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Escape from NO?

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posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 06:20 AM
We have Escape From New York.

We have Escape From L.A.

Should we make Escape from New Orleans?

What do you think?

posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 01:52 PM
Sadly that would be a good movie, have a bunch of poor black people try to escape before the storm, during, and after. It would be the new Twister!

First Part: Poor, no car, not enough money for a plane ticket or bus ticket, at least not for whole family so they send the kids in the family out.

Part Duex: During the storm one freaks out and runs outside being killed by something. The rest hunker down and pray to whoever(NO is a voodoo capital of the country so maybe pray to whoever they have) that they live.

Part Twa: They made it, now they have no power, no clean water, and since no money no food/water stocked up since they spent it to gt the kids out of harms way. They go to a store, the place was already "found" by white people, so they go in and find what is left. The police come in and shoot at them for "looting". A couple minutes of gun battle goes on....

Part Fo': 5 days Later FEMA arrives, shoots the people to death because they were black.(I hate happy ending, so my ending has everyone dead)

Finally let it leak that's the story line, blacks rush to see it, republicans picket it giving it more publicity, in other nations it is followed by a cult like group that love it because it tells the truth about what happened in NO.

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 03:11 AM
We have to ad an evil spell from some voodoo women which turns all the dead in to zombies. Sorta like Resident Evil. Then National Guard will engage them in a bloody bath.

We also have to ad Snake Pliskin with the mission impossible.

posted on Sep, 19 2005 @ 01:05 PM
We have to wait the mandatory 3 years though, so it isn't considered "poor taste".....

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