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Depression Versus Paranormal,Psychic Activity

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posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 12:05 AM
Hello all,
During my life I have been very susceptible to many things on the metaphysical plane:
A few examples have been,when I first would meet someone, they'd seem nice and everything, I would study their face, it would distort and shift and would make me think twice about ever being alone with them(Made for very hard relationships) Turns out, all of those I had run into later down the road had gotten mixed up into something VERY bad!I had a very bad experience in my bedroom after helping a friend that took the place of a large,shadowy figure with wings in my room, 2 glowing, buzzing orbs and a choir of children.(MY dad was also affected by this in the form of a glowing green cloud above his bed)
I would sleep at peoples houses that you could feel a presence and have the most horrifying graphic dreams of events taking place there.
I slept at my inlaws house that was brand new and because it was built on a cattle farm, I could feel the pain, and hear the sounds of cattle being slaughtered, even though no cattle were kept there for about 70-80 years.
I heard my mothers voice in EVP in my left ear while I was laying down a week ago,we had a 45 minute long conversation, and mind you she died june 30th last year, and every place Ive lived, I have always been surrounded by something that wasnt on this plane, not too mention the past life experiences. All my life Ive been this way, I have very strong instincts,my IQ has been certified higher than average, and border on claircognance. I have also been very depressed my whole life.(I don't do drugs and I don't drink, and when I say depression, I mean I have been hospitalized in the past for suicide attempts)) Does anyone else feel this way? Does depression lead to stronger paranormal activity, or does Paranormal activity overload your senses, and cause you to be depressed?

Sidenote: just for clarification, I do understand EVP is electronic voice phenomenon, but the way it sounded when she told me she would be right back she had to pee, was exactly like that, if you've ever heard it before

posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 08:28 AM
Some people are more suggestable than others. So for example, the cattle thing could have been because somebody was telling you stories about what used to go on there. If it happened and then you told someone about it and they confirmed it, that's the only way to tell if it is actually something paranormal or just your mind playing tricks on you.
Depression is often linked to other psychological disorders, some of which could cause you to hallucinate auditorially or visually. When you went to the hospital depression, did they check you out for other disorders too? If not, you should probably get that checked out. Many psychological disorders are also genetic/hereditary, which would explain why your dad saw the same kinds of things. As for the face distortion thing, I get that when I stare at a photograph too long. If it happens when you are just normally looking at something though, there is probably something misfiring in your brain.

Not saying you are crazy, but it is quite possible since you are the only one that sees the stuff going on, and a lot of it is pretty abstract. I would recommend getting a full physical to make sure you don't have any tumors or anything, and then get a mental evaluation as well. Then you can rule out that anything is wrong with you, and then you will know that these things are really happening.

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 02:20 AM
Aggg This is the third time I have tried replying to this so Ill make this alot shorter , . First and foremost thank you for your reply. I understand its very eay to be skeptical, but my situation goes way beyond hallucinations and things like that, I have the eeg's cat scans pet scan xrays and mris, 30 day evaluations, and rorschats to prove it. My family just is very gifted. My one sister can predict what number you are thinking of, and not just 1 or 2 digits she would guess combinations to locks that I had to keep her out of things like my diary and such, she would also guess what we were getting for christmas,even when my mother would hide the presents at families houses. My youngest sister can tell you who is going to die, and who is going to have a baby just by having a dream. and I started communicating with the other side, from the time I was 3. I would sit for hours talking to my adopted brother who was 4. No big deal, but he died the year before I was born. he had drowned in the pond in front of our house at the time.

I have always been special. The cattle thing was not something that I had manfested myself through the power of suggestion. Sorry, wish it was, but it was something that was very bad, and was only confirmed when I told my mother in law about my dreams when I first moved in, and thats when they told me it made sense because they were told that it was once a cattle farm.

My mom came to visit me because when she was on this plane we had always joked about her coming to the show crossing over to visit me, but I have never been able to get tickets.

When I found out she had a lump in her lung, I was about to fall asleep when my aunts voice started telling me(she passed the year before-which before I knew I heard her tell me goodbye and she loved me and I felt a hand go through the back of my hair.), and I started seeing the exact events leading and surrounding my moms fight with cancer, down to the detail of what sheets were on her bed, the night she died. I had moved from West VA to hiladelphia to take care of her throughout her battle.

I was always the kid who was never allowed to play with other children because when I would spend the night at someones house and the parents would ask how my night was, imagine a 12 year old telling you they saw people being burned alive in their sleep, or vivid dreams of someone being bludgeoned to death and then finding out the house or apartment was once a crime scene.

By the time I was 13 I had been deep into meditation, I was fascinated by theology, and had become a practicing wiccan. I had wanted so badly to have an outer body experience, that I would spend hours locked in my room, with scented candles and incense, I have a feeling thats where the paranormal friends I had became not so nice. Almost every documented case of poltergeist activity surrounds a girl(usually) going through puberty. I was 11 when it happened. I may have just dabbled a little too deeply, before I was ready, and whatever it was started taking full advantage.

As for mass psychosis, and generational mental illness, why is it bloody handprints appeared in my daughters room(whos 2) and she had not one scratch on her anywhere? I will be more than happy to provide photos and post them, once I actually get my hands on a digital camera, other than my logitech quickcam. She actually was talking to an invisible friend one day, a few weeks ago before she went to go visit her grandparents, and also said, good bye green cloud.My other half has been trying to remove them but it is been very hard to do.

As for the things going on in my room, call it what you will, the truth of the matter was that I had a very good friend calling me every night because she felt she was being attacked by something she couldnt see, and I tried to help her, I basically stuck my nose where it didnt belong. And up until recently, I have been really hesitant to talk about this event for fear of giving it strength.

And as for the faces distorting, It would happen while we would be having a very casual conversation, over a cup of coffee, and it would just happen, I will also clarify this was usually someone I had romantic interest in, and I do believe it was something trying to warn me, because if you recall in my earlier post, they usually wound up being involved in something very bad later down the road. Two examples being One is now in jail for raping a stripper, and the other is in jail for life, because he robbed and sliced a man with a straight edged razor. I do believe given these circumstances, I can hardly say my brains misfiring.

I just wanted to know if anyone has had depression due to overload of psychic activity, or if the depression causes you to be more of a target of unsavory psychic attacks.

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