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old stories: silence, joy, and all the rest...

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posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 01:27 AM
this is a set of poems i wrote and grouped under the title:

"silence, joy, and all the rest..."

this silence tells us what we fail to hear
yet these people around us only listen to the sounds of their feet
where they go and not what they follow in their lives
just a side effect of not knowing
though sometimes not knowing is enough to think who you are
and everything else that seems to fall after
circles us
before we find out why we are here

this joy is...
a joy of completion
a time when you have nothing left to do
the rain that hits your face when you purposefully forget to bring an umbrella
a feeling that cannot go away
you experiencing yourself
all that you hold dear
everything that passes you by
in her eyes
on your lips

…these last few days have filled my heart
the lantern placed there disperses the darkness around you
yet your gates are more often closed than open,
you save yourself for the one who holds the key which is bound to you,
desperately searched for by those who fail to see that this key is your heart
and that it has already been placed in my hand
for what lies inside of you reminds me of how…

the undone beast and firefly
are more or so like you and I
two opposite extremities
resemblance is uncanny

the beast
a terrible occurrence in nature
for beauty lies in its gaze
a mere fixation on its prey
that brings itself undone

the firefly
a back of flames
like the sun
a simple fascination
that brings the beast undone

and so you see
the undone beast and firefly
are more or so like you and I
two opposite extremities
I to you, you to me

an egocentric choir
evolving its own sound
tuning its instruments
in and out of key
to whatever pleases the audience
a stubborn bunch
who cannot see the face of the conductor

all in time you said to me
this flame does not give up so easily
arranged in a frame you built yourself
hung above your bed
it fell

the nail that held it still remains
reminding us of better days we had
or like the ones we’ll have hung above your bed
by a single thread
not knowing where we tread
but that something more is always ahead

leaves that drift past the signs of abandoned cities
will take you there
rain drops that roll down your face
peel off the wallpaper of society
and leave you with nothing
but the expression of yourself
a spatter of paint
amongst the colours that you choose to mix with

it feels like the stars follow you home
each moment highlighted
life made visible
in a room that was made for us
filled with clocks
that cannot measure it
or keep up

constantly moving
but always connected
we celebrate
with the opening
of a super nova

symbolism, representation, absolute truth
there is no this and that

we are but beings
who give our own meanings
which are shown through our feelings
that surface while we are dreaming

this is this
and this is my meaning

as much a flower yearns the sun
the ants will come out marching

as much a seed breaks its shell
another flower I’ve seen

as much a child wants to tell
the seed is finally sprouting

and as much a flower the seed’s become
spring is just restarting

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