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problems with governments

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posted on Sep, 30 2005 @ 02:10 PM
Ok, I don't know what forum this should go in, but it is about politics, so here goes.

1. Basically all governments are corrupt, and nothing ever seems to change there, which is very annoying, as this is a distinct problem with all goverments.

2. Governmments regularly lie to us (the citizens) and seem to expect us just to ignore the fact that it is a lie and just get on with our lives regardless. Just how do they think that is right, and how do they decide what we should or shouldn't know? This goes on to their secret projects and similar, they make "Freeflow of information" acts, but if you ask about anything classified they just bring out some pointless "Official secrets act" just so they can deny the very people who fund their research information about their research. Don't we have a right to know what they are wasting our money on?

3. Governments just waste money on things they don't sometimes need to do, and ignore what is needed, and then raise taxes to compensate for their inefficiency.

Overall, governments don't really do what they should really do, and in a democracy, they just say what they will do to get voted in, do a little bit to say they have done it, then just do whatever they want.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to make the "Wouldn't it be great to be nice to people for a change" Party. Who wouldn't vote for it?

If I shouldn't have made this thread, can a moderator lock it?

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