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"New" World Order? Maybe not so new?

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posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 10:10 AM
After reading the various conspiracy theories about how the NWO will come to power by assorted means, I have to question the whole thought process. First, my favorite theory is that through a series of catastrophic events, the NWO will come to power as people beg the government for security, basic necessities, and guidance through the period of darkness.


Why would some NWO want to destroy the cornerstone of the prize? The U.S. economy and way-of-life would seem to be the role model for what any NWO would want. Americans work more hours than any other society, taking less vacation, are willing to tolerate heavy traffic in urban areas, and complain very little. Americans are extremely productive, create a great deal of the world's technological innovations, and are willing to invest in funding the world's primary police force and security/recovery system (when a natural disaster hits anywhere in the world, who's there first? Yep -- americans).

Why then would the NWO want to change anything? Isn't the true existence of the NWO manifested in the global colusion of economic leaders? Those people who use governments and politics as a means for furthering their economic ambitions? Would those of you who believe in a "NWO" believe that there are those that are "above" the laws and restrictions placed by nationalist governments and use their economic power to transcend political boundaries?

Ok, so what's so new about that? Oil companies have been doing that for years and are still as much a part of the game as they've ever been. This is evidenced by the fact that despite turning record profits, the U.S. Congress recently enacted legislation to give tax breaks and incentives to oil companies. Also, large chinese industrial capacity has become a "friend" to many large and well-funded international investment firms. The largest of such firms has a Bush (Sr.) and a Saudi Prince (soon to be coronated King) at the helm.

Isn't this "New" World Order just the old world order and we're already living in this supposed realm? There will be no anarchy, chaos, or police-state. We already live in a police state. Personal freedoms are minimal and nowhere near what would make sense in a "free" society. People are subject to search, seizure, and involuntary detainment. People are heavily taxed to finance matters that they would not otherwise wish to fund. There are international, economic leaders that pull the strings of nationlist governments throughout the world and act with impunity in the name of a global economy.

So what's left for a "new" world order? Not much.

Thus, I strongly doubt the existence of a secret-handshake clan of people out there poised and ready to take over. After all, they've been in power for years and their grip on the reigns is cast the bedrock of our society. They do so openly and without fear of being "discovered", as they are our elected leaders, corporate moguls, and trusted humanitarians. Perhaps the only thing "new" in this world order is that people are starting to become aware of just how far we've all strayed from the course we thought we were supposed to be on.

It's all over and done and it has been for many years. They trick us into believing we have a say by lowering the federal taxes when we say we're being squeezed to hard. Of course, we're only being squeezed because they've imposed another tax on us -- lately the tax has been higher gas prices. This suits those in economic power much better than an overt tax, of course, because oil revenue finds it way into their pockets faster. The same with Katrina -- why "force" people to relocate when a convenient natural distaster lets them clean house, take an inventory of all the people there, relocate them to places where they're needed, and put them to work where they want them.

Are there forces at work behind the scenes? Sure -- just look at the distribution of "evacuees". Interestingly, there are 300 evacuees in Washington, D.C. now. Many of them have experience in the service industries. Conveniently, the D.C. job market has a large number of such job openings and these people are have a job fair this week to match them up with suitable employment in the area. If nothing else, the tragedy of Katrina will have matched-up a large number of unemployed service-industry workers with jobs in a geographic location that was starved for such employees. I wonder what other convenient coincidences may be occuring?

Is this all part of the New World Order's master plan? No. It's just the way they've been working for years and will work for many years in the future. We have our elected leaders, we always have, and we always will. The people they report to may never be completely known to us or it may never be completely clear how and when they exert their influence. Just be certain, there's nothing new about all this.

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 10:28 AM
You're right in one sence, it is old, very old, it goes back to Nimrod and Bable as the first attempt and every other world power that's been and collapsed since.
It's that ONE world government, ONE world faith, ONE world militry, ONE world court etc. will be the NEW ORDER OF THE WORLD,that folk are rightly worried about.

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