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U.N Head Speaks Out And Repeats Warnings

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posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 05:38 PM

UNITED NATIONS - Avian flu will mutate and become transmissible by humans and the world has no time to waste to stop it becoming a pandemic, the head of the UN World Health Organization said on Thursday.

Lee Jong-wook, a South Korean doctor, delivered his stark warning as the United States worked to rally states behind a new US plan to fight the disease, which has already killed more than 60 people in Asia and spread to Russia and Europe.

"Human influenza is coming, we know that, and no government, no leaders can afford to be caught off-guard," Lee said.

George Bush has meanwhile unveiled plans for an international relief effort against a pandemic when it does strike. The warnings are coming thick and fast now with authorities saying its is a matter of when and not if.

Governments worldwide are being warned that they cannot be behind the 8 ball on this issue and can't afford to be caught lagging behind the rest of the world in preparedness for a pandemic.

The warning are that the pandemic will cause catastrphe like none ever experienced in the world up to this date.

The one issue I do have with the above article is where it states that countries who are already stockpiling medications should be making those medications available to the international community should a pendemic occur. This I feel is wrong and will cause an uproar. The countries that are smart enough to stockpile now have the right to keep those medications for their own people and should not be asked to share their supplies with the world. Each country should ensure they have enough supply of medications to take are of their own before attempting to help another country. Poorer countries should be given stockpiles by the richer countries but the countries already prepared should not have to give up their peoples medications.


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