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OP/ED: Half Truths And Revolutions: What Our Governments Dont Want Us To Know

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posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 09:29 AM
Great discussion guys. Thanks.

Starr - don't let these guys intimidate you. Just post away - and if they dump on you, just u2u me, and I'll set them straight.

Good work though boys. Continue...

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 09:48 AM
i sure would have voted For this OP/ED, if i'd been logged on to do so.

i do think that the title Half Truths And Revolutions : What Our Governments Don't Want Us To Know is just an opinion/viewpoint.

i see the administration, (BushRegime or whatever one calls it)
is & has been forthcoming....the 'half truths' accusation is opinion & slur

*the neocons, & PNAC'ers, Hudson Institute think-tankers, the CSP
Center for Security Policy, among others, have announced future actions...
*along with the business & corporate dealings the administration showers favors on,
*tax-breaks for the movers-&-shakers...
*the shift to faith-based orgs as humanitarian aid providers instead of larger SocialServicesDepartments in gov't
*the greater sway held by faith & morality in the administrations' base
(read; born-again christianity, dominionism, etc)

They have done everything but hold the publics hand on presenting their case.....
>The American way of life has to be reinforced to survive. see Hi-Tech weaponry
>America must not just rely on treaty & negotiation to secure all/any it energy, food, minerals, strategic geopolitical necessities.
>The northern Western-Hemisphere must unite to insure better security and economic health for; 1st the USA, then the subordinates...Ca,Mx, et al
>The 'useless eaters' are to be mobilized as disaster-relief 'boots-on-the-ground' and a resource for enforcement of Policy (read; EmpireAmerica, PNAC, armageddon politic, christian-zionist)
>(i could get carpel tunnel listing all the obvious Truths...)

**here are two unexpected bonuses- -the 2 SupremeCourt vacancies,,,,
The ChiefJustice nominee...research if he is affiliated to Opus Dei,
being that he is Catholic and that espionage group is Vatican-ish origin.
**The nomination of GWs longtime counsul H. Miers, another 'born-again' Dominionist....(compatable to the christian-zionists & other neocons who are intent on armageddon politics & 'balkanizing' the mid & far east into 'manageable' Stans)
Both new Justices will direct the nation toward a Business & christian & zionist emphasis. (note which words are capitalized)

The Administration wants us citizens to 'know', thats what theres a War-on-Terrorism/terrorists/militant-Islam....or whatever the meme evolves into.
In a way....yes, there are half-truths, being told
BUT, thats because the elites, have determined we are merely bread-&-circus masses of people...reactionary & stimulus responders only.
the kissingers & clintons & bushs among those other elites, can be privy to the inner mindscapes of managing the peasants & the bourgeois...

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