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EU says...That's not Champagne!

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posted on Sep, 10 2003 @ 11:50 AM
I just read in the paper yesterday morning...that the EU is trying to push for basically copyrighting certain names. For example, unless it comes from a certain region in cannot be called Champagne. Likewise, if Feta cheese isn't made in Greece, it can't be called Feta, etc. If this actually goes through, it would cost millions, maybe even billions, to American companies in repackaging, revised marketing, etc. I don't have a link yet, as I saw it in the paper, but any thoughts? I guess we can't call them French fries then, if they weren't made in France? Oh wait, that's right, we don't call them that anymore anyways, hehe....

Seriously, perhaps the European vs. American Cabals are actually getting ready to come to a head???
Especially considering the pending decision of OPEC on the Dollar vs. the Euro.... I've got a bad feeling about this... Also, as a sidenote, I believe there was at least one other European country the other day, that stated it may go the Euro....

posted on Sep, 10 2003 @ 04:52 PM
No non-French wine manufacturer has been able to market wines under French regional names for over a decade, anywhere else in the world.

Champagne as a label on other bubblies has been replaced by legal variants describing the blending process rather than the origin, like Methode Champenoise or Methode Traditionelle. You will not buy burgundies or clarets or any other variants from non-French vintners any more. And that is a good thing for the winemakers.

There are no French Fries in the US anymore anyway, by censorship of the current administration! What traitor would want to call Freedom Fried by their banned name French Fries?

I have little doubt that the weight of world opinion today is more anti-American than at any prior point in modern history. That article that got posted up yesterday from, that talked about Rumsfeld's foreign policy in terms of U.S. and Them, was too accurate for satire.

Protecting intellectual property rights and trade names which have accrued a high value is one thing, and full marks to the French for doing so.

Putting idiots in charge of foreign policy and diplomacy is another thing altogether. It will take years if not decades for the US to come to the table in these issues again. Since the Bush admin assumed power the US has been voted off UN Committee after UN Committee, and the reaction of many US citizens (even here) is "Stuff the UN - we have the most powerful military on earth".

So, is the only solution now for the US to continue its military aggression, to secure at least some future in oil and world finance?

Yes, things are coming to a head all right. Get rid of the incumbent lunatic admin, step number one.

posted on Sep, 15 2003 @ 01:02 AM
It has always been obvious for me that Champagne is sparkling wine from the French district champagne. Conjac is from Conjac. Asti Cinzani is from Asti (AT) in Italy. Mosel is from Mosel in Germany. Quite obvious.
There are alot of good Californian Wine and sparkling wines but the name "Californian Champagne" just cracks me up. Maybee it is so what people told me that the wineplants were imported from Champagne and the methods are the same. Yaa, so what? Is it the same soil and the same weather and the same sun hours???? Nuuu!
I think calling it "made like champagne tradition" or something like that is alot better

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