the truth is.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 11:20 PM
Contact Blossom Goodchild.
She may be able to set something up.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 08:36 PM
reply to post by garyo1954

(Quote) Aliens Have Class (Unqote)

Yes Aliens do have class Cars their Cars are silver and blue shinny.

The Alien Mobiles look like bubbles.

I've seen them Alien Cars.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 09:05 PM
I ran down the Street Naked and Drunk yelling at people. Then I saw some flashing lights chasing me. Then I ran into a light pole and woke up in a hospital handcuffed. At least they dropped me off at the hospital after, they even notified the cops for me. Great guys, I even got a ride in the backseat of their space ship. All that technology and bench seats, it was a shame.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 09:19 PM
You won't get abducted by praying for them to abduct you..

An excellent example of this can be seen in a movie called "The invention of lying" the ending.

The girl asks the man

"What does The man in the sky want me to do?!" "Just tell me!"

And he replies


...check it out>_>

You'll understand why it's not working...

Even if you get it down..there's no set code to's not like a puzzle..there is not always a may or may not get contacted...and in most cases you won't

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 09:29 PM
reply to post by Camilo1

Do you know of anyone who has "gone mad" after penetrating the memory block and if so what happened to them now?

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 01:00 AM
Most abductions have been repressed and people wanting those repressed memories unlocked via hypnosis did not really have a pleasant experience, I remember watching one documentary and this guy was literally screaming in horror.

In short, be careful on what you wish for as you'll probably regret doing so.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 01:15 AM
After years of failed trials, I still cannot even reach a point of contact with extra-terrestrials let alone abduction. There is no set way to go about it.

They pick you. But I guess there are a few things that make you more of a worth candidate.

1) Become untrustworthy and shady to your own race.
2) Become somewhat reclusive and generally intolerable.
3) Show very little interest in extra-terrestrial activity.

I think if I was going to abduct someone without drawing attention to myself, I'd look for some of these traits.

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 09:44 AM
reply to post by warthog911

I Want to be abducted too but not accually an "abductee" i mean like a "contactee" or whatever you call it but if im abducted i dont care if they experiment on me my life is sooo boring anyways if you dont know whats a contactee seach the internet if i becom e a contactee i will he shocked my only deam has come true.

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