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Israel Bombs School As It Continues The Gaza Slaughter

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posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 07:02 PM
Two Children Killed, And Countless Maimed In School Attack

School’s playground

Pure Savagery

Israeli forces hit a car, as well as a school, and killed six people. They used drones homing in on GPS recievers placed in the car.

The attack on the school had F-16 fighter jets hit the building with 500 lb bombs, that collapsed the roof.

]GAZA, Sept. 24 (Xinhuanet) --
Four Palestinians were killed on Saturday afternoon after an Israeli army drone targeted a car that drove in Zaitoon neighborhood in southern Gaza City, local witnesses and medical sources said.

They said that a car with three militants in it was hit by one missile fired by an Israeli army reconnaissance drone in the Zaitoo neighborhood of Gaza City, killing the three and damaging a second car that drove behind it.

Israeli forces bomb Gaza school, arrest 207 in W. Bank
9/25/2005 6:00:00 AM GMT

An Israeli F-16 warplane attacked a Hamas-run elementary school in Gaza early Sunday, injuring at least 20 Palistinians, witnesses and medics said, according to Xinhua news agency.

Ambulances rushed to the scene and evacuated the wounded, most of them are women and children. 86733317.html

[edit on 25-9-2005 by ArchAngel]

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 11:34 PM
Nothing like a biased report to get the blood boiling....

How about the rest?

From smh..

A spokeswoman said the offices were in the grounds of a school and were used to transfer funds to suicide bombers and their families.

The witnesses said nine children under the age of five were wounded, the youngest of whom was four months old.

So who's fault is it that Hamas uses a school as a base?

Also in the car was ...

Israeli helicopter strikes car in Gaza killing Jihad Islami commander Sheikh Muhammed Khalil and two passengers. Israeli towns and villages bordering Gaza on high alert.

Whom we had talked about here a few months back ...

Hamas have used the relaxing of restrictions with Egypt to move in new weapons into Gaza such as ...
1. 3,000 automatic rifles. The new supply, most of which is destined for Hamas, gives the organization a total of 10,000 Kalashnikovs, enough for thousands of new recruits.

2. Hundreds of AT-23 Sagger anti-tank missiles.

3. SAM-14 Strela anti-air missiles – quantity unknown.

4. Improved Qassam surface missiles. Their range is 13km or 18km, depending on whether Israeli or Egyptian intelligence evaluations are accepted. The shorter-range can reach Ashkelon, the longer one can menace the southern suburbs of the Ashdod port town, Ashkelon, Kiryat Gath, Kiryat Malachi (where the Israeli President’s private home is located), Ofakim, Netivot and prime minister Ariel Sharon’s Sycamore Ranch.

5. Land mines of different types – quantity unknown.

6. More than 250 tons of explosives.

... are these the actions of "preace loving people"?
Also the truck that blew up contained a A 107mm Katyusha rocket of 30-35km range blew up in Friday’s Hamas military parade in Gaza, killing 19 Palestinians, injuring 80.

This was used by Hamas as an excuse to fire missiles at Israel.

The death of innocents is sad, but the people to deliberatly base themselves in schools etc and bring that death to the place are cowards. The blood is on their hands.

posted on Sep, 26 2005 @ 02:25 AM
Hi ArchAngel,
I spend a lot of time out in Israel and Egypt, last year my friends bedouin camp in Sinai, Egypt [Ras-Satan] was bombed, it was targeted because of the peace work that goes on there, I was devastated I couldn't believe someone could stroll into paradise with enough hate in thier hearts to blow up children fortunately a miracle happened and no-one was hurt at Ras, a few people died and a guy lost his arm in the camp next door with a second bomb... anyway turned out hate had nothing to do with it, it was just good old greed,when they caught the bombers they had 20 million US dollars, which is a lot of money to a tribesman whose avarage wage is $2 a day... wonder where they got that from then!

posted on Sep, 26 2005 @ 02:32 AM
oh and I dont think they got the 20 million US dollars from a palestinian school, I think those US dollars came straight from the good old USA hot off the press and delivered by a (dull care) Burning Bush on Mount Sinai

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