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Minuteman Training For Canadian Border Patrol Begins

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posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 09:36 PM
The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps held their first training session Wednesday, September 14, on the Lummi Reserve in Washington. The group is planning to patrol a 32-kilometer long section between Blaine and Sumas. Officials on both sides of the border have expressed concern.

"When we do police operations we co-ordinate with recognized law-enforcement agents so at least we know where each one of us is," said RCMP Sgt. John Ward. "If other groups come into that sphere or that area where we are in and they are armed, they could very well be putting themselves in harm's way."

He warned that a confrontation could happen between Canadian police and Minuteman members if they cross the border by mistake. Canadians are barred from carrying weapons while Americans have a right to bear arms.

Minuteman members say authorities have no cause for concern. They say they check applicants' police records, and members on patrol will be properly instructed and supervised.

I don't think that the Minuteman group will see as many illegal immigrants on the Northern border as they did on the Southern one. They may run into armed gang members smuggling BC marijuana south. On the way back, these same gangs will be carrying the coc aine and guns they trade the drugs for.

A majority of the drugs smuggled into the US from BC go right through that stretch of border. This is the same area as the drug-running tunnel that the DEA shut down recently.

PS. Sorry about the weird posts everyone, the News thing was giving me error messages and I got confused. My bad.


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