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France Expels 13,000 Illegals

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posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 12:26 PM
This news is from Morocco. France is stepping up it's
expelling of illegal immigrants and is attempting to get
the home countries, from which the illegals come from,
to cooperate. It will be interesting to see if those
countries help, or hinder, the process.

I wonder why he set the goal at 23,000 illegals??

In America, many here say that the gov't of Mexico
HINDERS the process of stopping illegals from crossing
into America. The Mexican gov't wants to have as many
people in America with ties to Mexico as possible.
Wonder if that is what is happening in France except
it's with illegals from mostly Muslim countries instead of
Mexico? Time will tell.


Moroccon Times
September 13, 2005

France Interior Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, said that “13,000 undocumented
immigrants have been expelled in eight months,” and he is now committed
to sending 10,000 more illegal foreigners home before the end of 2005,
reported the Moroccan daily Assabah on Tuesday.

He urged the police authorities to work hard to meet this goal.

In a meeting with police officials, Sarkozy said that “France managed to
expel 12,842 by the end of August,” adding that “so far, we have
succeeded in achieving 56% of the hoped-for total of 23,000,”

Sarkozy has refused all the attempts made by different humanitarian
associations and communities, explaining that “the European Court of
Human Rights does not allow people to live wherever they like,” added the
Moroccan daily.

More at the site -

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