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Supposed suicide bomber says he was kidnapped and force to attempt martyrdom.

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posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 08:58 AM

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A suicide bomber captured before he could blow himself up in a Shiite mosque claimed he was kidnapped, beaten and drugged by insurgents who forced him to take on the mission. The U.S. military said its medical tests indicated the man was telling the truth.

Mohammed Ali, who claimed to be Saudi-born and appeared to be in his 20s, said he managed to flee after another suicide attacker set off his bomb, killing at least 12 worshippers Friday as they left a mosque in the northern city of Tuz Khormato.

In confession broadcast on state television later that day, Ali told Iraqi interrogators he did not want to bomb the mosque and hoped to go home.

Results from medical tests on Ali were "consistent with his story and characterization of his treatment," Col. Billy J. Buckner, a U.S. military spokesman said Sunday.

Ali said insurgents kidnapped him from a field near his home earlier this month, then drugged and beat him.

His story was similar to those recounted by other captured militants. The captives routinely claim they were either coerced or fooled by insurgent leaders who promised them a role in the holy war against the U.S. military, only to find themselves as would-be suicide bombers sent to attack civilians.

sounds desperate. u dink there be enough men to help Zarqawi but i guess just like the U.S. military there is shortage of recruits.
. either dat or the border between Syria and Iraq is strengthening and the recruits cant get into Iraq safely to commit martyrdom. so Zarqawi has to adapt to these situations which means threaten or kidnap people to do his and his group's bidding.

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 09:54 AM
This not the first report of this. It is also reported that some get paid for it. They are basically forced into it. Do this and we will pay your family "X" dollars, dont do it and we will kill them.

Its quite pathetic.

Good find Delt.

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 11:12 AM
the druged part sounds a bit funny
as thats something that would have been done by a agency
could be the US goverment doing this to prelong its presence in Iraq ( to stay cosy with iran right next door

or as you said desprate times calls for desprate measures

[edit on 19-9-2005 by bodrul]

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 07:45 PM
... If this was true, and zarqawi was losing that much manpower... wouldnt they just turn against him, and end the violence in the country?
sounds very fishy to me..

I remember hearing that the US hired Kurds to come in and parade around the saddam statue that was falling, notice how they were all nicely dressed ?... and u didnt actually see people running FROM their homes to join them?

I personally think this is just the US, using its ARAB contacts to continue this unjust war.

Hell, they lied and decieved to get in there, what makes you think they wont lie and deceive to stay there?


posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 10:14 PM
Why would a Saudi be living on a farm in Iraq?

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 01:00 AM
probably the same reason a brit would be dressed like an arab, shooting at police while driving a bomb.


... im sure only the coalition knows.

posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 08:51 AM

Originally posted by AF1
Why would a Saudi be living on a farm in Iraq?

i dont know? maybe because he is an Arab and a Muslim and pretty much can live where they want to live? ever thought Arabs can live in other Arab countries eh?

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