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Man sets 16 Guiness world records to aide suffering children

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posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 04:42 PM
Man breaks record for watching TV

Suresh Joachim, a native of Sri Lanka living in Toronto, recently set the Guinness world record by watching TV for over 69 hours straight. He did so from the lobby of WABC-TV in New York as part of the "Guinness World Record Breaker Week". Afterwards, Joachim commented that the hardest part was not being able to watch the many waving passers-by outside of the ABC studio. He currently holds 16 world records and says his driving force is to raise awareness and support for suffering children.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Couch potato, thy name is Suresh.

Suresh Joachim broke the Guinness world record for the longest time spent watching TV. He finished Friday with 69 hours and 48 minutes.

After passing the previous record of 50 hours and 7 minutes Thursday, Joachim continued until shortly after 7 a.m. Friday morning (EDT).

"I'm going to be a little tired of watching TV after this," Joachim told The Associated Press by phone during a brief break.

Joachim, who lives in Toronto but hails from Sri Lanka, now holds more than 16 Guinness records, including the longest duration balancing on one foot (76 hours, 40 minutes) and bowling for 100 hours. He does it, he says, to raise awareness of suffering children.

The topic of the initial headline, "Man Breaks Record For Watching TV", hardly piqued my interest, to say the least.

My thoughts being that here is just another another ploy to draw attention to oneself yet, upon reading the story and seeking more information on Suresh Joachim, I was pleasantly surprised to find the purpose of his many endeavors.

For all intents, Mr. Suresh Joachim is a true international hero. He valiantly performs these acts in an effort to raise support and public awareness for suffering children world-wide.

His ultimate goal is to carry a peace torch, starting in 2006, from Jerusalem to Australia covering 54 countries including 88 major cities. Overall he will have covered 6,000 km to raise one billion dollars for the UFFORSC (Universal Fund For Suffering Children). The UFFORSC branch has been inaugurated in Australia, Canada for helping millions of suffering children in Asia and Africa.

Suresh Joachim

16 Guinness world records to raise awareness of suffering children


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