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The Official Sept. 19th St. Louis Earthquake Watch Thread

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posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 07:23 PM
Hey Everyone,

I know we have been talking all about Chuck Youngbrandt and his prophecies. Here is the thread for the official posting of the time that there hasnt been or has been an earthquake near St. Louis, Missouri.

Good Luck to all in St. Louis.

posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 08:32 PM
For some reason I get this “John Titor” feeling as I read about this guy and his prophecies, if that makes any sense. Something doesn’t seem right about all this, but considering I live in St. Louis, and only have a few hours before we know if this guy is real or not, I guess I’ll look further into this.

I’ve done some looking around already, and will continue to, but if anyone else has any further information about Chuck Youngbrandt and his prophecies, or can speculate as to his credibility based on facts/evidence, I’d be grateful.


posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 08:34 PM
I'm in a different time zone, so how much more hours until Sept 19 for you guys?

posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 08:41 PM
ummm I must have missed something, I live right outside of St. Louis, and this is the first I have heard about this. Other than the prediction in the 90's about the alignment of the planets. My national guard friend said that If the New Madrid fault had a 8.+ that 90% of bridges/overpasses would be destroyed...500,000 homeless...ect. Supposivly the Guard bought 5 circus tents to house the homeless around St. Louis.

More Info would be appreciated..


posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 08:45 PM

Originally posted by Nventual
I'm in a different time zone, so how much more hours until Sept 19 for you guys?

I`m in GMT+1 and it´s been Sept 19 here for almost 4 hours now.

Are we going to get some links in this thread? Not even one?

posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 08:48 PM

here is one.I hope he is wrong.

posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 08:51 PM
Holy Crapoly! I have never heard of this or this guy (who sounds like a drunk trying to be cool after the hurricane). I might be on the other side of the state, but if that thing i just finished my landscaping too. grrrrrr

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posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 09:18 PM
While, as I stated before, I don't really expect anything to happen on the 19th, I DO live in St. Louis, so I grudgingly went through and updated/re-inventoried the supplies. No sense in getting caught unaware, and it's not like it hurt anything to update everything.

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posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 09:30 PM
Another description of these events:
Order of events given to Chuck Youngbrandt on April 21, 1977

First year of events (2005)

1. Do not buy an air conditioner - get used to the heat.

2. Do buy gas cans and store white gas.

3. Spring rain will be followed by summer heat and gas shortages.

4. The dollar will begin to slide in July. For this reason, crude oil imported to the United States will increase sharply and there will be gold value problems.

5. Temperature rise will begin in early June, (Chuck asked the Lord "when in early June?" Jesus said, "June 9".) and climb in temperature reaching peak temperatures in July and this will hold all through July, August, and September followed by sudden and drastic temperature drop in October.

6. There will be no rain of any significance from mid-June and on.

7. Devastating Hurricane to hit New Orleans in September

8. During that same month, on Sept. 19 an earthquake will hit St. Louis with the affects being felt in Chicago.

9. Devestating earthquake in California (San Francisco) in October.

10. The President will be in serious trouble by December.

11. Japan and China will become friends through economic agreements this year and arrange certain defense agreements that will seem aimed at Russia-but secretly aimed initially at the United States. This will be a great deception. The United States will fall for it. Japanese government will change character drastically in a visible way.

12. The angel of death awaits through this year.

13. Continue in faith. The Net of Prayer will grow steadily and then unexpectedly-be ready!

14. Do not fear. This year many will lose jobs and city and state governments will fail suddenly.

15. There will be serious economic crumbling. Psalm 37:39 quoted.

16. Disease will start from California and move east. Many left incapacitated.

17. From Georgia a plague to kill thousands as it spreads. Panic and fear will grip the nation.

18. Food riots will break out in August in many major cities.

19. Food costs to soar, availability declines, quality poor, hoarding magnifies the problems.

20. Government tries, but fails to instill confidence.

21. Those who rebel against God will also rebel against government and hundreds of thousands will want for food and starvation begins. Psalm 37:35 quoted.

22. Heat is unbearable. No rain. Multitudes curse God but those touched by love of Christ will repent and God will spare them. Psalm 53:1 quoted.

23. Power outs caused by heat. Fuel shortage grows worse.

24. Riots and deliberate destruction by enraged individuals and extremist groups aiming at overthrow of the government. Proverbs 3:25, 26 quoted.

25. Local police will fail to deal with violence and State troupes will be called out and in some areas, the violence will be so severe that Federal troops and tanks will have to be called out. Psalm 125:1 quoted.

26. In December Russia will "accidentally" nuke 4 American cities, Lexington, KY, Richmond, VA, Columbia, SC and just north of New York City. The U.S. Counter attacks and hits three Russian cities

*Chuck Youngbrandt.*

I have copy/pasted his first year prophecies above....this was supposeively done in April 21, 1977

This is not good, but 9/19 will arrive here where im at in 2 1/2 hours....hopefully its BS...

truthfully im kinda freaked out by this. I did a google search and there is plenty more info out there....

I copied and pasted from the addy I gave, its a big page...lots of info that seems to allready has happened....

im fillin water jugs


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posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 09:32 PM
Don't worry... The "angel of death" as he calls it will take a day off.

posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 10:00 PM
Saint Louis, MO is -6:00 GMT (CST), and at the time of this post 10:04 PM on September 18, 2005.

I haven't been able locate much of anything on this guy, but I've been swamped with other things as I've been doing this, and unable to give the topic my full attention. I was able to locate some information on FEMAs website discussing research in a possible earthquake in STL.

The probability of such an Ms = 7.6 earthquake occurring on the New Madrid fault is about 25 percent in the next 50 years according to Professor Arch Johnston of Memphis State University. However, he finds the probability of occurrence during the next 50 years of the size of the1895 event to be about 90 percent.
FEMA Source

So it is possible, and many St. Louisans are aware of this, and have been for years. We're about due for an earhquake here, last I heard the probability for a minor yet damaging earthquake after 2000 was either 20% or 50% probable. I can't recall though, that was some time ago that I heard that discussed.

There's another thread on Chuck Youngbrandt here at ATS, but it wasn't very helpful. Nobody really dug deep into the matter, or dug at all.
ATS Source

There's basic information floating about the Internet such as
this but I have yet to locate anything truly noteworthy. The clock is ticking, and I'm skeptical. I probably won't even have my conclusion by the end of tomorrow (September 19), heh. Ohhh, what a time crunch.

posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 10:06 PM
How come this guy didn't see the other hurricane that might wash the Keys away???

Next big as in 6.0 or greater to affect the USA will be somewhere along the West Coast of the USA. Anywhere from Mexico to Alaska... I think California.

Now I wonder whose prediction will come true faster Youngbrandt's or my own??????

posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 10:10 PM
This is the most disturbing part:


7. Devastating Hurricane to hit New Orleans in September

8. During that same month, on Sept. 19 an earthquake will hit St. Louis with the affects being felt in Chicago.

And keep in mind that he said this in 1977! And we are already worried about a possible "New Madrid quake", even without this prophecy...
ATS: Earthquake Planning - New Madrid Region

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posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 10:42 PM

Due to the harder, colder, drier, and less fractured nature of the rocks in the earth’s crust in the central United States, earthquakes in this region shake and damage an area approximately 20 times larger than earthquakes in California and most other active seismic areas.
(emphasis mine)

The NMSZ appears to be about 30 years overdue for a magnitude 6.3 quake because the last quake of this size occurred a hundred years ago at Charleston, Missouri on October 31, 1895 (it was a magnitude 6.7). A magnitude 6.3 quake near Lepanto, Arkansas, on January 5, 1843, was the next prior earthquake of this magnitude. About 75 percent of the estimated recurrence time for a magnitude 7.6 earthquake has elapsed since the last quake of this size occured in 1812.
(emphasis mine)

Here's another good link you may want to keep up with, USGS: Recent Earthquake Activity in U.S.. This is supposed to be updated in real time, and your area is quiet right now.

posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 10:59 PM
From the earthquake facts link above:

"Even areas remote from the NMSZ, such as Chicago, Cleveland, and New York City, could be affected. Several of the major petroleum and natural gas lines that serve the northern midwest and northeast pass thru the NMSZ enroute from source areas in Texas, Oklahoma, and Lousiana. If these pipelines were disrupted during the winter, the areas they serve could be without heat and light."

Sounds about right....perfect timing...cold winter, already high fuel costs....Lets just hope nothing happens

posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 11:41 PM
Let's take a peek at all the things that are contridictory in his "predictions." Sure, he got lucky with Katrina and NO, but aside from that tell me something else he's "predicted."


6. There will be no rain of any significance from mid-June and on.

There's been a lot of rain throughout the nation. Are there any major droughts I haven't heard of?

8. During that same month, on Sept. 19 an earthquake will hit St. Louis with the affects being felt in Chicago.

Yes, this is here for a reason. You'll see as my post progresses.

15. There will be serious economic crumbling.

Still waiting on that one... Chances of it happening? Pretty slim.

18. Food riots will break out in August in many major cities.

I guess those were all covered up by the government, right?


4. Power diverted to major institutions, hospitals, entertainment centers.

Ah yes, just so even though we'll all be broke and starving we'll still be able to go and see the latest Hollywood Blockbusters!

5. Food lines and economy near collapse.

Wait a minute... Didn't that happen in 2005? Oh yeah, numbers 15 and 18...

12. In some other places, rainfall will be so heavy, that flooding and destruction will be unavoidable...

What happened to the droughts and no rainfall? I guess it's good they're over...

13. ... No rain. Intense heat...

Oh, just kidding about the rain thing. Plan to still get your dehydration on, folks!

18. The giant earthquake strikes the Midwest, literally the whole continent is shaken by the intensity of the earthquake. The midwestern United Sates is devastated.

Because the earthquake that was supposed to hit Sept. 19, 2005, just never came. Nothing like a safety net, eh?

30. Stock market crashes in July.

I thought the economy already collapsed in 2005 number 15 and 2006 number 5? Go figure...

31. Great inflation, massive food shortages, massive unemployment, starvation starts

Yeah, because the dollar survived all the economic crashes only to crash now. I thought we ran out of food along tim ago? And through all the economic crashes everyone managed to keep thier jobs as well. Amazing! And wait, starvation didn't start the last however many times we ran out of food? What a crazy, mixed up world we live in!

32. Chicago destroyed completely by a major earthquake. Lake Michigan will plummet the city. 62 million will die because of this earthquake felt 500 miles around the city.

Wouldn't Chicago have been destroyed months ago in the two previous quakes?

34. Food riots will start in August.

Not again!


11. The year starts out with an earthquake in northern Iowa (January) followed by another one in Boston and then they become very common throughout the year.

Crap! More earthquakes! Where are the faults to cause them!?

The End

There are 5 safe zones: NE Washington, North N. Dakota, NE NY State, N. Arkansas and N. Florida.

NE Washington where China/Japan will attack? NE NY State where Russia will be invading and passing through? N. Arkansas where the New Madrid Seismic Zone is? How are those places safe again?

All that aside, doesn't anyone notice how it's only the good Christians survive? This guy is just a religious nut, that's it.

EDIT: Quote

[edit on 9/18/2005 by cmdrkeenkid]

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 02:33 AM
He may be a religous nut, this was all I could find in his predictions that have come true:

*Economic accord between Japan & Red China in 1977
*Rise in inflation and interest rates from 1978-1980
*Hurricane DAVID in 1980
*Killer earthquake in Algeria in 1979
*Heat Wave in 1979 that killed 1,500
*Eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980 (3/28 & 5/18)
*Iran's earthquake that killed 300 in June of 1981.
*Assassination attempt against Pres. Reagan in 1981
*Prevented terrorist plot against White House in '83
*Tiny asteroid that just missed earth '89.
*Mexico City earthquake (20,000 killed) Sept. 19, '85 (involved)
*Hurricane ELENA hitting Gulf Coast in Oct. '85
*Major earthquake in San Francisco Oct. 17, '89
*Gulf War and outcome in 1990-91
*Election of President Clinton in 1992

I don't know why it only goes to 92' then jumps to 2005-2006

Im not a believer untill my house starts shaking, But because of where I live its interesting.


[edit on 19-9-2005 by LDragonFire]

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 03:58 AM

I don't know why it only goes to 92' then jumps to 2005-2006

That's what suggests to me it most likely a hoax. In any case it's sept 19th 2005 today. Just one day for Chuck to join the greatest prophets ever or just another religious nut groups. Don't hold your breath on the former.

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 05:22 AM
I've just found out about this guy, Chuck Youngbrandt, I hope he's wrong,
I suppose time will tell, i've been searching on google trying to find stuff about this guy, did'nt find anything really credible, does anyone have any more info, I hurd that there is Film/Video ....

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 06:31 AM
Virtual Reality Phase of the Moon
2005 September 19, 4 hrs CT

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