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Dark forces in disguise??

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posted on Oct, 4 2005 @ 01:45 PM

Originally posted by Aronolac
Discerning Spirits

You of all people probably have access to sources that may have something to say about these so-called "dark forces".

We are receiving lots of confirmation that the "dark forces" have been removed permanently from the planet. When I saw "we", there is a collective of an estimated 150 receivers who have independently taken the same information: the final adjudication per our calendar was the fall of 1985 and they are no more.

I don't know about the others, but I have firsthand experience from frequent astral abuse that the so-called dark forces are not regulated by a discarnate being or organization thereof. In the general sense, they are not removed or prevented from abusing innocents. What ultimately stops them is their retrogression away from The Light.

There is also the constant influx of recently transitioned souls (RTS') to consider, many of which take up the banner of evil as those that came before them have lessened away from The Light and into oblivion.

Originally posted by Aronolac
In particular, if you are accessing the celestial world, ask for the presence of Abraham - a high official in our planetary government's educational program. He is of the most dependable white-light source anyone can receive, and the fact that there has been this removal of dark forces should be known by everyone.

I would be most happy to receive what reply you would wish to make as received from Abraham, or from whomever wishes to speak to the adjudication of the dark forces, either to my email address, or even here on this thread if you feel so inclined.

I would be happy to share with you the transcriptions of several celestial individuals who discuss the removal and their comments.

Thank you very much.


I don't doubt that you are channeling but I do question the validity of the information. You make it sound like there is some sort of spiritual hierarchy or galactic federation in existence. My experience has taught me that that has yet to emerge and that many Group Entities in the Mid and Lower Realms promote false hierarchies.

posted on Oct, 4 2005 @ 03:13 PM
Thanks, Paul-Richard,

I am indeed saying, not implying, that there has been a major shakeup in organization and there is now order where once there was chaos. There is a new freedom of motion, of movement.

Nor do I doubt your experiences with the negative energies. I have no real classification for this dis-incarnate confusion, but it is being taken in hand. Its source is from a long time ago and it is irradicated. I feel your doubt to some extent and would like very much to have you join this fresh energy inserted into the former disillusionment felt from the past.

It would delight me no end to see, and if you are willing, if you can receive Abraham. He has always set the record straight with those who participate in his classes. This is just a request and not a contest ever, and you are welcome to refuse the offer.

I actually enjoy the upbeat and sometimes very moving lessons he imparts and they are most welcomed in these times of very frightening events on terra firma.

There are hundreds, thousands of these trained teachers in what you charaterized as a heirarchy, but it is just an organization of teachers who help each to realize they can receive this information on their own-- safely, and can make the educational effort a pleasurable one.

//From Abraham:
Greetings. I am ABRAHAM. I am happy to be here among you this evening. I have seen your struggles and achievements with the passing of time/years. I have watched you grow. With the passing of time you have overcome many obstacles and each time you learn from them.

I am a teacher. This will not be like before. It is now a new era in your training experience. Do not expect this teaching to be like before. This might be a little more rough/difficult. You may be asked to apply certain lessons to daily living and share it with all of us if you wish; lessons brought to life. We desire your comfort, your trust.

It has been as it should have been. Nothing wrong have you done. This time that has passed, has been as it should have. Now we see it is time for more learning and direction.

I, Abraham, am ready to teach. Let this be another step in our mission purpose. Let our guidance be tempered with love. We are ready to keep moving toward the Master's goal.

No, you have not been lost. You have not been out of this humble calling. You are right where you should be, having experienced memories that stayed with you. I look forward to communicating with you each. I must bid you farewell.


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