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NEWS: Bush Declares War on Porn

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posted on Sep, 29 2005 @ 08:40 AM

Originally posted by GlucoKit1
Child pornography, man - that stinks. Get rid of it, get rid of all of it.

I'll miss the good adult, legal porn but get rid of it...

Considering that child porn is already illegal and yet still freely accessible, how would criminalizing all porn get rid of the child porn problem?

posted on Sep, 29 2005 @ 08:54 AM

Originally posted by kenshiro2012
Look at the "law" that was recently introduced (and finally shot down ) that attempted to stop "sexually suggestive" dance routines by cheerleader teams here in Tx. Someone finally got smart and asked the question as to who's standards would be used? The "dirty old man's", the Preacher, or the Muslim?

Exactly and I remember that discussion on here. I'm against such lude performances by young embarrassed girls in front of their peers and family but there is no need to legislate it. The students and parents go to the school board who hire the coaches and have something done on that level. Its happened in my county as well. An athletic perfomrance is one thing, a bordello bump and grind is another. To watch a yougster share school spirit and their talents is good. Who ever came up with having a 9th grader try and sexually stimulate an audience of parents was just plain stupid. We needed no state legislation to handle it. Yeah, can we say screeching halt?

The same with porn. I am against this kind of government interference. Child porn is already and should be illegal. Enforce the current laws to protect them (although that would likely mean stepping on some old buddy's toes out at Bohemian Grove) and let adults mind their business.

posted on Sep, 30 2005 @ 02:12 PM
The problem is with porn, is people wish to begin to make it a deviant action once more - in previous decades, it was seen as a ‘bad thing’. If people looked at pornography they would never admit to doing such things however now this is drastically changed. People openly talk about looking at pornographic images, although not highly openly and this scares a lot of people.

The real thing that needs to be done is to sit down with these communities, religious organisations, etc, who have a problem with pornography and target away to do the best for both worlds. I really think a start could be to force all pornography [world wide] to use a .xxx domain, so that parents, schools, workplaces can easily filter such things out and protect children from pornography as I doubt anyone wants pre-teens to stumble across such things.

As for child-pornography, the Government need to ‘crack down’ on the places this actually comes from. Much of it is in places in Asia where the ‘legal’ limit to have sex is during your teenage years [in many they do not have an age of consent and thus no age of consent on video] and push for them to begin to put laws into place to protect the children, however while an increased level of poverty exists in these areas for many parents and children there is not much of an option but to be involved in such a thing. Really we need to remove the need for people to have to act in pornographic movies, because it is one illegal option to earn money out of many in these poorer nations. Once people [family members] can sustain their children without having to push them into labour it will remove part of the need for such a thing.

The next step is to prosecute anyone not using .xxx domain for pornographic images and make it harder to register for a domain name normally. A working address, telephone number or some such so that site owners can easily be traced and from there tougher punishments need to be placed on those people who break the child pornography laws. However in many Nation’s it isn’t illegal to make the films or to distribute them, it is only illegal to view them in our Nation’s and that will not remove the problem.

You need to cure the disease not the symptom.

posted on Oct, 13 2005 @ 03:41 PM
I just read a possible new twist that was submitted to ATSNN:

Any and all movies, series and media that have real or simulated sexual activitiy, nudity or sexualy tinted language would, by this provision in the Childrens Safety Act 2005, be classified as pornographic material and with this would cause the media industry to having to follow the same guidelines and regulations as the porn industry.

Full thread here.

Is it coincidence that both of these are brewing and almost the same moment?

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 04:37 PM
As has been said, child porn is illegal. How can regulation of adult porn make it more illegal?

Oh, I forgot, the government now sees it's job as protecting children from everything. It's not that they may be used in porn, it's that they may VIEW it. American kids are raised on TV, and they can insert a Lion King DVD as easily as any other. If the kids can dig into dad's closet for his gun, we gotta outlaw BOTH. Hell, if they can get to his gun, they can get to his DVD porn also, right?

People who see porn as a legislatable threat to their kids are fools. Humans know how to progress sexually and they don't need western moralization to help them. Kids get access to porn. So what? Teenagers have sex. So what? If they had birth control and STD awareness, they'd be fine. Birth control should be globally available. Why isn't Dubya and his people working on that? Answer? The NWO needs human factory slaves in poor foreign lands.

posted on Oct, 15 2005 @ 07:55 PM
Damn I just noticed that they got to as well. Not a site for the weak stomached, but as twisted of a site as it is, they still are a major hub for internet counter-culture and on their site they had what was called the "*&$@ of the Month" club. Some of it was pretty bizzare, but nothing that you couldn't see on one of a billion other sites, but the "FOTM" page is gone, replaced by this notice...

18 USC 2257

Yes, that is correct. The things that used to be here, the very funny things that you want to see, have been made retroactively illegal by the US government, in a side-handed attack on the pornography industry.

The government is mandating that we meet certain bookkeeping requirements, ones impossible to meet for this site. Never mind that those requirements do not actually gain the public anything. This is the strongest attack on free speech since the passage of the CDA, and oddly, the media seems to have hardly noticed. The penalty for not abiding by these bookkeeping requirements is five years prison.

The regulations were promulgated by Alberto Gonzales, US Attorney General appointed by George Bush. If you voted for Bush, this is your fault. If you think this country is free, you are sadly mistaken. No nation has freedom when it is run by religious zealots.

Regulations effective 24 June 2005.

What I find most disturbing was this...
"have been made retroactively illegal"

posted on Oct, 16 2005 @ 02:25 AM
I gotta say that in the past 5 years, almost every friggin time Bushie opens his mouth, life gets a little worse.

Hey, Bottom Line....

If an ADULT wants to watch consenting ADULTS have sex, then....

that should be AGAINST THE LAW???

wow. Nice country we will live in.

Restricting or denying an adult's access to LEGAL SEX.

thats just fuccin awesome.

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