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Falling Down

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posted on Sep, 26 2005 @ 10:51 PM
It's not the most recent movie, but did anyone watch Falling Down with Michael Douglas and Robert Duvall? GREAT flick. Talk about your bad days.

posted on Sep, 26 2005 @ 11:56 PM
yeah i saw this movie when it first came out, ANd i gotta say I loved it. i've only seen it a couple times since then but i think this movie should of done better then it did.

posted on Oct, 27 2005 @ 08:33 PM
Classic Movie. Micheal Douglas was amazing in it. Gotta love the shop part

posted on Oct, 27 2005 @ 08:48 PM
The most frightening thing of all was how much my mom loved that movie.

Her favorite scene was what she referred to as "The price is right!"

Douglas is in a convenience-store, clerked by an immagrant-american. He starts griping about how much the guy is charging, and smacking the merchandise when he doesn't like the answer.

" 75 cents for a coke? WRONG!!! *smacks coke display with a baseball bat*

"A dollar for a F----- Candy Bar? WRONG !!!!!! *smash*

"Look at this, FIVE BUCKS for F---ing batteries? How dare you!" *thwack*

Actually, my mom (deceased now) loved that movie because she taught french literary history. She saw the parallel with the Summer before the French revolution, when the Parisian public refused the inflated price of bread. They would break into shops and leave the "old" price on the shelves.

Until one day, someone took the bread and left - - - no money at all! On that day, the revolution was born.


posted on Oct, 28 2005 @ 01:42 AM
I loved this movie use to watch it all the time, great movie.

If you havent seen it you really should!

posted on Nov, 4 2005 @ 05:53 PM
i love the part when he goes to the fast food place and they give him that crappy looking burger and he goes off on how it doesnt look like the picture on the menu.... thats so true too... fast food never looks like it does on the menu or commercials, lol

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