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The Mind Series "Find The Secret" Thread

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posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 06:04 AM
All TMS Series music uploads are now complete, and good luck to all who are going to attempt to discover the secret! Please use this thread to reply with your attempts or questions, and I will answer accordingly. Just so you know, no one on the site knows except me, not even the mods or admins, and of course they are welcome to play too! My thanks to them for sponsoring the contest, and they will award 50,000 BTS points to the first person to discover and correctly post what the secret is.

The instrumental tunes are on the BTS music podcast site located HERE and individual links direct to the tune's pages are:

In Search Of-TMS-1
Soulfree- TMS-2
The Open Road-TMS-3
Our Minds-TMS-4
Using The Invisible-TMS-5
We Wander-TMS-6
The Unknown-TMS-7
Event Control-TMS-8

Simply go to the page and click on the mp3 files to hear them. Very suttle clues have been mentioned, and I'll leave you with one more:

Please post any comments that are not directly part of the contest on the individual tune's pages (such as "nice tune, terrible tune, etc. etc.") Have fun!

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posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 02:12 AM
Music For Your Mind

I just want to chime in as a fan of TA's work and point out that contest or no contest, this is some awesome music.

Granted, it's not pop, and is entirely instrumental, but TA lays down some seriously cool jams.

I've been listening to it all week, looping it in my player, and while I haven't figured out the secret yet, I'm loving the music. I listen to it while I surf and post on ATS, and it makes an awesome soundtrack for the site.

So don't let the contest throw you off. If you like music that incorporates lots of clever patterns and structures that also happens to be expertly crafted, then The Mind Series is for you.

Two thumbs up.

posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 02:28 AM
Hiya Majic,
That means more than you know to me. I really appreciate that, and yeah, cool idea about using it to browse the site! Although it might be a little distracting, especially to musicians, if you are trying to absorb information, due to its complexity. We can always count on the one, the only Sorcerer Majic to come up with something good, and in some cases brilliant, things to say.

Hope you caught that other track I uploaded called His Legacy Will Never Die. And by the way, I am always on the lookout for more musical stuff from you, so keep em comin!


posted on Sep, 24 2005 @ 04:08 AM
Minding My Business

Yeah, I know what you mean about its complexity, and I'm not the kind of person who can listen to music while concentrating as a rule -- and if music is playing, even very softly, I cannot fall asleep.

In this case, I've listened to TMS enough times to use it for a "groove" track -- something I also do with Yes tunes once I get used to them.

In this mode of listening, I still listen as I go, but tend to internalize the music more as my ever-hyperactive conscious mind scans the boards.

In essence, it sort of flows as a "fusion" of experience, if you will.

Another way to think of it: whistle while you work.

Ole' Number Three

And yes, I caught sight of a ghost car in my rearview mirror just the other night.

Killer slide work.

posted on Jun, 26 2017 @ 02:57 AM
No one ever did find the secret.

ATS investigators? HA!


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