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Weirdest Freegin Dream

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posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 03:11 PM
This has to be among probably the oddest dreams I've had. I rarely get these kind of dreams, the dream was also very realistic, every detail of my house and neighbor hood was there. I also had a weird feeling after waking up from a the dream. Anyway, I'll explain what I can remember.

It starts off with me waking up and geting out of bed. I go into the living room, and for some reason my parents aren't there. They're usually up at this time, so I go check if the'y're in their room. No one, I go see if my sister's sleepin in her one. So I just thought they left somewhere. So I went to the living room to watch some TV, the next thing you know the closet where we put books and stuff (which is next to the TV) opens up all on it's own. I freak out when that happens, I run to the door, and just run out of the house. I run across the neighborhood scared like mad, and there in front of me I see three guys wearing red dress shirts, with white stripes, and jean shorts. I go up to them, asking them for help, I really don't know why I'm asking for help, maybe because of the door that opened on its own. The next thing you know, one those guys is chasing me across my neighborhood. I'm scared as hell, Im running my fastest. While I'm being chased, I think about flying
I then reach out to the sky and I begin to float. Everything around me begins to go black, and then I wake up. Here's the odd part...I'm vibrating while I'm awake. Like it literally feels like I'm vibrating. I try and force the vibration to stop. A few seconds later they do stop. So now, Im wide awake, thinking about what just happened, and thinking about the dream. I later stop thinking about both and fall back to sleep.

Now that Im sleepin Im dreaming again, its the same dream, but instead of the door opening by itself, there is a white smoke floating around in front of the television. I get scared as hell (again) and run outside. As I'm running outside, it begins to get darker and darker to the point where its pitch black. Im just standing there now, completely freaked out, scared somethings about to happen to me. I then here this voice in the background saying something, I don't recall what the voice was saying, but it caused all the objects, trees, roads, buildings etc etc in the neighborhood to be outlined with neon lights. Because of all the bright lights, I could finally see around me. I continued to run, scared of somethin (I dunno what). I run to my friends house, knock on his door, no one answers, so I'm like "f**k this!" and I open his door. I call my friends name to see if he's home. He comes to the front door, (in my dream he looked different, he looked almost asian). I tell him that I need to sleep over cause I'm scared of something, he tells me sure. So he takes me to his room, the weird thing about his house though it looks really dirty and ghetto. In reality though his house isn't like this. Anyway, so Im confused cuz his home is usually clean, we go in the room, Im still scared about something, Im thinking that what ever's after me is gonna come to my friends house and start lookin for me.... I here the door knock in my friends living room and then.........I wake up. I here the alarm, and I get ready for school.

So there, thats whats been goin on in my head during the early mornings. I dreamnt more then twice though, I knw I dreamnt two other dreams but can't recall what happened. Just thought I'd share wit you guys.

Oh, and I really need someone to explain these vibrations I got after waking up. This is the third time its happened to me, and I just wanna know whats goin on, hopefully its normal and theres nothin wrong wit me.

Anyway, like I said, thought I would share these dreams wit you guys.

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posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 11:32 PM
Are you going through alot of changes right now? Is there something big coming up that you happen to be afraid of? Is there someone at your school that you are afraid to see? Have you been reading any ghost stories before you go to bed?

Do you see any weird shadows or shadows darker than normal before you go to sleep? Bed vibrations have been associated with ghosts and I believe shadow people. Do a search on ATS and even google, and you will find more about them.

I have felt minor vibrations on a bed a very long time ago. There was only one thing I found that got rid of them, and that is Jesus and the Bible. Demons flee at his name.

posted on Sep, 16 2005 @ 02:50 PM
Nothin going on in school, home etc etc. And no I never read anything before I go to bed.

I don't see shadows or ghosts or whatever, but sometimes I get the feeling like somethings actually there.

Thanx for your support Mystery_Lady, I'll lookin the stuff right now, hopefully there will be a decent explanation, cause its really creeping me out.

One thing I forget to mention, when I feel that vibrating sensation in me, I can't move for a few seconds. Could it be just sleep paralysis?

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posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 01:42 AM
The vibrating could also be a reaction of your body caused by the dream. Maybe the vibrating is actually your body shaking, but your mind may not be fully awake and precieves it as vibrating. Instead of waking up and screaming, your body is just shaking.

You could be reading ATS a little too much. I do know something is scaring you. The question is what that something is. It could range from a fear you have about loosing your family, a change in a relationship, to sometype of change that is going on in and/or with you that you may not be ready for. You said you had to get ready to go to school. Are you attending a new school, or in your highschool year looking towards what's next? Hopefully your not hiding a secret afraid it will come out.

Then again it could be just a very bad dream.

posted on Sep, 21 2005 @ 02:17 PM
Nuthing in my life is really bothering me. I think I am reading to much ATS. I usually read stuff every day on the Paranormal Studies section. Ah well, maybe I'll stop reading there for awhile. So far, I haven't had any weird dreams, just hopes it stays like that for a long time.

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