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Kind of a strange experience with a dream.

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posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 03:12 AM
I guess you could call this coincidence but anyway here goes.

I work in law enforcement in Ohio and I typically dream about weird things just like the rest of us. Well last night I was dreaming and I was standing outside my mothers house and there I was with a fellow cop and I knew for a fact that someone was in the house because I could see them. Well I called dispatch on the phone and spoke with a dispatcher I will call "Jill" and advised her of the situation. I then saw my father who I havent seen since I was 9 (23 now) who just started coming back around in the last 6 months park a 4-wheeler in my mothers garage and then the dream ended, and I woke up.

Not to strange but here is where it gets interesting.

While sleeping my dad apparently showed up on his 4-wheeler just about an hour after I feel asleep. My dad had purchased property approximately 1/4 mile from me and about 2 miles from my mothers house. (Something I wasnt aware of until about a week ago and as far as I knew he hadn't moved in he was just signing the paperwork) Anyway I was asleep and I was never awoken by my gf. I didn't even think about the connection between my dream and my dads 4-wheeler until I arrived at work a few hours later. When I made it to work the dispatcher who I spoke to in my dream was there working and she informed me that earlier in the day. A man had arrived at his home with his wife and kids and found the door of the house open. He walked inside and there was a man standing there with his shotgun and he stabbed the guy in the side and the guy ran off down the road. I know this kind of thing happens all over but trust me stuff like this NEVER happens in this part of Ohio. We never ever deal with stuff like this. I remember toating a shotgun in my dream and firing rounds at the guy in my mothers house. Again this probably has no significant meaning I just thought it was really odd how this all fell together. Also, after waking up from this dream I felt really weird like you do sometimes when you wake-up from a dream. It wasnt a typical feeling. Anyway, thanks for listening.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 05:11 AM
Sounds similar in a way to a few dreams I've had.

When I was younger I had this very strange dream, I was in a bus, I rarely use public transportation so this wasnt too normal, in the dream the bus was driving along and it crashed into a tractor and a fire started killing the driver and 2 elderly passengers.

Well 3days later a friend calls me up and tells me, we should go take the bus to a city near us for another friends birthday. So we get on the bus about halfway trhough the journey I get a very un-easy feeling as the dream came back to me. Around 5minutes later, we hit an SUV head on.
No one died and there wasnt a fire, but there was a strong smell of gasoline and it was an SUV instead of a tractor. The driver did have broken legs as the bus was crushed into him but he was fine, there were also 2 elderly women on the bus who struggled to get off because of the angle of the bus, the driver of the SUV was in a coma for several weeks. Very odd situation left me kind of shocked not only because of the crash but i'd realised the dream was so similar. I've had a few dreams like this since, not particulary covering important parts of my life, more like strange times in my life.


posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 05:14 AM
Yeah it was just so odd. I mean seeing my dads 4-wheeler (which I swear on my life I didnt even know he owned one) in my dream and waking up and realizing he had been at my house that evening oni a 4-wheeler. Not to mention the rest of the strange coincidences. This isnt the first time something like this has happened to me, but I cant really remember anything else in detail. Just that I know I have experienced it before.

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