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The Irish are going to save the world

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posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 11:33 AM
This is my prediction for 2005

With the coming uni-lateral world with America being the key decision maker one has think about what countries are going to buck this kind of system. I know India and Russia have denounced this uni-polar world, Britain and half of Europe have accepted it, but I haven't heard anything yet about the Irish.

The IRA has been labelled a terrorist group from the British and other countries like the USA.

If one goes back into their history books one could make the argument that the British were the terrorists. These guys just couldn't leave northern Ireland alone!

So they fought back with weapons, thats right, no more throwing piddly stones at the british armed gaurds, they had to advance.

Point being, is that these Irish people I predict are going to unite with other people across the globe who denounce this coming uni-polar world aka new world order aka globalization.

One says that America just can't afford to live in isolationism in this day in age, I digress.
How many countries in this world live in isolationism and never get bothered. These countries who live in isolationism don't tangle in foreign affairs or pin other countries up against the other, and then use them for their own interests.

I don't know about you but i've noticed that since current and prior governments haven't been listening to the forefather's of this country and abiding by the constitution, they have created enemies. I know terrorists are bad bad people and I don't excuse their barbaric behaviour.

But these are the people who the government says wants to take away our freedom's because they hate it, well i'd have to make the observation that they too hate american freedoms one just has to look at the track record of this admnistration, the clinton administration, and prior.

That being said the IRA is going to partner up with those who don't heed and agree to this style of governance and globalization.

They will be labelled terrorists and traitors, but the one who is pointing the finger is only self projecting.

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