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Have We Visitors From Space?

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posted on Sep, 29 2005 @ 05:03 PM
Here is a classic gem from an April 1952 issue of Life Magazine on the flying saucer phenomenon and what the Airforce was doing about it waaaaay back when.

I find interesting that the airforce would not ridicule you for reporting and take it seriously.

Another interesting thing I found was I had heard that the Roswell story was basically unknown until the 1970's. This article talks about the flying saucers in 1947, and even has a report on July 10, 1947 in New Mexico... but no Roswell.


Last week (April 7, 1952) the U.S. Air Force made known to LIFE the following facts:

As a result of continuing flying saucer reports the Air Force maintains constant intelligence investigation and study of unidentified aerial objects.

A policy of positive action has been adopted to find out, as soon as possible, what is responsible for observations that have been made. As a part of this study, military aircraft are alerted to attempt interception, and radar and photographic equipment will be used in an attempt to obtain factual data. If opportunity offers, attempts will be made to recover such unidentified objects.

Already all operational units of the Air Force have been alerted to report in detail any sightings of unidentified aerial objects. Other groups -- scientists, private and commercial pilots, weather observers -- all trained observers whose work in any way concerns the sky, and what happens in it, are urged to make immediate reports to Air Technical Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio of any unidentified aerial objects they sight.

Further, for the first time since Project "Saucer" was changed from a special-type project to a standard intelligence function, in December 1949, the Air Force invites all citizens to report their sightings to the nearest Air Force installation. All reports will be given expert consideration and those of special interest will be thoroughly investigated. The identity of those making such reports will be kept in confidence; no one will be ridiculed for making one.

There is no reason as yet to believe that any of the aerial phenomena commonly described as flying saucers are caused by a foreign power or constitute a clear and present danger to the U.S. or its citizens.

Read all 10 UFO incidents reported by Life Magazine 1952

*(URL withheld. I was accused of spam here, so if you want to read the article, you'll have to go through my listed home page on this forum.)


posted on Sep, 29 2005 @ 06:02 PM
I really enjoyed that Life article.

Its comforting to know that at least common sense was present 50 years ago.

I often wonder where did all the logic go?

Anyway, really good article worth the time to read for sure!

I found the article here.


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