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Flight 93 Memorial--Crescent Of Embrace

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posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 01:20 AM
A memorial Design awaiting final approval appears to memorialize the hijackers more than the flight Crew and Passengers of Flight 93. This is outrageous! To me, it makes a mockery of all those who lost their lives in any attack on 9-11.

Michelle Malkin has an article which has a drawing of the proposed Flight 93 Memorial. The Crescent is very conspicuous. To quote one person from the article,

"Update II: Reader Jim K. writes: "Looks like a memorial for the hijackers--not the victims! Incredible!"

Another article by the same author can be found at . There is a drawing here also, but from another perspective..

.Tons of you are stunned, outraged, and sickened by the new Flight 93 Memorial, the "Crescent of Embrace." I called the architect responsible for the redesign, Paul Murdoch of Los Angeles, yesterday for comment. He did not return my call, but he did speak with the Johnstown, Pa., Tribune Democrat, as quoted in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Neither Murdoch nor his supporters see any problem with the red crescent wrapped around the crash site near Shanksville, Pa., where 40 innocent people were murdered at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

Here is another quote from the same article.

A 15-member jury made up of family members, community members and design professionals was tasked with making a final recommendation on the design. Five finalists were selected from 1,011 designs.
[Architect Paul] Murdoch's design still must get the approval of the director of the National Park Service and the secretary of the Interior.


"...Note the small grove of trees in exactly the same position as the star in the Islamic star and crescent..."
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