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Crap in your body (BBs,beads,gold chips)?

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posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 12:29 PM
A while back I took my neighbor to the hospital for xrays and when he was getting them done I was with the lady on the protective side that processed the images. I forget the technical name of the xrays folks but anyway I remember seeing something on A&E or Discovery about UFOs,area 51 and they had a small segment on people that discovered small objects under the skin like round metalic beads or bbs yet when tested no known material was found.

Ok so I ask her out of curiousity whats the weirdest things she sees processing these xrays? She states beads? I wasn't sure what she was reffering to so I asked her to clarify and she stated like metalic BBs. I looked at her like she was crazy! Than I told her about what I saw on TV and she looked at me like I was crazy! So we both thought we were crazy and didn't go any further is such disscusion LoL

Anyway I remember hearing these stories since I was a kid. Would love to here more info. Also Any studies that have been done? Any place where these items are kept the public can view?Study etc?

Also I remember seeing in Maxim mag or the like a museum that was only things removed from the body like splinters bullets anything and everything. Anyone been there or know the name? I belive it was in Pa. but not for sure.

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