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Drew Levin brings Aussie Kids TV Show "Yowies"

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posted on Sep, 23 2005 @ 08:36 AM

Drew Levin (Levin, Drew or D. Levin)

Yowies Australian Kids' show landing in America:

Launched in Australia six years ago, this exciting new children's animated series was designed by renowned candy maker, Cadbury. Join the lovable characters as they have fun while protecting the environment and learning to be superheroes.

Yowies has already seen major success in related books, toys, merchandising and licensing, including candy. Merchandising and licensed product sales in Australia and New Zealand alone have grossed over $400,000,000 since inception.

TMC Entertainment controls worldwide rights to a new animated series based on the Yowies and has retained the services of Emmy Award-winning writer/producer Jeffrey Scott to write the new Yowies with worldwide appeal, as he has done for Dragon Tales and other projects in the past.

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