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The US had planned and announced the invasion of Afghanistan BEFORE 9-11 happened!

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posted on Sep, 7 2003 @ 07:33 AM
Really? Surely that can't be true? That would mean they lied, and that they'd need something like 9/11 to get this to happen. Surely they wouldn't do that?

Last summer, while the American media kept the people distracted with "All Condit All The Time", the US Government was informing other governments that we would be at war in Afghanistan, no later than October! How lucky for our government that just when they are planning to invade another country, for the express purpose of removing that government, a convenient "terrorist" attack occurs to anger Americans into support for an invasion.

Sound impossible? Not when you consider that accused terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden is actually an employee of the CIA, who trained and financed him. And guess who paid for the training of the Hijackers? YOU DID, according to NEWSWEEK and MSNBC.

posted on Sep, 7 2003 @ 03:22 PM

Movieplayer needed...

question nr. 6 starts at 3:00

Unanswered Question # 6
Were there plans for a war in central Asia prior to September 11?

check out the answer

posted on Sep, 7 2003 @ 03:37 PM
great find AA, nice one.

This is just terrifying.

[Edited on 7-9-2003 by John Nada]

posted on Sep, 7 2003 @ 04:00 PM
Yes, John, it certainly is..

In case you find it interesting, more (un)answered 9/11 questions:

( NWO videos )

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 04:44 AM
I do apologise for digging up a 5 year-old thread, but does anyone have anymore information on the U.S. using 9/11 just as an excuse to invade Afghanistan?.


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