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Vengeful Entities

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posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 03:21 PM
Hey Amuk,
Wow, Im thrilled you started a thread with my questions-Awesome

With the threat of feeling like a broken record, I posted last night some of my experiences in another thread
Please feel free to u2u me and I will be happy to provide alot more.

Every place I have lived things have gone bump in the night badly., The most recent occurances that have alarmed me is in this house I moved into november of last year, we would smoke in the basement,It was cold and we didnt want to brave the elements all in the name of a cigarette. and someone would be walking above our heads, my hubby and I would run up the stairs with knives, whatever we could because it would sound like it was heading towards our daughters room.(Mind you, I am not a chicken to say the least, I spent 8 years in the ARMY and 4 of which I served as an MP)This is Philly, and there have been numerous breakins here. We would fly up the stairs and it would sound as though someone was going through her drawers, even walking around, we would open all the closets, and check every inch of her room, mind you, she wasnt awake.We never found a soul. I have taken photos of my dining room, and have captured what appeared to be a cluster of not so friendly faces, however, I havent captured them with a good camera, only my little 20 dollar logitech quickcam. I can send you them if youd like. I am currently residing here but our lease is up and I am not renewing, good thing because manifestations are starting to come more frequently. IE every night at 2am(2:34 to be exact) I feel a burst of cold air that chills me to the bone, and my back door leading to the basement knocks 3 times. I am terrified to walk down there in the dark, it feels like someone is waiting to push me down the narrow stairs,and guess which place always blows lights when we have no more lightbulbs, even if I have just replaced them the day before. The refrigerator door has started opening by itself, and closing, and Its now starting to affect my 2 and a half year old. I went into her room because she was crying hysterical and was talking about fingers on the wall, and when I looked at her wall there were a numerous amount of bloody childrens handprints, all over the wall, I checked her from head to toe, and found not one scratch, let alone not one trace of blood anywhere. It has also been very hard to remove. Friends never want to stay very long, and my tenant has had to physically cut her speaker wires, because, even after they were unplugged and all power cut off, they continued to hum for quite awhile, she has also stated that she has felt very weird things around. SInce we moved in here, we cannot keep a lightbulb for longer than a week without it blowing, that I dont think is anything more than power surge, but like I said, the basement lights can be replaced the day before and as soon as we run out of bulbs, they go dark. No matter how empty this house is I am never "alone" I have always prefered solitude, as I said was always an outcast, bcause of my little gift.
I have so many pictures of myself and other people, and they all contain at least one orb, I would consider it dust on the lens, however these are disposable cameras, that have just been removed out of the wrapper, and the orbs appear at different heights, at all times. I have actually contacted various groups about studying me, but they are always too far away and I dont have the money to put out. I did have to have a very reputable psychic who specialized in forensic cases come out to my house and get rid of a not so nice friend who caused all sorts of havoc, IE I heard a child s choir singing in my room 2 glowing buzzing orbs moving in front of my face, and a winged shadow creature breathing very deeply in the corner of my room all at one time. Like I said I have many more experiences, and youre more than welcome to investigate should you choose, please u2u me.

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 04:04 PM

Your place sounds like the kind of hot spot I love to investigate but Philly is kinda out of my range to get my team there, we don't have the Budget that TAPS has.....LOL. I was thinking about starting a thread on the "how-tos" of ghost hunting that might help you out.

I take these events follow you around? Your other post mentioned Depression and I believe there is a connection between being Manic/Depressive and being "Sensitive" to certain phenomena, or at least in the cases I have seen. Some people will just dismiss it as part of the disease but I have seen M/D sensitives pick up impressions that would have been impossible without fore-knowledge.

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 07:30 PM
Alot of interesting opinions here ,well here goes my opinion.

We all know what different types of Ghost there are >> "quiet" ones & "noisy" ones (poltergeist)

Well i have been studying Spiritual Warfare for quite a while and in our studies there is NO difference between ghosts and demons

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 08:46 PM
Oh one more question.! Is it possible for these entities to cause such a negative vibe that we have very bad fights all of the time? Alot of times it can be like world war 3 here, for no good reason, to put it nicely, imagine PMS but magnified by 1000, There is nothing I can do things just come out of my mouth that leave me scratching my head.. I know the rooms my dad and I would fight really badly in are the ones I got pictures of orbs in, and now I have a suspicion, that maybe this may be the case. WHen we are out of the house, we are all very happy, loving, but here it is almost toxic. And thank you so much for all the responses!
Just a sidenote, I have wanted to try Astral projection, but it has also felt like something was waiting in the wings to jump into my unoccupied shell if I left it.
Too bad youre out of the Philly area Amuk.

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posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 03:05 AM
how old are you?

maybe your or your family could unwittingly be causing such things

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 09:07 AM

Originally posted by ChandlerBing
Well i have been studying Spiritual Warfare for quite a while and in our studies there is NO difference between ghosts and demons

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 02:55 PM

Originally posted by Dr Love

Originally posted by ChandlerBing
Well i have been studying Spiritual Warfare for quite a while and in our studies there is NO difference between ghosts and demons

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 03:27 PM
I am now 28 I'll be 29 in November, yes I am a scorpio, supposedly, we are already sensitive to things like that, if you believe in astrology, then you know that scorpio is under the influence of Pluto, aka in Mythological times, the ruler of hades.(Hell) When we were younger, we used to fudge around with Ouija boards and seances(worst thing that happened was a dog biscuit would wind up in the freezer or something silly like the lights flickered, maybe when I asked for something to come through, I actually opened a portal myself, were talking like 10 years old. Looking back its starting to make sense but when youre a kid you take that not so seriously. I know I am seriously starting to sound like a crackpot, but there is alot to my family history as well. Ever since I was a little girl, my mom told me my great grandfather was prince of Transylvania. It was listed in our encyclopedias as such, and I have always had a fascination. Turns out it wasn't just a fable. If you Google Istvan Bocskay, which is my dads direct descendant, He led the protestant catholic reformation between the turks and the ottomans in 1606, and became Prince of transylvania. Not too long ago transylvania was split up and became part of Hungary and Rumania, so I have gathered, There are only about 15 people in this entire country with my last name. I am the youngest living relative, when I remarry, or die, the name dies forever. And everyone who doesnt live under a rock, knows that Transylvania has a very rich spiritual history Now his right hand man was Sigusmund Bathory, he was related to Elisabeth Bathory, vampire folklore names her quite a bit, not alot to go on, but from the stories, she was almost the female version of Vlad the impaler, and had a very strong connection to eternal life, in very dark ways. We were rumored to be Gypsies after the fall and disolve of the Kingdom. (WHich explains why tarot comes like second nature to me.) Now, with all that, I would think that maybe aside from being locked in a rubber room, I am a magent. Now comes the part, what do I do? ANyone interested on putting together a research group?

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posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 10:57 AM
hello everybody, I love ghosts, first of all when you die your personality
doesn't change, ie if you are a ass in life, you are an ass in death.
I believe 95% of all ghosts, where once people, it's that odd 5% that
where never human and never will be.
I have had them picked off me three times in the past, what draws them
in is a vacuum in your life, they come and fill that vacuum. And your stuck with a new body buddy, until you figure out what is going on. And get them removed, sometimes they just go away.
There are many ways to protect yourfelf, and I suggest you learn them.
The easy one is the white light protection.
If you guys are interested, I will go on with this,

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 05:37 PM
Hello Amuk & Everyone
Excellent thread! Denial your family tree is very interesting, I'm sure because of the bloodline I'm sure you have a variety of spiritual gifts! Because of that I'm sure it gives you the Power of Authority, A Given Right so to speak! What I'm saying is with the All Heck Brecking Loose in your house, try taking that Authority given to You and Create & Command the dark energy & forces to leave! The Word Spoken is Powerful, so speak aloud & believe & expect it to happen! I'm not saying you won't have any more battles, because when one starts to take back the territory in which he lives in, the spirits around don't take a fancy to that! A Continuation on your part in Speaking the Words of Power will more & more adhere to your Environment & Surroundings! As a wise one once said - Practice makes Perfect! I also noted that many with different Faiths who believed their Words were Power also saw incredible results. I also see you helping many people Denial and that is why the spirits don't want you or your loved ones at Peace! I see all that is going to change though! Let me know, just a feeling that came to me.
Chandler hello, Excellent write up- very powerful! Ok now you asked Amuk about our experiences - you name it I have been through it, & experienced it! But as for a dark entity I would have to say the most hair raising expeience I had would be the time about 6 years ago just got into bed was sitting up and opening a good book to read, when I felt a incredible cold chill go right through me. It was a hot summer night so I knew immediatly that company was present and it wasn't good! I started praying & binding exactly like you said to do Chandler, and this horrible smell was so bad it actually made me nauseous. Normally nothing scares me, Anyhow I became scared to the point because not only then could I smell thiis evil presence but then I could feel its force coming right at me. So as I'm praying with all my might & binding it, I then cover myself with the sheets, whatever it was I didn't want to see it! Well it rip the sheets right off me and grabs me by the neck and was chokeing me. Now I couldn't Speak the Prayer & I knew that is exactly what that Demon wanted! So I immediatly Prayed in Thought, & when I screamed in thought for the Power of the Blood of Jesus, Commanding it to Go in Jesus Name, it immediatly shrieked and left immediatly! I have had many things happen spiritually to me, but that was the most freightening event I ever experienced. Gives me shivers to think of the evil smell alone. Anyhow after that because of the intensity of it - I of course Blessed the house with my husband and bound all dark spirits etc. Praise God that it never came back, But I do sleep with My Bible next to me Touching My Solar Plexis Area. I know its not necessary to do so, For Christ Lives within Us! But for me this gives me well, Extra Assurance! Also I believe the Bible to Be The Living Word of God! Therefore like I said the Word is Alive, permeating my entire Being even as I sleep, protecting me! May not be your belief, but whatever your Faith is use it! I have had many come to me with stories that are very similar, when they used the Bible as I do the evil entities never return at night to bother them in their sleep! May not work for everyone but it sure did for some! So hopefully this helps someone! Nice to meet everyone! A Good Evening To All! Angel

posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 12:29 AM
HI angel,
Wow this thread is a blast from the past

Since I was about 3 I have had experiences with the other side.
I have since moved from that house in Philadelphia. I moved Nov 21st to West Virginia. I now live in the same house my father in law died, back in September. The house I was living in was very dirty-spiritually. Since we have been out of there, our lives are starting to perk up quite drastically. There is a feeling of presence here, but it is Dad coming to the garage door and peeking in, then going to the bathroom where he died.(He had a massive coronary and was killed instantly- my hubby's mom found him on the floor about 13 hours after he passed) we get footsteps now going to the window and then walking into there, like he always used to do. On several occasions, he has kissed my daughter in her sleep. The feeling that is here is much warmer.

I am still getting a knock at the door every night, which I am afraid is what was at the other house, but I keep ignoring it.

As for your experience, I had a run in trying to help a friend with a malicious spirit that would choke her, hit her a bruise her. It then decided to haunt my house, because I tried helping her, and I actually had to have a medium come in because nasty things started happening. I hope you stay safe, and yes, faith will keep you protected.

posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 09:18 PM
Yes, I've had a problem (twice) with entities being nasty because I've meddled in their affairs.
You can ask questions if you need to.

Yes, some people are more likely to attract psychic energy than others.
We all gather energy and we all bear the consequenses for it. But some are more sensative to it and some are strong enough (posative enough) to ward off alot of what could have been negative effects.

Yes to Q number 3. But for the most part, eccept those that are extremely attatched to the physical world (and they are usualy not the nices ones you'd want to meet) - they come and go to and for ALL of us. It's just that some are more aware than others.

Yes, I personaly experience these events.

What particular kinds of events do you wish to hear about. My every day life is blessed with these helpers and friends. I'm never alone and my life's decisions are often made with the help of their inspiration and signals.

posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 10:26 PM
This is what I believe from both personal experience as well as research and other encounters over the years.

Angels were created by God before humans and were and always will be spiritual beings. Same for Demons who were cast out of heaven with Lucifer. Both have the ability to take on many forms. Angels on one hand have appeared to people over centuries in numerous forms, physical and spiritual for protection, peace, help etc. On the other hand demons can also take on different shapes and forms. Remember Satan and his demons are great decievers and liers. They will and have appeared in sheeps clothing but are wolves there to attack us when we are naieve or caught off guard. They are there to cause chaos, unrest in our lives in which we have the power within us to resist them and cast them away.

Then there are definition of a ghost is a transient spirit. One who lived life on Earth but for one reason or another has not completed the crossing over process. Some are attatched to Earth because loved ones are greiving so deeply that they are bound here and refuse to leave. Others have fear of crossing over due to self-guilt for the way they lived thier lives on Earth. Another example could be a person who commited suicide, or one who died so suddenly and violently that they do not realize they are gone. Some transient spirits are harmless as they are just lonley and will make themselves known to those who are open spiritually to thier communiction. Others will attatch themselves if they can to a living soul as a means to continue living, or they will torment people on Earth because they are bad to begin with and this is why they refuse to go to the light in fear of judgement. (Just a summary of how I believe.....I could go on and on lol)

Other spiritual entities.....Aliens (Demons) can and will harm you if you allow them to. Most of the time coming in the night while you are asleep. Anyone ever experience sleep paralysis? This is what they call it but I believe that many instances of this are due to entities such as these trying to enter your energy field and influence you or attatch to you.

Spirit Guides. These I believe are highly evolved souls that are on the other side and have the ability as given the gift by the creator to guide you in your life. Thes are people that have onced lived....many lifetimes and are on a higher level, closer to God. They are different then angels since they have lived as humans but are there to assist us. We have different guides throughout our life depending on what our needs are. One has to be careful because demons can appear as guides.

Loved ones who have passed.....sometimes people call them ghosts.
I believe that once a soul crosses over (goes to the light) that some are given the gift to come and go and often time we are recieving messages from them and some people are receptive to thier visitations. Often they give us messages in our sleep because the last thing they want to do is invoke fear by appearing before our eyes. They will appear to those who are comfortable with communiction from the spirit world and are not afraid.

I believe that we need some form of protection whether you practice white light protection, (Same as Holy Spirit to me), or the Name of Jesus, Blood of Jesus etc. The use of smudge sticks (usually a sage mixture)...there are many methods of protection. I believe whatever method you use should be used on your home, your family, yourself. You should perform a protection method before you sleep or meditate, just because we do not know when we could experience out of body and not even know it. In addition to being vulnerable to spirits while we are sleeping.

As an intuitive, I have experienced these spiritual beings, both good and bad. I can communicate with my loved ones on the other side at times. I always know when they are present and my Grandfather is a guide for me. There are many negative and vengeful entities out there. I also believe that other people can bring negatives to you. I had an experience with a vengeful entity that was sent to me by someone who was jealous. I went through a cleansing and protection process (not going to get into it on this forum but any of you wishing to know more please message me) When a person sends you negative energy, negative entities or causes you spiritual strife, it will go back on that person ten to one hundred fold when it is removed. This negative was released from me and unfortunately went back on this person.....who I had originally only suspected until this was confirmed.

I have no reason to prove or debate what I is merely my belief and opinoion for you to take or leave. I am certainly open to opinion and am always seeking knowledge.

posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 08:30 PM
Hello Denial
First I want to say so Sorry for the loss of your Dad! It is awesome to know He is watching over you and even kissed your daughter!
As for that knock at your door, I was glad to hear you didn't answer that! Almost always our feelings of things tend to be correct! I was wondering if when you pray do you include in having your Angels most particular, Gods Warrior Angels around the edges of your property to keep out all Evil - First cleanse & bind all evil, then ask the Lord to send His Angels there. I also place them in my home, Im very specific about asking for Warrior Angels, especially when things are not going smoothly in the home! After praying, I sensed your family is in a special time to receive a Blessing, weather that is financial or what I'm not to sure. All I know is that you soon will be Blessed. That is why all the evil ones were trying desperatly to try to divert your attention! I see this all to often when people are ready to receive a large Blessing from God! So let me know, and I will continue to pray for Gods Wisdom to be upon you like it has, so that you will always be one step ahead of evil! For God takes everything and turns it to the good!
Thanks for sharing! Angel P.S.

posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 11:43 PM
Call me a chicken, but right now, I am 5 months pregnant, I have completely shut myself down metaphysically speaking.( I anoint my third eye, abdomen, and heart with a protection-banishment oil, light protection candles, and pray deeply). It is one thing if it is just me, but I am carrying a life, that I do not wish to expose to that element( As I am sure that anyone who has seen the nasties in person, knows what I am talking about-Knows you never purposely open yourself up unles you are 100 percent strong). ABout a year ago, when I started feeling nasty presences, my 2 year old was affected(there were bloody handprints all over her wall, and she reported seeing some less than favorable things)

I have a personal guardian angel and they guide me in a matter of factly way. I always ask to guide me, and to protect me and my family. I also pray to a igher power I refer to them as God.

As far as the knocking goes, I will look into it further, when I am at the top of my game again.

posted on Jan, 31 2006 @ 12:15 AM
Congratulations Denial on your pregnacy! Amen on protecting you & your little ones! That is always first & foremost so very important! Your all in my Prayers!

posted on Feb, 1 2006 @ 01:17 AM
Well ya know, its that protective mommy instinctLOL, The cool thing is, this one was conceived when we buried my father in law-who knows, maybe a little reincarnation

posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 02:55 PM

Originally posted by denial28
Well ya know, its that protective mommy instinctLOL, The cool thing is, this one was conceived when we buried my father in law-who knows, maybe a little reincarnation

One does wonder about that sort of thing......My Aunt died shortly before my daughter was concieved, and I did consider using her name, if the child was a girl. I finally decided that Em ( for Emily) was such a strong willed person that I might have too much to handle if some of that will came with the name.

The moment they place my daughter in my arms, she reached out and grabbed my finger, a habit my aunt had for getting your attention. And as her fingers curled around mine, I recognized with a start that she had that odd little crook in her pinky, just like Em's!

posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 01:26 PM
My daughter is telling me we're having a brother for her and she says we should name him Joe, weird thing is that was her grandfather's name.

posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 01:33 PM
For anyone interested in this subject try and get a copy of the book Poltergiest by Colin Wilson which addresses a lot of what's been covered in this thread. In fact any book on the paranormal by him is an interesting read.

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