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Potty break note was real

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posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 03:47 PM
According to this article at Editor and Publisher, that potty break note was not photoshopped...Bush was actually writing it.

Just thought you guys would like to know.

posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 08:24 PM
From your link, Amethyst:

The photo, as E&P observed Wednesday night in the first story about the incident, shows Bush scribbling in pencil on a note that already holds the words: "I think I may need a bathroom break? Is this possible."

There's a simple explanation, even a serious one, for all of this, he adds. Bush, he points out, is not used to attending meetings at the U.N. and probably did not know what the protocol was for exiting a room and returning. His question to Rice was “proper” and not all that surprising, “asking someone with more experience there about protocol,” he said.

Wilking told Gelf magazine today that he has not yet heard from the president—whom he says he knows very well—about the note. “I’m curious to know what the White House thinks,” Wilking said.

I'm curious to know what the WH thinks too? Probably no big surprise? Does he always let the women make his excuses for him?

Next time give him a cath and she can just empty his bag.

posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 08:36 PM
We've already figured out that it was real.
just enhanced..

a couple of astute members here ALSO figured out that Bush did not write the top portion of the note. That it was probably Condoleeza asking to be excused..
I'm sure you saw that, as you were posting in that thread too..

skippy, and DJ (who, when mentioned together sound like part of a Sit-com cast)
noticed that the handwriting was different than GW's

posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 09:35 PM
Well there ya go... the cath suggestion seems the most practical then.

Someone call Karen Hughes and let her know, eh?

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