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Israeli Aid Refused over Muslim Sensitivity?

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posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 12:51 PM
I got this e-mail from a mailing list:

Did anyone watch Fox'N'Friends this morning?

My wife and I were watching the trio (E.D., Brian and Steve) at about
7:50am. They were talking about Katrina relief operations.

E.D. then blurted out that medicine and supplies donated & sent
by Israel had landed in the gulf region and were put on trucks to be
driven to the affected areas. She then claimed that the trucks were
turned away by state and local officials for fear that accepting
Israeli aid might upset members of "The Religion of Peace".

I didn't see the program myself, but I found this online:

The Bush administration is constantly declaring its revolutionary strategy of transforming the Arab world through democracy. But how can anyone take it seriously when it repeatedly humiliates the only democracy in the Middle East as it courts favor with anti-democratic, terror-supporting Arab autocracies

Rather long...not sure if this is true or not, does anyone else have any more information? Was needed aid from Israel denied for fear of upsetting Muslims?

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