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Majic: Concerning Haibane

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posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 02:18 PM

PODcast: Majic: Concerning Haibane
Majic introduces his favorite TV show of all time and presents an overview of haibanology.

length: 23:38
file: bts_talkpodcast_224.mp3
size: 4156k
feed: btst
status: live (at time of posting)

posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 10:38 PM
First off, I'd just like to say how much I enjoy your Podcasts Majic. I haven't been able to listen to all of them yet, but I've listened to several and you always have something very interesting to say in regards to whatever topic you are currently ingaged in. Major props.

Now, onto the subject of Haibane-Renmei. I first go into this series over a year ago when browsing the shelves at the local Media Play. I bought the first DVD and I really enjoyed it. So I went back and bought Volume 2. And that's where I left off with it, only halfway through the series. I didn't really lose interest, I just go into other things; other shows, I had projects I had to do (because I was still in school), things like that. So my Haibane-Renmei DVDs sat collecting dust with the rest of my anime collection.

Until now, anyways. After listening to your Podcast, you have perked my interest in this wonderful show again. I had forgotten how great the animation was and how soothing the musical arrangement is. I think I'll watch it now, in fact.

So, I guess I just want you to know that at least one ATS member knows exactly what you're talking about when you express your admiration for the show.


[edit on 18-9-2005 by TheSaddenedElf]

posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 10:58 PM
The Rest Of The Story

Originally posted by TheSaddenedElf
Until now, anyways. After listening to your Podcast, you have perked my interest in this wonderful show again. I had forgotten how great the animation was and how soothing the musical arrangement is. I think I'll watch it now, in fact.

So, I guess I just want you to know that at least one ATS member knows exactly what you're talking about when you express your admiration for the show.

Cool! Oh man, I'm so glad I didn't give away the ending.

Dude. DUDE. You must see this one all the way through to understand why I love it so. That last episode is some of the finest cinema I've ever seen, let alone anime.

This is so exciting, I think I may need to do a quick followup podcast to explain why I'm so excited for you.

posted on Sep, 18 2005 @ 11:59 PM

PODcast: Majic: Concerning Haibane (reply 1)
Majic replies to TheSaddenedElf on the subject of returning to and finishing the Haibane Renmei series and offers some very mild teasers.

length: 08:07
file: bts_talkpodcast_259.mp3
size: 1428k
status: live (at time of posting)

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 12:48 AM
After I watched the first 4 episodes, I came back one the board and was gald to see that you replyed to my comments.

Viewing those episodes again, I remembered when I first started watching the show, and how I'd sit in class and sketch pictures of made-up Haibane (mostly focusing on their wings because I thought their wings were just so beautiful), and I'd write little poems beside them and those pictures and poems were my submissions to my Creative Writing class at the time. The show inspired me for a while and I'd think about it enough to at least sketch out some characters and write poems about how it made me feel. So, in a way, the show got me thinking, but mostly dreaming.

I guess I should mention the fact that I'm the type of person that would rather sit and day-dream rather than doing any class-work. So the opening of Haibane-Renmei always captivated me in a strange way. I suppose it was the fact that Rakka was falling and feeling so free, yet at the same time, there was a coldness surrounding her heart. I connected with it in my own way.

As the story progressed, I started really thinking about the town of Glie, the Haibane, and "the next life", as it seemed to me that was what the entire show was dealing with, as in, What is there after we die and where do we go? Was becoming a Haibane the next step after leaving this world behind? Is this the stage in which our souls and hearts are supposed to be refined?

I promise to watch the reast of the series as soon as I can, and I really hope that my questions are answered. And thanks for the reply, Majic. As a sidenote, I hope to begin Podcasting myself soon, so hopefully we'll be able to chat more about topics such as this.


posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 02:44 AM

PODcast: Majic: Concerning Haibane (reply 2)
Majic continues the text/podcast dialog and replies to TheSaddenedElf with more Majic musings -- and haibane music, of course. 0:^)

length: 08:22
file: bts_talkpodcast_260.mp3
size: 1473k
status: live (at time of posting)

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 04:32 AM
Haha, in reply that I shouldn't be in a rush to watch the whole series, I am currently out of school, out of work, and out of things to do, so let's just say that I have some free-time to pursue viewing the other half of the show.

Out of the episodes I have seen, I think that the writers/creators really show very well the contrast between when Rakka first shows up in Glie and after Kuu's Day of Flight. What I mean by that is Rakka first sees Old Home and Glie as a paradise in a sense, and that nothing bad hardly ever happens. However, when she loses a close friend she is hit with the truth that she hasn't landed in paradise and that things can still turn out badly.

What I found odd so far is the fact when Reki talks about how she is born with black-spotted feathers and she is irredeemably sinnful (can't remember the exact phrase she used, but I think you get what I'm saying). You mentioned the Christian themes that are shown throughout the show and it got me thinking about repentance and the like. If Reki was born sinful or unable to achieve her Day of Flight (as I think she said) either because of that or because she ran away and was punished, would she not be able to repent or somehow work her way into becoming a good person, er, haibane again?

I know since I haven't been able to watch the entire series, I'm probably just blowing smoke, but I can't help but think about these things. And I know you must be just itching to talk about the ending (and so am I!) so I will honestly try to either go pick up the next episodes or borrow them from a friend. Also, please keep making Podcasts about this! I highly enjoy them.

I know that Yo#oshi ABe orginally created Haibane-Renmei and that he also created Serial Experiments Lain (which a friend of mine gave me the whole series and I have either misplaced it or let someone else borrow them, which sucks because I didn't finish watching those either...), so I was wondering if you have watched SEL. It was good from what few episodes I saw and I heard good things about it too. Anyways, talk to you later.

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 07:17 AM

PODcast: Majic: Concerning Haibane (reply 3)
Further discussions of some of the finer points of intermediate haibanology with Professor Majic.

length: 11:12
file: bts_talkpodcast_266.mp3
size: 1970k
status: live (at time of posting)

posted on Dec, 3 2005 @ 02:05 AM
Yes, I Still Love This Show

In light of some discussion in another thread -- and my continued use of the haibane theme for my avatars -- I thought it might be slightly less than gratuitous to bump this thread a bit for those who might be wondering.

I'm up to my 47th viewing now, and I still absolutely adore this show.

Is it the best show ever made? Nope.

Is it my favorite show of all time? Definitely.

I doubt that's going to change anytime soon, but if I ever find a show I love better, I won't keep it a secret.

Edit: Here's the avatar I referred to in the podcast:

[edit on 12/3/2005 by Majic]

posted on Jan, 12 2006 @ 01:45 PM
Not A Commercial Endorsement

For those who want to find out more about haibane, I recommend checking out the official website:

It presents a good overview of the show and an introduction to Haibanology 101.

For even more information, I recommend searching for "haibane" using various search engines.

Many clues regarding what haibane are can be found this way -- and by keeping an eye open for the distinctive glow of halos and stray charcoal gray feathers here and there.

But can a definitive answer be found?

No one seems to know.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 06:21 AM

Intrigued by the avatars for some time being a casual fan of all things animated as I did a degree course at college that was big on everything animated. It has taken me a while though to find out where the characters in the avatars were from. Basically I clicked the link in the signature.

I did a bit of googling into it, read a little about Haibane here and there but was careful to avoid anything that would reveal the plot just on the off chance that at some point I would buy it.

Which I did this week, first two disks in fact, watched the first episode last night and intend to watch the rest of them over the weekend. No doubt order the two other remaining disks from Amazon on Sunday evening.

I'm just listening to the podcasts now, my cursor hovering over the pause button in case, as you say a spoiler just happens to come out, apart from one thing in the first podcast, which I kind of suspected anyway I'm going to chance my arm and listen to the others this afternoon.

I think your passion for this has been the deciding factor in buying it, and from what little I have seen, I reckon you are spot on. It's not just cartoon with funny little people with wings, it really looks like something special.

Thanks Majic.

posted on Dec, 8 2006 @ 07:04 AM
OK, not listening to anymore podcasts until I have watched through till the end.

posted on Dec, 10 2006 @ 06:48 AM
Really excellent. I', hooked but I do have one slight issue, although I think it's more my stupidity, if this does interest you, buy all four DVDs at the same time, or you will be in my position of watching half of them and then waiting for the others to be delivered which drives you mad working things out.

Having said that, I am getting value for money.

posted on Dec, 10 2006 @ 11:20 AM
Collect The Set!

Yeah, one of the things that makes spreading the transcendental sweetness of the haibane far and wide more difficult is the cost and relative obscurity of the series.

In the U.S., for example, potential viewers might be put off by the Japanese title and assume the show wouldn't connect with a non-Japanese audience.

Who knows? Maybe if they did a test-marketing of the (excellent) English dub under the title of "Gray Feathers" or something like that, it might sell better.

And of course there's the cost, which can be pretty outrageous. My first boxed set of HR cost just under $120 to assemble.

Now, at least, Pioneer/Geneon offers a box set which lists for $80 but can be had for under $60 if you shop around. That's still a hell of a lot of money to lay down, though, without knowing if you'll really like the show.

Indeed, some people just can't stand it, since it doesn't have any sex, violence or giant robots.

So there are definitely significant barriers to entry when it comes to the walled town of Guri.

On the bright side, I've heard that some of the more enlightened video rental franchises have anime sections, which can make HR available as a low-cost rental for prospective viewers. Also, used sets can be had on eBay and the like.

Thus there are options for those who may not be sure the world of the little winged wonders is really for them.

posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 06:50 AM
Just finished watching all 13 episodes; brilliant and moving is how I would sum it up in short.

There is a lot to take in, far too much for the one viewing which means repeat viewings are essential to appreciate it fully, hence, value for money I think. The series is available over over four CD's priced £19.99 each. It is pricey to see that figure but you are getting something rather special if you are interested in watching it.

Now I can listen to the rest of the pod casts on this, would be interested to know how others have interpreted some of the underlying themes covered in the series.

There is no doubt that is something rather special to watch, and it was created with a lot of love and crafted perfectly to suit the characters and the environment they find themselves in.

It really just is something rather special.

posted on Dec, 13 2006 @ 11:02 AM
To Fall Into A Well Of Endless Depth

Originally posted by SLR Jester
Just finished watching all 13 episodes; brilliant and moving is how I would sum it up in short.

There is a lot to take in, far too much for the one viewing which means repeat viewings are essential to appreciate it fully, hence, value for money I think.

That's what I really love about this show: it seems quite simple on the surface, but it bears repeat viewing very well.

I've seen the whole series 56 times at this point, and I'm looking forward to my 57th viewing.

Now it could be argued that I'm just easily amused, obsessive and fixated on the show in some pathological fashion -- and I suppose I can't deny that
-- but the truth is that no other show I've seen has ever engaged me this much, and I bore easily.

After all, I have no shortage of entertainment options, to put it mildly.

Something very rare and wonderful happened when Haibane Renmei was made: its creator, Yoshitoshi ABE -- quite unwittingly, I think -- bared his soul for the world to see.

And it's beautiful.

Ironically, I think he was forced to pour himself into the work by the shoestring budget and hurried production schedule. It was crunch time, and he had little choice.

But even more intriguing to me is that by doing this, I think he exposed many things that are common to all of us, things that every human being who ever lived could understand regardless of who they might be.

And that's profound.

posted on Dec, 18 2006 @ 12:13 PM
Just listening to your Wings of Gray, it is rather good Majic.

Concerning Haibane, you are right, it doesn't matter your background or beliefs, it can appeal to everyone and it has a central message that can be understood by all.

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