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911 truth activists UK - weekend report

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posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 07:06 PM
911 truth activists walked under 911 and 7/7 banners , and distributed hundreds of 911 and 7/7 leaflets, dvds and deception dollars on the Stop The War demonstration on Saturday
A wholly successfully stall parked itself at Speaker's Corner and David Shayler did his bit
Sunday proved its worth when 911 activists sorted its programme in a loving environment in the Tufnell Park circle community in the squatted and righteous church
The UK community has just reached an upturn
Get with this stuff - we're going to overtake the Americans in exposing this manipulation
This is the most exciting time
And from an accredited accountant's point of view
Money out of Nothing
Haroon Aswat and your little league of paper bombers and flour bombers, - where are you?

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[edit on 25-9-2005 by dh]

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