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Something happened to me ::Help::

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posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 11:07 PM
Okay today I have no idea what happened to me but it happened. Let me explain, I was tired because I woke up really early so I went to go take a nap you know just fell on my bed like usual ect. Than about a hour [I think it was could of been 30 min at least] into sleeping my mind wakes up and I see myself dreaming, just as if I were dreaming and I could tell everyone about it, just it was as real as it could get. Now I hear a huge Buzzing sound now let me mention there was no sound in the room at the time - tv off - computer sound down, so as it was going on it got really loud and my ear started to get very senestive just as if something close would fly next to your ear. Now after that my body starts jerking out of nowhere but not as if it were a astral projection kind because I've tried astral projecting and its more like a earthquake, but here it was as if I was bubblying and or moving around alot. So i'm curious since i'm wide awake [but not moving at all] so I open my right eye since i'm faced up against the wall. I see my white wall but its shadowed for some reason and a assortment of pictures are showing in one area just flashing and changing every second just in a rectangle box. I don't remember these pictures as clear as day since I was kinda not focusing on that I was wondering mostly what was happening to me. Now we get to the freakiest part with all that going on I close my eye and the power SHUTS OFF, just out of nowhere everything goes off I hear tv's in the background of the house making the static noise and about a min after everything died down and my heart started beating hard instead of normal because I was back to myself again. Now let me point out i'm 16 and I never wanted this to happen to me today, it found me. Please read my post and post any suggestions on what happened to me because I told my mom and she was like wow I have no idea, and she actually believed me.
Just saying that because I didn't think she would. Anyways please reply to this.. its going to be one of the strangest things ever that has happened to me in my life that i'll remember forever this and that yellowish whitish orb I saw a couple years back.

posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 11:57 PM
However I won't judge you. Here is some random complete nonsense. What you saw was like a mechanical view of things around you. Let's call the box a representation of the mechanisms of our universe, you are able to manipulate reality by disrupting what's in the box (reality being whatever is in the box). You invisioned the box with the aid of spirit a guide (many different spirits are present everywhere good and bad, they are here to teach you and strengthen you) by closing your eyes you literaly shut down an aspect of the box(kinda like breaking concentration) , electricity is a divine source humans have learn to control, therefor you must have manipulated electricity.

Now everyone else here will just declare this as utter insanity so i have come up with a logical explanation.

You had an acid/mushroom/mdma relapse causing you to have visual hallucinations, the power going out was simply a coincidence.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 12:07 AM
I take no drugs, not even pills anything so no I wasn't drugged or have been taking anything else, and there is no way it was a conisidence it was right on the money when the craziness was happening to me.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 12:14 AM
What kind of history do you have (psychic histroy). Look, some people in the world break free during their lifetime, and if you are righteous, pure of heart and have the will to commit yourself and learn, many secrets of our world shall be devulged to you. Not everyone has the chance to open doors, most are afraid. Just remember, when you leave your door open in a bad neighbourhood sometimes evildoers tend to welcome themselves in your house. The more progress you acheive the more you should be alert of what is really going on. Possesion is an actual thing, I don't really care about what anyone says, I've seen it happen and experienced it happening.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 12:28 AM
I use to mess with my chakras alot and do alot of spiratual meditation stuff like that. I'm not your usual 16 year old.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 03:39 AM
Ok, I'm going to give the the benifet of the doubt here.
I'm not sure I buy your story, but here's some advice just incase it's ligit:

Never let visions (awake or dreaming) break your will. Don't fear them and you have control.

Don't mess with what you don't understand... unless you are willing to suffer while you learn.

Take everything with a grain of salt. Don't buy into mubojumbo just because other people think it's true.

What works for someone may not work for you. What works for you may not work for someone else.

Take what you learn and apply it the best way you know how.

Your beliefs help define your Reality.

This is advice I give to anyone who has had, or claims to have had and encounter. Follow it and you can protect yourself from anything.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 08:14 AM
Hmm I can't really tell you what all the symbols mean, but I would say it was a "Lucid Dream". You say you have tried Astral Projection so you have probably also heard of LD's. If not, it is sort of like dreaming while you are aware that you are in a dream. Things are quite clear and you can decide what to do and control things. If it happens again, try using your mind to create things and make things happen. Can be quite cool

Do you remember what you were thinking about right before you went to bed? Did you do anything during the day before your nap that would be in your subconcious to make you think that stuff up in your dreams? Did you see any kind of flashing lights or watch TV for a long time before you went to sleep or something?

Thats aboot all the input I can give, I'm afraid.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 09:27 AM
Let me just put in this little bit.

I have heard this buzzing once before while I was falling asleep, which was followed by a very vivid dream that seemed quite real at the time. This involved the environment I was in from the same perspective where I had fallen asleep, as in that I dreamt I was still in bed looking at the same stuff I was just before falling asleep. If I had not woken up a few minutes later and everything been as it was before the dream, it would have seemed like I had not fallen asleep but in fact was having some sort of paranormal experience.

I recall hearing the buzzing, it became louder and more enveloping, everything around me turning yellowish looking, and thinking that there was a voice coming out of the radio by my bed that was turned off. Then a few minutes later becoming conscious and everything was as it was before the incident. This happened when I was young, like early teen years.

I have also heard this buzzing several other times, usually just before being knocked out for surgery, having passed out from blood loss, or getting knocked unconscious from a blow to the head. Knowing what I know now after working around the medical field for a while, I would surmise that this buzzing is a warning that your brain is either not getting enough O2, or something is restricting the flow of blood to your brain, I suppose it could also be from a jump or drop in blood pressure or blood sugar. The rest of what you describe sounds like a nocturnal seizure, and I would guess is related to the buzzing which was most likely a sign that there was something going on with you that your brain did not like, again such as high/low blood pressure or sugar, etc.

Either way, as I am not a Doctor, I would suggest going to one telling him what happened, and ask if he thinks you might have had a nocturnal seizure, or something that would bring you to a point close to that of unconsciousness. Defiantly check into the reasonable physical factors, before thinking this was some sort of paranormal experience. It could be a warning sign of something else physically going on with you that would be better to take care of while you’re young before it gets any worse.

Again just my two cents…

[edit on 9/25/2005 by defcon5]

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 09:33 AM
Hi Ith,
Yes I can see your not the average 16 years old, I'm not the average 41 yr old, I wasn't average at 5 and I wont be when I'm 80... I have no problems believing what you experienced, I've experienced many strange things, my biggest piece of advice is get used to the strange because you are going to have a very strange life and understanding will come later when you've had enough of these strange experiences for them to start building up a bigger picture...its like someone narrating a story your still at the beginning and can have no idea where the story is going, you just know at some point the author will pull all the threads together...and bingo it all makes sense...
Firstly it is very possible for you to have outed the power during this altered state of consciousness, does your father have a volt meter? the ones used to check car batteries, if so set it to potencial difference and hold one end in each hand...and experiment... I hover at about 80,( most people seem to hover at about 120), except by focusing my will I can pump up to 450 with possitive thinking and can reverse to minus 450 with negative thinking (the rest of the people in the experiment just hovered around 120] ...[
450 is only about half an amp]...I just wanted to give you something scientific you can check your electrical field with...(
if you can learn to control your electrical field/aura it can put you at a great advantage in life)... a few months ago I was with a friend in the King Chamber of the great pyramid if Giza, we'd just done some initiations laying in the sarcophagus, we were sat on the floor facing each other palm to palm, eyes closed focusing our energy...
and we outed the power for about 30 seconds, with great cracking and buzzing sounds into pitch black darkness and silence.. that 30 seconds could have been forever...and about a week or two before in one of the Temples (Philae, in Aswan) we encountered orbs of light... so nothing your saying sounds impossible to me...
The thing I want to say to you next is that I think you need to siriusly take into consideration is whether or not someone/something is trying to comunicate with you, which is what I believe is happening to you, I also dont want you to be afraid by that statement, I feel the being trying to communicate with you is benevolent...and just wants to show you the potencial difference you can make in this world... enjoy the journey, they have many wonderful things to show you, your life will be a great adventure, do not be afraid, the only thing to fear is fear itself

Take care love Sarah

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 04:01 PM
Thanks for all the comments!
Sarephim 101 no my dad does not because he is dead, but I'll check with my mom it would be quite interesting. Don't take it as if i'm lying because if I was was there would be no point in posting. Now a nocturnal seizure I doubt it there is no reason that I would get one because i'm healthy so far and have never had a seizure in my life. Anyways I don't know where to go from here because I had such a weird occurance yesterday I wondering if it will happen again. I hope someone has any idea or have expierenced this themselves because I would love to be enlightened on how I could of power outed my house becuase when I heard it happen while I was expiercing that I was like oh #, whats happeing to me. Thanks again for the responses

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 05:21 PM

Originally posted by ithilin
I use to mess with my chakras alot and do alot of spiratual meditation stuff like that. I'm not your usual 16 year old.

Perhaps that's the cause of this. I don't really know what chakras are, nor do I really care, but when you "expiriment" with anything spiritual, it might make weird things happen. My advice is to not get involved in things in which little or no knowledge exists in. Whatever, there probably isn't anything bad about what you expirienced anyway, try not to devote too much time into figuring out what that was. There are many things within the human mind and no one knows all it's secrets. It could have been a dream though, I had two or three dreams before where I thought something actually happened but I found out after some hard thinking that it was just a dream.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 05:44 PM
it sounds exactly like an out of body experience/astral projection..and can't believe it hasn't been talked about more in this thread..and if it's really bothering you I would suggest some relaxation/control/awareness methods maybe..

I've heard the buzzing noise too..I believe it is your vibrations being raised so high(most of the time through meditation) that the noise comes from how high you are vibrating..what comes of this? well there are a lot of different beliefs/possibilities/experiences in that itself

'Perhaps that's the cause of this. I don't really know what chakras are, nor do I really care, but when you "expiriment" with anything spiritual, it might make weird things happen.'
well I would say you should try to find out what chakras are, because whether you care or not.. you are affecting them

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posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 05:53 PM
Hello Ithilin. It is called electrokinesis. For me it started when I was about 15-16....but now that I look back on it, it could have been a lot earlier, anyway I knew for sure at 15-16. When your emotions are high you tend to mess with anything electrical. For example, if you get mad and you are standing under a light it will burn out. If you are at the computer, your computer will shut down. You will start noticing that all electrical appliances freak out when you go near them. You dont have to be mad either, you can be happy, sad, excited, whatever. As for the jerking around part, I have to agree with defcon 5. I would seriously see a Dr. It does sound like you had a seizure. Considering you might have ek, a seizure would deffinatly make the power go out.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 06:16 PM
thing is what I wasn't jerking around in real time my body wasn't moving at all! but It felt as if it was lol hard to explain. Now Acekwak it wasn't a dream because I was concious but I wasn't? I knew what was happening and I was talking to myself you know mentally like ok i'll just go a long with what happening to me and not mess it up or anything because you don't know anythin until you expierence it first. I think I should also mention to make it more clear that it wasn't a dream is that I got up out of bed after it happened immedietly.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 07:32 PM
Hiyah Ithilin,
It was strange earlier when I mentioned your dad I had a feeling he was dead and hesitated while I was typing about asking him, then I told myself I was being silly, which was more foolish of me not to listen to my intuiton... its a bad habit I must break, I've had more proof of life after death than I could ever write here and have communicated with the dead on many occassions, though I dont claim to be the worlds greatest medium I find it really difficult, but I have seen enough evidence to take me beyond doubt that life carries on after the death of the body and those that love us come back and try to let us know they are ok and that they will see us again when we get to the other side. electrical stuff often happens when someone is trying to get in touch from the other side.
I have one partiular dead friend called Spider, who I never met when he was alive, but in the 2 years since he died we have become good friends and I' ve delivered messages from him to about a dozen of his friends...all of whom have 'accidently' bumped into me somewhere including one guy in the sinai desert who didn't know Spider was dead, and another guy I met in a field in Cornwall who told me he didn't believe in life after death, so I told him Spider was dead and he says hi, he broke down crying, he hadnt known Spider was dead either, it took awhile for him to get over his shock that a random stranger could tell him of his friends death, especially when that stranger had never met or heard of his friend when he was alive, anyway Spider is telling me not to hold back and to tell you your Dad is trying to show you he is still there for you and that he loves you, death doesn't change that 'Only love is REAL forever'... when you feel him close and I know that you do, your mum too, be open to him dont dismiss it as your imagination and dont be sad, just be happy he can still reach you, his love it stronger than the thin viel that separates life from death... just close your eye's and let him touch you...its a strange sensation to be sure, but you will be able to sense him with your electrical/auric field faint but sure.
I believe Ace is right if you start messing with things spiritual, wierd stuff will start (carry on) happening, to that I say 'anything for a wierd life' which has been my motto for many years.
I loved mrs dudara's name for it 'electrokinesis' it perfectly describes what happened to you and the 'electrical thing' I've always experienced...
Anyway good luck, just accept understanding will be a gradual process, I'm not sure when I'll be back on ats, I'm off to spain on my next mission in a couple of days, I've got an eclipse to get to fortunately for me the spanish stole a whole egyptian temple of Isis (it was an Isis temple where we saw the orbs of light] and rebuilt it in Madrid perfectly lined up for this eclipse
which was sweet of them

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 07:50 PM
Well said, sarephim.

About the chakras, I did some 2-minute research on it. To me it seems kinda weird but that's just me.

So, if it wasn't a dream then that adds to the confusion. It's always hard for people (obviously including me) to understand odd expiriences like this unless they've expirienced it themselves. Trying to explain my shadow creature expiriences on this site is a hassle to me, except to the people who have seen them themselves. It's always hard to get to the bottom of things like this, it takes patience. Within time, some of these things will gradually be revieled.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 07:54 PM
Sarephim has a good point. There have been quite a few times that ek happens, and I get a message. The best way to describe it is like I start thinking to my self, but the thoughts arent my own. If I am still, and pay attention, I will get the message. However when I am getting a message things like the digital clock will start changing time, or lights will flicker. The rest of the time though is just that I put out a lot of energy. Like if I get mad, I have to make sure I am not around lights, because they will blow. The latest one I was upset and nervous. EVERY thing I touched that was electrical went bonkers. My computer shut down, the dish washer wouldnt work, The cd player wouldnt work, so I tried to iron and the iron wouldnt work. Times like that I just plant my booty on the couch and chill. When I am better, then everything starts working again. Well, I hope this helps. I do suggest you do some reading up on it though. If you are anything like me, then things just get more intence as time goes on. It is better to read up on things so that you wont get freaked out like you are now. Knowlege is freedom, in this case, freedom from fear. Educate yourself about it, and be sure to educate yourself on how to protect yourself.

Good luck

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posted on Sep, 26 2005 @ 08:43 AM
About 2 weeks ago, I heard that loud buzzing, almost like radio static, and I heard the words, "We'll talk in a few, I'll be right back, I have to pee" in my mom's voice, almost like an EVP recording, in my left ear.(she died last year)
With that, the noise was gone, and for a few minutes, nothing, then, all of a sudden, I had a conversation with her for about 45 minutes, and yes it was not out loud, but it was alot different, then just talking to myself. That being said, especially if you've opened up your heart and mind chakras, You may have just started reaching the other side. The images you were seeing were possibly messages,that you needed to know, and chances are, it could have been your dad. My mom always explained to me that the spirit world of loved ones, and good usually try to communicate on a level that isn't as frightening, as a random message, IE why we don't usually just see apparitions.Someone with my aunt"s(who had passed at that time)voice, explained to me every detail of my mom's death, before it was even confirmed that she had cancer. So you're alot more likely to keep the connection open, they have a message they want to tell you, and I do believe, they don't know when they'll get the next chance to.

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