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my pants sense of humour....

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posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 08:03 AM
as some of you will already be aware i have a pathetically childish sense of humour....i thus proved this further with catching one of my best mates out last night with the following gag...

my friend; like me, loves watching the discovery channel /national geographic etc we pride ourselves on being sad enough to watch any doccumentary do with anything.

My pal comes round the house and im going...

"please tell me you saw that unbelievable documentary last night on pyramids???"

friend gets really excited and goes..."NO,NO..WHAT?..WHAT?...TELL ME!!! TELL ME!!!"

i start letting him get really excited by keep saying oh my god it was amazing , just amazing what theyve just discovered, i cant believe you didnt see it??

at this point hes freaking out going "OH MY GOD...TELL ME...WHAT HAVE THEY FOUND...WHAT HAVE THEY FOUND?????"

cue me with the remote for the cd player hidden behind my back.....

presses already cued at the right line......

im saying..."well theyve found....THEYVE FOUND THAT......"


"all the kids in the market place go wey o,wey,...wey o, wey o........walk like an egyptian..."

the 'Bangles' walk like an egyptian......

friend was like....."you sad invited me round your house for this?"

im on the floor soooo sad.


posted on Nov, 17 2005 @ 03:38 AM
That to me aint childish thats kind of like a Dude Where's My Car joke! i love that movie so stupidly funny.


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