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They will let a million die at least

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posted on Sep, 21 2005 @ 04:18 PM
I was working midnights last night and had a few to watch pbs, surprisingly they were talking about H5N1 of which I am very interested in, I learned a lot and i'm pretty sure the cdc and w.h.o don't know what they are talking about, I could pull up article after article of statements they've made, abc did a report where they told the journalist there is no cure for it.

Tamiflu (oseltamivir) has shown promise against H5N1. Tamiflu is an anti flu drug with success if given within 48 hours after the flu has been in you. We need the pathogens from this flu to vaccine us with so we can build up immunity against it when the time comes. They've been doing this in vietnam, but why won't cdc and w.h.o tell us they can do this? Our news is much more different then it is over there.

I find it odd that DR. ANTHONY FAUCI was royally smooching bushes arse as well as other fellow cabinet members within the administration. I also found it odd that he said "nature can be the worst terrorist".

This was said on Wide Angle last night, here is the link if you want to watch it. They don't want to create 200 million vaccines before it gets here because I believe they are on a spree of population control.

In three years they say that this flu could wipe out 1/3rd of the us population. and kill at least 1 billion around the world.

With being able to manufacture hurricanes, weaken and strengthen them, with secret lab testings going on all around us everyday,and accidentally having bobian infested rats run loose out out their cage and into public streets only tells me that we have a sick, twisted, and irresponsible government amongst us.

Here is the link
H5N1 on wide angle (pbs)

See here what I mean about them tinkering with the strain so they can make it spread from human to human. This article was written in 04.
"super flu"

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posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 04:36 PM
I wanted to bump this because this article at the bottom of the original thread is very interesting because it pertains to

them tinkering with the strain so they can make it spread from human to human. This article was written in 04.
"super flu"

posted on Oct, 4 2005 @ 02:42 PM
You are scaring the crap out of me. It's a good article though. I know everybody's been saying it's about population control, but do you know if anybody has any articles or places where anybody significant has said that? It would be pretty cool to let that information be public with actual proof that it is true.

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