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Katrina and Constitutional Infringements (opinion)

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posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 03:39 PM
I am of the belief that what we are witnessing is no dry run, actions taken now in New Orleans will have long lasting implications as it is the only real world example we have of such a major catastrophe. What happens now will set the standard for what is deemed "neccesary and lawfull" the next time somthing major like this happens. Americans are a community oriented people and as long as the majority opinion is in favor of an action or law it will go fairly unquestioned. The disarming of citizens makes every sense to the average American as it has been explained rationaly by the talking heads of the corporate news networks.

If you ask me our 2nd Ammendment right was already dealt a fatal blow years ago when gun control advocates perpetrated a mass propeganda campaign to further their agnedas and attach a negative stigma to the ownership of a gun. The 2nd Ammendment was so twisted and scewed that many citizens willingly turned in their guns lest they endanger the lives of their children and families simply by owning one. Gun control activists have created the idea that the very existence of guns is the root cause of our crime and suffering and that by owning a gun you are helping to propegate the murder of children and the killing of police officers. Thankfully common sense prevailed and we did not lose our guns, but we came close. The gun control activists managed to convince us of the neccesity of a national gun registration, the true purpose of which we see in action in NO. If they can't take your gun away, they will at least keep a record of where you live, what type of gun you have, and all personal information they can get so that if they ever decide to outright take your weapon away they will know exactly where to find it.

It has become self evident that this confiscation of guns is by no means meant to protect the citizenry of New Orleans. If it were so the "peace officer" (shown in the Fox News Video) would have been ordered not to tackle fragile eldery women and drag them out by force. The scariest element of that story is that we have only seen that one clip, how many other homes have been invaded by these government thugs? How many people have been injured by over zealous government tools? What would you do if these thugs kicked in your door, tackled your grandmother and stuck automatic weapons in your children's faces?

We are seeing the emergence of the NeoCon's new Amerika, a land in which our rights and our very constitution are outdated ideals of a naive time long since passed. We are told that we have no need for our weapons because there is no government threatening our existence. We're told we are safe because our overgrown extremely distant government is protecting us from the unseen threat, having failed in bringing us hope, they have given us fear. But this fear is astract, it is not directed towards a given country or people, rather we must be ever vigilant because lurking around every corner is a "terrorist" seeking to demolish the American way of life. Before the terrorists it was the "bomb throwing anarchists" then the "red menace" and soon our enemy will be our neighbors, families and friends as we are asked to turn them in. In the new Amerika a citizen will not be defined by his place of birth or his legal alien status but by his level of loyalty to the government. You will be a citizen at nightfall, a "domestic insurgant" by morning and turned in by your neighbors come lunch time.

We, as citizens of the free and democratic nation of America, are being brainwashed. Not with microchips, drugs, or radio transmissions, rather the brainwashing is subtle and seeping it's way into our homes everyday. Our children are taught lies in their schools, they learn the new and acepted history of our nation, one of constant fear created by the naive pollitically incorrect thinking of our ancestors. The information we recieve is filtered through the corporations until every shred of truth has been skewed and doctored to portray the reality the envision for you. The nature of the brainwashing is not a personal attack, it seeks to change the thoughts of those around you, those you have come to trust, who will do the work of brainwashing you. They have succeeded in making us forget what our nation is, a country created by the people, for the people. A nation that empowered the people to defend itself from a corupt tyrannical government.

We are no longer the America our fore fathers died to create. We are not the free society, the last bastion of freedom in a world of tyranny. We are the home of the world's largest shopping malls, a country of reality shows and celebrities, corporate role models and consummerism all serving to distract the populace from what is truly taking place behind the closed doors of government. I fear the reality of the situation is that as long as the American people are fed the opiate of television and mass consummerism they will never feel unconfortable enough to fight for what they believe in. Worse yet I fear Americans believe in very little compared to the idelaists wht created this country. The megalomeniacal powers that be have succeeded in leeching this country of the values it once held so dear, abstracting them and turning them into theory rather than practice. The Constitution was never meant to be a sacred object, placed on display behind bulletproof glass and a velvet rope. it was meant to be a living document, brought into practice on a daily basis, to be the standard by which all laws and actions are compared. The Constitution should never be suspended under any circumstance with out loud and sometimes violent objections by the people.

The Constitution is not a governmental document, it is a document of the people outlining exactly what this country is supposed to be regardless of the current party in office and under no situation does the government have the right to suspend it. The Constitution is ours, we as the people are the only ones with power to suspend or enforce it as we see fit. The government was created to serve the people, to provide for us in times of need, to assist in times of crisis and above all else ensure adherance to the beliefs set out in the Constitution. As we are seeing in New Orleans the government cares little for our rights or even our lives, the government is now there to ensure the contiuation of itself at the expense of the American people. We have been precondidtioned to accept the fact that almost all our civil liberties will be suspended in the wake of a disastor such as Katrina and it is unacceptable. Under no circumstances should we accept the absolution of our rights as free citizens of this country especially in the case of a total loss of governmental control. New Orleans has been virtually obliterated and the survivors thrust into an anarchic thrid world situation where they can no longer trust in the machinations of government and the protection of the police force and given the inability for the government to control the situation it is seeking to eliminate any opposition it may encounter. Even if that opposition takes the form of eldery women, children, or starving survivors.

What we have seen in the aftermath of Katrina is but the prototype for our future. The neocon agenda is in full force and so far I fear they are winning. When Americans no longer understand the nature and context of their civil rights and accept and endorse the violent overthrow of the American people we have already lost. Contrary to the disinformation and propaganda it is we the people who own and run this country and it is the government who seeks to usurp our power. As we have seen they will use unreasonable force, foreign military and private security firms to do so. The new map for Imperial Amerika* has already been drawn and it is only through convincing us to give up our rights and our power that it will become a reality. This is our land, our country, and it is up to use to defend it from the true enemy of American freedoms and ideals, the corporate imperialist evil that permeates the government.

I urge every American to read and understand you rights, educate yourself on the nature of the opposition, and never back down in defense of your beliefs.

* New Map for Imperial Amerika

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 03:46 PM

Originally posted by Shadowflux
If it were so the "peace officer" (shown in the Fox News Video) would have been ordered not to tackle fragile eldery women and drag them out by force.

In case you guys are wondering wtf this guy is talking about.

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posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 03:56 PM
I am referring to the video clip shown on Fox News of a police officer tackling an eldery woman in New Orleans who refused to turn in her gun and leave the city. The officer ws about 300 pounds and threw the woman against the wall then dragged her out of her house, while O'Reilly praises it as a victory.

I apologize for not having posted the link, but it's been posted plenty of times. Thanks for the link

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posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 04:00 PM
Its already in the quote I made from you...

I do have something to say on this matter and I agree with you completely. What is happening on NO is really bothering me to no end...

Quite a few of our rights are being taken away from us, and there seems to be nothing we can do about it..

anyway I will get back to this when I return from home..

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 04:01 PM
Already being covered here

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