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$14 Billion Going On $100 Billion Plus

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posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 04:28 AM
In 1998, New Orleans requested of the United States Congress to pass the Coast 2050 Plan for a cost of $14 billion. The Plan would have restructured the levees so a Hurricane 4 (like Katrina) would not flood the city.

It was found that the oil rigs in the Gulf Coast were eroding the marshes which were helping to absorb any waters that could pass over into the city of New Orleans.

But, Congress turned the package down as being too expensive.

Now, as of 9/18/05, the price tag for bailing out New Orleans is $50 billion (just passed in Congress); and it is thought that it will eventually reach $100 billion plus. So much for prevention.

As usual, the feds have put off a way to prevent a disaster, in order to wait it out, have a disaster, then go in and bail out the disaster.

Must I say more?

posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 05:27 AM
Halliburton need ivory backscratchers too just like the rest of us.
Iraq, Katrina, they are 'Reaganomics', Bush style. It's 'pumping' money and jobs back into the economy (via Bush's buddies of course).

If all goes 'right', we may get a 'trickle down effect' and reap the benefits of fighting for the scraps - sure it will cost lives but that's the compassionate conservative way.

Of course, if this 'terrorism' thing keeps up, we'll be forced to live under a Martial Law for our own protection, then obviously we shouldn't expect the top 1% to share their wealth and power with the rest of us.

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