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Government and Military Reading on UFOs

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posted on Aug, 11 2007 @ 07:03 PM
I do not think I have posted this before. I found a rather interesting collection of documents on the Library and Archives Canada pages.

The index can be found here: Canada's UFOs

The site is nicely laid out and does have some good documents.

Here is a sample of one of the documents, an RCMP report from the Falcon Lake encounter ( Stephen Michalak case )

Click to view RCMP Report from May 20, 1967

The website is far from being a comprehensive list, but it is nice to see some info put online.


Remember, when reading the stories, be sure to check "Related Documents" at the bottom. These are the actual reports.

posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by Rasputin13

The silver colour is the result of the bare aluminum which is kept clean and polished to reduce parasite drag. There was a great deal of trouble getting paint to properly adhere to polished aluminum surfaces in the beginning. Even with modern zinc oxide primers there is a tendency to peel and strip, and this process accelerates in the presence of extreme cold/hot cycling. With the U2, it was exposed to extreme cold while flying at altitude and extreme heat when it landed in the isolated desert areas that it operated from.
From a maintenance perspective, painting it with the early versions of aluminum aircraft primer and paint would have been a nightmare and potentially dangerous, as the peeling paint had a good chance of being ingested in the jet engines during flight.

posted on Sep, 4 2007 @ 03:27 PM


posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 12:47 PM
This new thread just started up (12/27/07):'
It's a compilation similar to yours here, that features links to the NPC Conference from November...
Here is the 1st Youtube for brevity, but check the list on the thread link! Lots of good info!

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 04:26 PM
This is a very nice list, and I've bookmarked this post. Well done!

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 04:33 PM

Originally posted by Gazrok

Why? Because there is no conspiracy in that.
The government hires everyday human beings.

I think most of us realize that the government as an entity does not fully know about the UFO coverup (assuming it exists). The idea is more that a small group within the government knows this, and is perpetrating the coverup. Given the compartmentalization process of sensitive info, this is a quite realistic idea of how this would be done. Furthermore, there is documentation pointing towards how this group was formed, who the first members were, etc. And, these members make perfect sense. Now, you can dispute the names (Majestic 12, etc.) if you like, but the group existed. Likewise, MAJIC is identifiable as well (Military Assessment Joint Intelligence Committee). Would a paper pusher in Langley know of MAJIC (or it's current incarnation?), they wouldn't. So yes, it makes perfect sense that even those high in the government may not even have a clue as to what our knowledge of these beings and crafts may be.....

Quite simply it is called a "Need-to-Know". If you don't have the need to know, you will never know. Imagine what would happen if all the politicians in the House and Senate had a full on need to know, we would all be in jeapordy, nothing would ever get accomplished, and secrets would be spilled like water running through Hoovers flood gates.

I have known on more than one ocassion individuals in the Military who've had MUCH higher clearances than their CO's. Even currently I know individuals with more need to know than the CEO of the company they work for. Sometimes you get jerks who try and look into information they are not privy to, and you have to really stick it to them. A lot of people simply have no respect for their jobs, their responsiblities, and their nation. THAT is why we compartmentalize information.

[edit on 2-3-2008 by TheAgentNineteen]

posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 11:53 AM
Is the U.S. Navy Pushing UFO/ET Disclosure?

Interesting article,

The sad truth is that the militaries of the world have been manipulated and brainwashed into thinking that the public is the enemy by these entrenched global interests. Now it appears that factions of the military may be waking up and nipping on the heels of global elites in regards to UFO/ET disclosure.

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 02:54 AM
go here for all majestic documents

posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 03:00 PM

Originally posted by TheAgentNineteen
Quite simply it is called a "Need-to-Know". If you don't have the need to know, you will never know. Imagine what would happen if all the politicians in the House and Senate had a full on need to know, we would all be in jeapordy, nothing would ever get accomplished, and secrets would be spilled like water running through Hoovers flood gates.

Right, we'd have a world where everyone knew everything that current governments keep secret.

If this were the case, there would be no Iraq war.

Sorry to go off topic, but it needs to be said that this 'need to know' mindset is exactly what's wrong with the world today.

The public pays for the information our government keeps from us. It is our information. In fact, in America, the public is SUPPOSED to run the government. It's hard to make an informed decision when you are not informed.

No offense Agent19, I'm not sure how you personally feel about this 'need to know' policy, but in my view it needs to be deplored heavily, and elliminated from society altogether. Otherwise any 'democracy' is truly still a dictatorship.

You know what, strike everything I just said, not because it isn't valid, but because there is a better solution to this problem.

There is a way to break free of the 'control' such 'need to know' mindsets induce upon the public. We need private citizens out in space, with cameras and gear.

There just simply isn't any way for our governments to police activity in space, and the public DOES have the technology to get there and stay there. A moon-base/city is no longer a crazy science fiction idea.

When Virgin Galactic gets fully established, I've got a feeling that the tables will be turned on those who wish to keep the public in the dark.


posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 06:26 PM
Imzadi what criteria is needed for a President to be informed of the ufo issue?If it was a recent prez. I would guess Bush due to his CIA background.

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 05:35 AM
reply to post by Dulcimer

Starred, flagged, thanks for the excellent work put forth in this thread. I know it takes a lot of research and time to compile these link lists because I've got my own as well
Thanks again!


posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 02:10 PM
The Bush handicap: a prototypical mindset

Raised by a father involved in CIA-corporate crime rackets, Bush Jr. had an antisocial upbringing. For various reasons, father George H. W. Bush strove to immerse himself in, if not master, a murderous structure that hijacked control of US government during the Eisenhower administration, if not earlier. The formative rackets of Bush Sr.’s early years can be summarized briefly: business with the Nazis, the Federal Reserve Bank (the cause for failure of US finance, not the solution to it), the Lansky Swiss banking syndicate that laundered narco cash to US banks, Bush Sr.’s “Watchtower” operation that reportedly designed a chain of aviation beacons used to expedite coc aine shipment from South America to the United States beginning in the 1970’s, the so-called MAJESTIC programs and other massive theft of public resources into private hands, i.e. the Saud family’s theft of public funds into Saud family accounts (later parked in the US), and the reported secreting of the Marcos stash into Bush Sr.-related accounts.

As Nixon once stated, Bush Sr. would “do anything” to advance himself. But why?

We can only imagine Bush Jr’s teen years: dark hints about killing Jack Kennedy to preserve crony rackets, Bush Sr.’s tales about manipulating some in government and scheming the deaths of others, a cultish Skull and Bones initiation / extinction of sensitivities then free access to the sexual services of older women (and men, in Junior’s case), travel abroad to party with sympathetic royals and family friends like Bin Ladens (who are certainly treated to inside secrets about betrayal of the US public by men like Bush Sr.), and a steady, droning recitation about how masses must be sacrificed to keep power out of the hands of an angry, if not potentially vengeful public.

In Bush Jr.’s mind, the most dangerous threats to his family were probably the Soviet Union and an informed US public. The Soviets could always be kept at a distance, but the danger of basic public awareness was like death, itself, because it could lead to a fate that no foreign enemy could equal.

The result of such an upbringing is that in Bush Jr.’s mind, lies and deception are the rule, not the exception. The public must be deceived and betrayed in order to preserve the life of the family. That, in itself, is a handicap because it prohibits consideration of evidence suggesting that family crime rackets pose a danger to the common good. In other words, Bush was probably never capable of the simple, intelligent analysis that many of his classmates at Yale have always taken for granted. Since childhood, Bush has seen through a dangerously distorted lens.

Much worse, however, is the distortion of analysis caused by the narrowly prototypical outlook of Bush Sr.’s cronies---men like David Rockefeller, Lew Rosenstiel, Richard S. Du Pont, Paul Helliwell, and the Nazi-abetting Dulles brothers, among others. Although we haven’t seen the internal deliberations of such men, we do see the larger outlines of their many moves to cripple other nations in order to control their resources. Over time, we can see that the means for doing so, if not the ultimate objective, has been the elimination of basic human freedoms and the avoidance of international legal constraints. So warped is their plan that they’ve actually succeeded in making part of the Republican electorate think the United Nations is the enemy of world order, rather than a tentative guarantor of it.

Bush Sr. and his cronies see themselves as a uniquely privileged elite, the slayers of
the kind of government that Dwight Eisenhower ultimately hinted was at risk. The assumptions implicit in their minds weren’t simply those of a post-war United States eager to lead the world out of World War II. Instead, such men appear to possibly have schemed the conflict. How so? During the 1920’s and onward, Prescott Bush did the international banking for Fritz Thyssen, the German industrialist who was the prime, founding funder of Hitler and Nazism in Germany. And Federal Reserve Chairmen Greenspan and Bernanke both admit that the Federal Reserve Banks actions, or lack of actions, probably led to the Great Depression (Bush cronies Rockefeller and Warburg joined Rothschilds and other European banks in creating, and owning the Federal Reserve since its outset--it isn’t a US government bank). More to the point, Rockefellers, aided by the Dulles brothers and Du Ponts, contributed massively to the pre-war buildup of Hitler’s regime, which was clearly intent on another war.

Some in the US may try to rationalize Prescott Bush’s role in Thyssen’s sponsorship of Nazism in terms of helping to bring about a final clash of old-order monarchies and the end of European colonialism, yet the US regime (not the populace) has merely stepped into a potentially more entrenched neo-colonial role, using European finance and NATO to bolster its far-flung war-mongering. Rather than represent a “new world order” anchored by wealthy democracies, the US regime appears to have degraded into something that could, potentially, be more dangerous than was European colonialism. European powers tended to counter-balance each other, and monarchy had already been failing for centuries. But a weapons propagating, coup fostering regime like that of the US black budget mafia isn’t so easy to topple through direct conflict. It has weapons and technology that no other nation can currently equal. It will either have to be moderated internally or through the collective restraints of an international legal order.

So, how corrupt has the current US regime become since 1945 when it acquired nuclear weapons and a ruinous notion of limited conflicts impunity?

We can only see the tip of the Bush family/crony rackets iceberg, yet it is ghastly: child sex slave trafficking, huge narcotics operations, a so-called “joint arrangement” of a bizarre sort involving otherworldly technologies and reportedly alien interactions (literally alien, say various high-level whistleblowers). *Although the latter subject may be new to some readers, reports about a black budget mafia that hoards and misuses “reverse-engineered” technology are consistent across a broad spectrum of whistleblower reports, including those of former HUD undersecretary Catherine Austin Fitts, astronauts Gordon Cooper and Brian O’Leary, former Clinton advisors, Eisenhower national security officer Col. Philip Corso, and many others. Such projects are kept secret within Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, also known as USAP’s. In such programs, a lower-ranking colonel can participate in unusual work without the awareness of a higher ranking general or base commander where he or she is stationed.

Readers are familiar with similar, parallel arrangements in which some military officials do joint work for the CIA or the NSA, unlike many of their counterparts. Gen. Ed Lansdale and Col. Ollie North were the two most famous cases of the sort—both worked to undermine the Constitutional framework of government. However, fewer readers know about Col. Michael Aquino, an Army colonel who was known to be a Satanic priest while he worked as a psychological warfare expert for the Reagan administration. He was later accused in the Presidio child molestations case. Aquino represents the kind of crime that Bush Sr. has become noted for since he was put in charge of the “dark” projects of the Reagan administration.

One of the latest wrinkles in Bush Sr.’s case is publication of a photograph showing Bush Sr. talking to a group of boys, one of whom is kidnapped, reported child sex slave Johnny Gosch a year or two AFTER he was kidnapped (Wayne Madsen’s site published the photo some months ago).

Those who know about Bush Sr.’s epic crimes probably wonder how Bush Jr. could have said he’s amazed at “how gentle” his father is. Junior’s thinking shows that he isolates his private sense of himself from the growing public perception of his father as an unusually cruel, if not icy, psychological monster. Those who look no further than Bush Sr.’s habit of aping the language of the common Joe may not see the irony. But Bush Jr. certainly knows that Panamanian Gen. Noriega cut a dirty deal with CIA chief George Bush and later threatened to talk about Bush’s involvement in narcotics traffic through Panama and elsewhere when Noriega was president. Panama was invaded before Noriega could say too much, and hundreds, if not thousands, were killed when an entire neighborhood surrounding Noriega’s palace was leveled in order to seize Noriega.

Bush Jr. has always idealized the private exercise of power, the thrill of access to inside information and leverage via family and crony rackets. Bush family cronies, the Bin Ladens included, always intervened to bail Junior out when he made mistakes. When seen from the perspective of private jets and lush golf courses, expensive restaurants, armed escorts and fawning royalty, life as a Bush was a fast ride in a cigarette boat (one of which was custom designed for Bush Sr. by a mafia-connected boatmaker). For Junior, Bush / crony family life has always been pre-eminent, larger-than-life (like that of a Rockefeller, or a Du Pont, for example). Whether or not Junior’s upbringing was a success all hinged on one basic assumption: power and privilege could be his, too, but only if he made sure that no one lived to testify about the family rackets.

To say that Junior has lived at strange remove from basic, common sensibility is an understatement. Since birth he has lived within an organized crime subculture (the wealthy, white-collar version). The most dangerous gap in public awareness of the lives of men like Bush Sr. has been to underestimate the depths to which such a mind can sink by devoting itself to a life of crime. When wealthy, substance abusing playboys merely laugh at the idea of being punished for numerous crimes against humanity, when the ruin of other nations, the deaths of millions are seen as nearly orgiastic guarantees that no one else will have the money or power to bring such men to justice, the mind begins to work in strange ways. After decades of such doings, men like Bush Sr. don’t even resemble what most of us know, personally. They become sadistic and cruel; they tend toward cultish indulgence. However, like any elite sociopath, they know how to maintain a public image to carefully mask the private version.

The extent to which such men can degrade is perhaps best exemplified by John DeCamp’s book The Franklin Coverup (features Bush Sr.), and in Cathy O’Brien’s and other child sex-slave victims’ stories. Alternatively, there’s the bizarre story of Nick Rockefeller, David Rockefeller’s cousin who told film producer and gubernatorial candidate Aaron Russo that the Rockefeller family (and cohorts’) plan was to gain control of the global economy and then “microchip” everyone, allowing exception for cohort families. Russo was invited to join them.

Such reports don’t stand in isolation. They are corroborated by the many victims of Canada’s monster Dr. Ewan Cameron, the victims of the CIA’s MKULTRA program and the child victims of the Finders scandal, plus child sex slave rackets uncovered in Europe and in Washington DC, alike. *J. Edgar Hoover wasn’t the only high official to use children in such a way.

No matter how mild or pleasant life may seem to those who live in nice homes, amid nice neighbors in this country, there’s no escape from the damage done to both the US and the world by family rackets sociopaths. Men who indulge in crimes that most people would have a hard time even conceiving of move beyond the single, hermeneutic shelter of an antisocial lifestyle. They begin to see other people as mere prototypes, as Bush Sr. is known to do. A mind that isolates itself and rationalizes mass crimes as those of a superior elite against unknowing, public prototypes can be dangerous to the survival of an entire planet.

Bush Jr. appears to have adopted his father’s outlook wherein there are cold, sometimes cruel winners who take as much as they want, and there are losers---low order, public prototypes. When such a split develops in the thinking of more than one US president within a person’s lifetime, this nation and the world are in great danger.

When an antisocial outlook is compounded by the elevation of one cold, killer prototype (in Bush Sr.’s case stemming from his early idealization of a superior white race) over all other peoples on the planet, there’s a double remove from basic human reality. First comes the denial that others exist equally, that others are even valid in a sense (Bush Sr. can’t comprehend the existence of those who suffer the consequences of family / crony rackets). It’s as though we aren’t even real to him. Secondly, when that kind of detachment is wrapped into a scheme of superior vs. inferior prototypes, a delusional kind of worldview can coalesce. But a carefully rehearsed, antisocial upbringing is supposed to correct for that. Bush Sr. learned early that to be known for his father’s role in making Nazism possible would have been ruinous, so he was always careful to at least listen to what others were saying.

But George Bush Jr. never learned the same lesson. His father and his family always got away with the worst of crimes. In a sense, Junior has an unformed, infantile sense of social responsibility. Within a killer regime, within a black budget mafia that hides behind a constitutional fiction (in Junior’s mind, that is) there are no risks. He can kiss the shaven head of prostitute Jeff Gannon while cameras roll—in the White House. He can laugh about executing a reformed Christian woman on death row. He can threaten friendly nations like Germany and France without real concern. He can say he’s “the decider” of a war when there’s no real basis for going to war, only fabricated black budget props like Niger yellowcake.

George Bush Jr. is a casualty of his father’s inability to comprehend the existence of other people’s lives. The Orwellian vision that lurks within Sr.’s mind is/was much like that of men like Nick or David Rockefeller (whose brother Nelson reportedly engineered the removal of MAJESTIC or allegedly alien-related programs, from presidential control under Eisenhower. Brigadier Gen. Steven Lovekin, a CSETI witness, and others report that Eisenhower later bemoaned Rockefeller’s betrayal). It’s a complex story that tends to elude those who don’t read about such subjects regularly, yet it is taken most seriously by ranking officials in the US other NATO governments.

Bush Jr. is essentially adrift from the human commonality, incapable of comprehending the concerns, let alone the analysis, of non-criminal minds.

An antisocial upbringing doesn’t bother to consider sustainable ecology or the common good. Instead, it tends to create men like Bush Jr: emotionally immature sociopaths who live for themselves and their immediate cohorts only, men who think that if their crimes don’t drastically affect them during their lifetimes, then there’s nothing to worry about. When such detachment is compounded by a prototypical outlook that reduces other people to a lesser, essentially non-human form, the result is a man like Bush: intellectually impaired and a menace the common good.

And when his relatively small group of criminal racketeers fouls the lives of billions on an entire global scale, we have to ask: what is their basic plan? Where are they headed with their routine? Some observers reduce it all to animal impulses, as though there’s no plan, to begin with, but that doesn’t agree with the globally networked financial planning that’s required to create a criminal empire. Ultimately, we have to ascertain whether a pre-existing, prototypical outlook determined the behavior of such men—in other words, an Orwellian agenda that has little to do with the thinking of the majority.

If, as most indicators suggest in Bush’s case, there’s an anti-human agenda that precedes an antisocial outlook which leads to prototypical thinking, that makes three entire layers of distortion and illusion between Bush’s mind and the basic human reality. A double remove is dangerous—the stuff of genocide and dictatorship, but a triple remove verges on strange, new categories of delusion: grandiose, apocalyptic thinking and a kind of narcissism that ranges from self-idolatry to a chosen kind of mentality that rationalizes the elimination of entire categories of detractors, troublemakers who tell the truth, and all who might disturb the delusional refuge.
If we step back from an isolated, national perspective, we see extremely dangerous possibilities in the near future: genetic engineering for a tiny elite, only; the use of new, reverse-engineered technologies to suppress free speech and manipulate conflicts, a possible attempt to worsen human tensions (overpopulation, food shortages, fundamental religious hysteria, weapons sales and more). The longer the basic human ecology is ignored by weird, throwback neo-colonials, the worse such tensions become. When the behavior of men like Bush is clearly, unmistakably, intended to worsen the human condition rather than improve it, we need to step yet further back to ask the hardest question: What, exactly, is the Bush / crony agenda, over time, and how can we best expose, then replace it?

And remember: exposure is step A, but we need to be thinking in terms of steps B-G. We need to keep the entire global train in motion. If we proceed from a finer human order, we will arrive there.

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 01:23 PM
This post is incredibly helpful. If everyone would include links like these with their posts the world would be a smarter, more informed and safer place. Thanks!

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 12:26 PM
you may have interest about this:

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 01:35 PM
It is interesting for something the government denies they have so many regulations and memos about the subject. I guess even if they don't believe they have to regulate and add red tape to it!

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 07:26 PM
reply to post by Dulcimer

Just A Thought!

All those sites, documents, stories and images and people continue denying the fact that earth has ever been visited by ET's. In fact they demand hard evidence and live coverage video of them before they will believe.

Well folks honestly what more proof do you need look at all the time and tax dollars our governments puts into the subject alone and the countless stories of encounters and abductions. Is every single link, document, image, encounter, abduction a mere figment of someone's imagination including all of our ancestors in history and paintings and drawings and countless stories, the pyramids etc?


The proof is all the documents and cases and just gazing and staring into the stars at night knowing how small we are in this universe, those who prefer to use their mind know they must exist with what is out there!

Those who choose not to believe because it makes them sleep better at night and more secure with their religion will never believe until they come face to face with one.

Simple as that!

Thanks for the links.

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by Dulcimer

Dulcimer , its a shame that many of the links you have provided on UFO related material have now been removed from the internet but great post nonetheless

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