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US out to create global police state

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posted on Sep, 8 2003 @ 07:19 PM
Is this a glimpse at exactly what the Cabal would like to accomplish? Discussion please...

WASHINGTON: As part of the war on terror, the United States is pressuring other countries and its own citizens to accept invasions of privacy in the name of law enforcement, two human rights groups reported on Friday.

"Unfortunately it is the case today that the United States has pushed against privacy laws and international privacy standards as it has pursued its war on terrorism, post-Sept 11," said Marc Rotenberg, director of the Electronic Privacy Information Centre.

posted on Sep, 8 2003 @ 07:24 PM
Like i have said many times:

The things are getting out of the control.. people must stop the US gov. at any cost, as things like these just cant be done.

posted on Sep, 8 2003 @ 07:28 PM

Whenever I have pointed the danger of leaving the idiot Bush admin to it, as a citizen of the world, there has always been someone suggesting that I need to put my nose into my own country's affairs and not the US's.

I haven't listened.... I respect no national boundaries at all, and this admin is being found out each and every day.

When Fulcrum says "people must stop the US gov. every day" I am sure he knows exactly how to do that, and he will fill us in.

posted on Sep, 8 2003 @ 07:34 PM

There is about tree possibilities to achieve this:

1) Mass demonstrations againts "things that have gone too far".
2) Vote only for a trustworthy people.
3) Take matters to your own hands and dispose of those that are rotten and evil.


posted on Sep, 9 2003 @ 09:46 AM

Perhaps reasonable strategies, to be developed further...

(1) More mass demonstrations occur outside the US than inside, about the US. In the US, be sure to apply for your mass demonstration and do it in a designated protest zone.

(2) Show the voters in the 2004 US election (if there is one) who the trustworthy people are.

(3) A lot of bodyguards and things to get through, and even if people close to and important to those people are targeted, it's technically murder, and preferable to use legal due process. Oops hang on, did that happen with Saddam Hussein's sons, I forget?

I don't think there will be a global police state in the next 200 years or so, but there will be a lot of smaller police states joining hands.

posted on Sep, 9 2003 @ 09:53 AM
It seems like the people of every wealthy nation are trading freedom for security.

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