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You are but a flower

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posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 06:28 PM
You are but a flower, not fully grown yet, still learning what it means

to grow to become complete. Many people don't know when they will be

complete or if they ever will.

A flower doesn't know how to give up, it is always working to stay

alive, to replenish itself, breathe, and stay healthy with it's life source;


As human beings who have evolved over time, we have learned the

concept of defeat and failure. Flower's don't have complexes or even fear,

they are perfect in every way.

As a human being who thinks and feels and exhibits emotion we

know good and bad, good is right, bad is wrong. To succumb to bad

thoughts or feelings can lead to the wrong way of living life.

We must learn to be more like a flower, learning how to grow

appropriately in order to be strong, and constantly getting past the rough

times because we have a strong desire to live and be beautiful people,

just like a flower has a strong desire to live and be beautiful when it has

finished growing. Even when a flower is finished growing it still has to work

hard to be perfect, constantly working to survive and remain in all it's


We all want perfection, and when we become perfected we won't even

know it, we will be too busy being beautiful on the inside and exhibiting

those qualities in everything we do, we will be conscience of our

surroundings, care more about our environment and other creatures who

live amongst us. We will love eachother by showing compassion and

taking care of our neighborhoods, and we will work together for the

common good of our communities.

When we become perfect we won't even know, like a flower doesn't know;

it just is.

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 06:36 PM
very thought provoking TL, I like very much


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