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Alientology 101 - SaLuSa from Sirius

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posted on Sep, 23 2005 @ 08:57 AM

Originally posted by FatherLukeDuke

Originally posted by Jeremiah25
"Visual the outcome"?

Well lets remember that that the ET isn't speaking in his/her(?) first language. George Bush comes out with crap worse than this every day, and nobody is suggesting that he isn't an alien. At least I don't think so.

I think Jeremiah's right that the person who wrote this is a human whose first language is English. If the "alien" had learned to write English, then they would be using grammatically correct formal English and they'd sound a lot like me (not tht I'm an alien, but I taught English composition.) There wouldn't be any expressions like Jeremiah noted because they would have learned a universal English rather than an idiomatic one.

This person sprinkles his text with idioms.

Here's a little tip for them: just land your craft in the middle of New York get out and say "hi". Or even better land at the CNN or BBC headquarters and walk in the building demanding a feature lenght interview. That would settle the debate pretty well for me anyway.

That's the other sign that it's a hoax. If you knew about Earth and were trying to get a message of peace/love/interstellar brotherhood/dolphins abandoning the planet/solar system being bulldozed for a galactic freeway then you'd go for a big area and a very visible presence. You'd go to see the head being or land to see a bunch of them at the same time. If you'd monitored the Earth for more than 15 days, you could figure out who were the best targets and where to best land your ships (I would personally pick Antarctica because the weapons coverage is less likely to be there and it's easier to deal with a pack of scientists. And a couple of those stations are international, so you'd have a multinational contact.)

That and the "I am from the star, Sirius." Sirius is actually a bad choice for such a thing, and they didn't say whether it was Sirius A or Sirius B.

posted on Sep, 23 2005 @ 12:55 PM
Hi again, sorry it's taken so long to get back..b4 I answer your questions, i just wanted to comment on some of the other Siriulsy folks, its obviously through a human channel, and if SaLuSa himself typed the message on a computer in his home then it means he is an incarnate sirian in a human body, lol which in my world is a common thing, not worth raising an eyebrow...might be worth mentioning,
that incarnating here as a human is the only way round the non interference clause, cos once your human what happens on planet earth is YOUR business, the only question worth asking is if the information is correct...not the channel/secretaries far a s I see the info is correct, so I'm not so concerned about the messenger.....

Anyway back to your questions Mysterio,

lol well Eddies reaction was better than mine, my first reaction was that I must have gone insane and not noticed it... Eddie was quite sure he wasnt insane and had seen what he had seen, he also quoted quite a few naval pilots who had seen 'things' over the years, he gave me a line to give anyone who ever doubted so here it is...I'm a sound person, sound of sight, hearing and mind...are you?...its done me well over the years.

Also over the years now I've met others besides Merlin, tho on the ship that night Merlin was my main contact, lol and the only was I could discibe thier behavior is surreal.

and the Galactic Infusion thing, well its a hard thing to explain, but I'll give it a go, as I said I now believe it was an energetic thing, firstly I agreed to it because it was time for me to be active in my mission and it gave me a lot of enhanced psychic abilities I didn't have before, which was really intense for about 3 months after, and now kind of runs as a back round purr, before that night my life was
quieter...I'd never flown anywhere...
in the 10 years since my mission has taken me all over the world, into war zones and natural dissasters... its hard to talk about this stuff in brief,
I didn't really start working with the galactic federation for the free world travel, I just like that bit...what I really wanted was the power to help make a sitting round a bedouin fire with Jews, Egyptian sirians and palestinians..
making plans [this particular bedouin haven is one of my favourite spots got bombed last year, so I'm not under any fluffy illusions over how far the opposing forces will go to, the bombers had 20million US dollars in thier bank account, thats a lot of money to a tribesman who can earn $2 a day]...still we take it as a compliment once its worth 20million US dollars to bomb us then we know we must be doing something right... so that was why I agreed to the op and to be quite honest I've had far worse experiences in the dentists chair. so
yah I did it for the travel,the power and the glory, and hopefully some cash one day...

anyway Im gonna send this message as I want to tell you a story about the Galactic Federation, so I want to type it up

posted on Sep, 23 2005 @ 01:52 PM
After my experience that night I started reading everything I could on the ET subject to try and understand what had happened to me, my life was going crazy with strange synchronicities and this whole story is based on synchronicity, it just depends if you believe in co0incidence...
One of the books I read was called 'UFO Visitation' by Alan Watts, anyway I thought the ET's he was on about were the same as mine, so I wrote to him to see if he could help me understand, in my letter to him was a lot more detailed account of 13/2/95 in it I mentioned the triangular gateway the UFO's were coming in and out of...anyway when he wrote back he said triangle was they 'key' word and gave me a messege...he said that many years before himself, a woman called Phyllis Schlemmer [she wrote only planet of choice] and Gene Roddenberry went to stay at a beach house and Phyllis spent the month channeling the Galactic Federation and Gene Roddenberry took notes and created Star Trek from it.... well it gave me a bit of a chuckle
I decided Alan Watts was possibly a bit of a nutter and didn't bother again.
About 5 years past, I remembered the story and it always amused me, but I never took it too siriusly, then one I got talking to an American chap on an internet e-mail list called Art Myers, Art was 85 at the time and had been a psychic investigator for 21yrs and had written several books [bless him he even sent me a signed copy of his latest book] anyway he told me that in an encounter like mine the ET's had tatooed a blue triangle on him and asked if I knew what it mean't, I said I didn't know but felt I had to tell him the story Alan Watts said went with triangle.
Arts reply blew me away, he said "Well bugger me, I was working with Phyllis Schlemmer 5 years ago on a book, she told me that story and I didn't believe her, I wanted the book to be about her crazy life story with all her strange adventures and she wanted it to be about the Galactic Federation, we argued and the book never got finished"
To which I replied "Damm Art, you could have been the next Gene Roddenberry'
Anyway off I went again for a few years thinking it nothing more than another pleasant amusing synchronicity, then earlier this year I was in my 'housha' in the Sinai Desert when a friend Root brought a jewish guy called Ronnie for a visit, I mention something about ET's and then Root demands the whole story saying I can't just throw in a comment and not tell the whole story... so I tell the goddam long whole story, anyway I get to the bit about Phyllis Schlemmer and Root says 'ah Ronnie was telling me about her earlier, he said I should read the book, I definately will now" so I turned to Ronnie saying "ah you know Phyllis Schlemmer" (meaning you've read her book) he nodded (meaning yes I know her she is a close friend) and I carried on with the story'... it was only afterwards I realizied he meant they were friends and he knew the story, when he started talking about
easier than me telling you what ET's are like just watch Star Trek its a true story
and if thats not the funniest thing in the world I dont know what is... oh and if Merlin has a character in Star Trek then he is Q, which is possibly why he found my first thoughts oh 'Wow your blue, you should be on Star Trek' so amusing

Love sarephim101

The Truth is Funnier Than Fiction

posted on Sep, 23 2005 @ 02:17 PM
I just want to say that I'm very happy to see that there still exist people on ATS with the capability to think critically and objectively, instead of mechanically and/or emotionally with many assumptions and prejudices. I know this is unrelated to the topic, but I just wanted to express my pleasant surprise at the quality of analysis and thought in this thread, instead of just bickering, flaming, arguing, assumptions, subjective judgements, etc. I hope more threads on ATS are handled in a similar fashion, and as a result, what is in my opinion currently a very low "level" of discussion and understanding on this board could be dramatically raised. And I'm not speaking necessarily from the perspective that I am somehow on a "higher" level, however, I do find that much content on ATS is NOT handled anywhere close to the way this thread is so far handled, and as a result there is much "noise" and very little "signal" on this board. Most threads are full of assumptions, judgements, beliefs, subjective and vague statements, arguments, etc. At least that is my impression, and it is rather discouraging.

Anyways, just to add my 2 cents to the topic...

I also think that this is of human origin, and the "errors" in the text that are attributed to an alien seem inconsistent with the types of errors that I think an alien could make, and more consistent with an entirely human perspective that is attempting to act as if it is an alien, as has already been mentioned with examples given on page one. Of course I cannot say with any certainty, but it just doesn't add up logically in my mind that this is alien.

However, the possibility does exist that it is alien, and hypothetically considering the possibility that the source may be what it claims to be, I also agree with the conclusion that the "alien" has no interest in our free will, is attempting to convince us and make us believe what he wants us to think, and as such attempts to control our thoughts and understandings. In other words, it's just another one of many messages that claim to be from an alien source that basically say "whatever we do is for your own good, period. So just accept it." And as a result I can be certain that it is NOT for our own good, simply because the source reveals its own nature with its own message. That nature is one that imposes its will and perspective on others, and attempts to decide what others need and do not need without offering them a choice, and judges what is "good" for someone else, which no one can truly do for anyone but themselves. So based on that I can draw a conclusion that this source does not actually care whether what it does is "for our good" or not, instead, it simply decides what is for our own good and wants us to believe it and go along with it, without caring what our perspective or wishes may be.

Good is subjective of course, and sadly many people do enjoy having no choice and having all the difficult and/or complicated decisions made for them by someone else, some authority figure. In that light, it is not hard to see why the New Age community so readily accepts its channeled messages (claiming to be from aliens, or some spirts, or God himself) at face value, many of which are extremely similar to this message in tone and general predisposition to humanity. But what is overlooked in the process, is that anyone that tries to decide what someone else "needs" is ALREADY not acting in the best interests of that other individual, and depriving them of free will, and as a result, attempting to control them.

In the same manner, the government of US also says that whatever they do is for "national security" to protect the people of US, whether there really is a threat or not. However, do they care to provide evidence of their claims? What if they are responsible, can we possibly expect them to admit it? Surely not! So why does our government not even consider the possibility that elements within our government agencies could possibly be responsible for this? Surely they are aware that historically this has more often than not been the case, which is how governments tend to control the population and get its way - through lies, false promises, and fear. So given such a poor history of our governments in the past, how can the government expect us to blindly assume that THIS TIME the government truly cares for us, and that THIS TIME we can just make the assumption that they cannot possibly have anything to do with an attack on its own people in order to further their greedy agenda? Oh no, not "our" government, only "other" evil governments do that.... *eyeroll*

The way things work in the Mafia, for example, is that if someone kills someone else, the killer himself is usually NOT who you "go after", but who hired and paid the killer, who is responsible at the ROOT of this killing, not who the patsy was or who did the killing. So while we chase around after "Bin Laden", or "Al-Qaeda", it seems equivalent to assuming that this is where it "ends", that it cannot possibly in any way be connected to elements of our own government or other governments, and so no one of any US agencies or governments can possibly be in any way responsible, that Al Qaeda is completely an independent entity. This is a huge assumption, and it is of course gladly promoted by the government itself - of courese if it was innocent it would promote this assumption, but also if it was guilty it would promote it just the same. So it is really upto the people to investigate this and find the answers, not upto the government to tell us the answers and expect us to buy it. Logically the government seems the LAST place to go for answers with something that could potentially incriminate the very government that is supposed to tell us who the culprit is. Does it make sense to judge a murder by asking a suspect whether he did it or not, and if he says no, we just move on? Unless of course we assume that the person we ask is NOT in any way "suspect" of any wrongdoing, and so we can rest assured that whatever they tell us must be the truth. This seems extremely naive and ignorant, given the very nature of those in power, and the history of our own country and humanity in general.

But going back to the topic at hand, I bring this up only to make the point that it is the exact same dynamic with our "alien" friend. By "protecting us" he wants us to assume that there is a threat, and that HE is not IT. Also he wants us to assume that without his protection we're in trouble or in danger, that we NEED him and can't make it without him. He also wants us to assume that he's not the "bad guy" himself, because how could he be, he's protecting us from the "bad guys", right? Anyone who so readily seeks to convince someone else of something without any evidence, is not interested in truth or in providing truth. All they are interested in is for the other person to BELIEVE them, because it benefits the source in some way. So another conclusion I can draw here is, the source does not want us to know the truth, simply based on the fact that the source is attempting to make us BELIEVE something without giving us the opportunity to figure it out through evidence and reason. It wants us to accept what it says as "true", and of course it would understand that it is easy ot accept or believe ANYTHING, so if it truly wants us to know the truth, why does it expect us to believe a word it says? Does it not realise that you cannot find truth by believing everyone that comes along and makes a proclamation?

And obviously if he's trying to convince us of something and deprive our free will to seek answers and figure it out ourselves, there's something in it for him. Even assuming that what he says is true, he realises that by believing him on his word we're already being deprived of free will to CHECK and make sure it is, and so we don't know whether it is true or not. So if someone wants us to know the truth, does it make sense that they'd try to prevent us from drawing our own conclusions and trying to convince us of their perspective and version, and expecting us to readily just accept it without question? Of course then we won't "know" anything anyway, it'll be just another belief, it won't make us any more critical or vigilant, it won't help us learn or grow and progress, it'll just become another assumption in the huge list of assumptions that exist and are daily accepted as "truth" without question in this world. So obviously the goal is not to help us.

All that is just assuming the source truly IS alien, if it isn't, it seems like a disinformation attempt, or, a naive assumption that someone else made about aliens and wants everyone else to believe it too.

Ok maybe that was about 3 cents... anyways, these are just my thoughts, I could certainly be wrong, and all comments are welcome


posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 10:58 AM
sarephim101 ... just when i thought things might have cooled down and everything back to normal..
But i c that a lot more followed, i feel your outta this world too
.. Your life's been anything but normal
So whats in store for the future.. i guess you believe they are looking for our best intrests. Any particular reasons why?. And what all happens during your contacts with merlin (i.e what conversation followes or what followes when the ET is physically coming in contact with you)..
And hehe here's a question that just popped into my mind
-----> Ever taken a pic of 'Merlin' ?

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 11:28 AM
'lilblam'... whoaa that was long!
But if thats just worth 3 cents then id have to say that.. good information comes really cheap nowadays..
because the point of view and thought you directed towards makes really good points and its a real good angle to think towards to

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 08:13 PM
Hi Mysterio,
Thank you your right, I'm far out there, sorry no never got a pic, dont think he would allow it, but never tried, I'm missioning off to spain in a couple of days so dont have much time to chat, I'm racing with the sun to watch an eclipse from a temple of Isis the spanish stole and rebuilt stone by stone convieniently lined up for me to have a good out for Merlin he likes you and I feel he could be setting up some wierd synchronicity
in the near future....

Take care love Sarephim101

posted on Sep, 28 2005 @ 04:50 AM

Originally posted by sarephim101
...Watch out for Merlin he likes you and I feel he could be setting up some wierd synchronicity
in the near future....

[Gulp!!] Yikes now that sounds freeky!

I'm missioning off to spain in a couple of days so dont have much time to chat, I'm racing with the sun to watch an eclipse from a temple of Isis the spanish stole and rebuilt stone by stone convieniently lined up for me to have a good view

.... because its you who said is travelling im guessing its not by any normal means of modes of transport

Well Best of luck2ya! You can temme all the things that happened..when u get back!
Take care sarephim

posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 11:49 AM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


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